Samantha Vinyasa

London, United Kingdom

Samantha is a qualified Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga teacher. She offers yoga that’s physical distinct but spiritually well rounded and complete.

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  • Sanja United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    You will come out of Samantha’s class feeling like you’ve just visited a temple, a gym, a meditation cave, and a personal life coach, all at once. She is one of those special teachers who take what they do very seriously yet keep a relaxing atmosphere in the classroom. You will never worry about how perfect your yoga poses are. Her teaching style does not insist you copy her perfect ones.

    There is no place for vanity in the room, even though she is an unusually attractive person. Samantha creates an atmosphere devoid of competition and criticism, in sync with yogi values. She never tires of reminding us to use our breath in support of movement. To capitalize on the meditative state created by mindful breathing, she invites the students to work through their life issues, if they wish to, by using visualizations and positive affirmation. This is the most complete yoga class I’ve ever been to.

  • Karouna United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    Having practiced yoga with different teachers and appreciating each of them with their own unique skills and technique, I can say Samantha is one of the best teachers I've come across. I discovered yoga at a time when my life became stagnant and Samantha's class has become a purpose in my life. After each class, I feel rejuvenated and stronger. I also feel that I have now become calmer since I started practicing yoga. Samantha ensures to give undivided attention to all students. When she assisted me further into the posture, I felt a transmission of positive energy within me. I just see her as a very special yoga teacher and my heart tells me that being consistent and regular to her class will help me to discover a new me. Her classes are simply special as she incorporates asana, meditation, and music, and brings her own element of positivity in addition to giving an outline to the practice at some point. Since attending her class, I quickly became fond of it and now I always make sure to never miss a class.

  • Leo United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    Samantha’s classes are both physically challenging and dynamic and also connect with the spiritual aspect of yoga. She has a caring, attentive style. She varies the asanas in each class so it never becomes repetitive. Each class leaves me feeling stretched, cleansed, and relaxed in the body and mind.

  • Anna United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    I love Samantha's classes. They are a wonderful mix of the physical, mental, and spiritual sides of yoga. Samantha gives a proper workout but always helps deepen my awareness and understanding of the breath and helps me find the inner balance. The spiritual side is my favorite. I like the way she drops those little gems of wisdom that get you thinking, searching inside yourself, and opening your mind. My first class was on a Friday evening in late November. It was a powerful class. She set an ambiance by dimming the lights. You felt as if you were the only one in the room. We were reminded, as it often happens, to set an intention and to go back to it throughout the practice. The focus though was so high, so was that lovely feeling of peace and serenity throughout that it stayed with me for the whole weekend. And that's quite unique.

  • Dee United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    Samantha was an absolute star in introducing me to yoga. I am a beginner and found Samantha's yoga to be everything I believed it would be: physically challenging, dynamic, spiritual, and balanced. I am a bit of a workaholic and own my own business. I am not very good at relaxation and shutting off. How Samantha managed to allow me to reach that degree of calm, I do not know.

  • Sandra United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    Something that Sam has massively helped me with is to connect the mind and body, and I have really started to benefit from the focus that she enables me to find. At the beginning of each class, she is encouraging us to concentrate on what we would like to work on during the class and how we ideally would like to feel when we're coming out of it. I have never really thought that meditation has worked for me, but to focus on a goal like we're doing in Sam's class is definitely to mentally train yourself to feel stronger in every aspect.

  • Coreen United Kingdom

    Samantha Vinyasa website

    I find that Samantha's classes are helping to ground me so that I can see my life with a little clearer perspective and balance which is incredibly liberating. Don't sweat the small stuff. It's also teaching me to conquer fear. Some of the balances and postures look crazy impossible but Samantha encourages me to let go of my ego and work with my body instead of against it. I find that I can do more than I think and after my sessions I feel six feet tall and as light as a feather. I'm neither, but I feel it.

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