Samana Yoga Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Samana Yoga Center operates from Amsterdam and offers yoga classes focused to transform weaknesses to strengths through yoga.

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  • Vere

    Samana Yoga Center Facebook page

    Only been once for a workshop with Eveline Torres and Rusty Davis. Loved the energy! Shame I do not live in Amsterdam.

  • Paula Netherlands

    Samana Yoga Center website

    For me, the retreat to Menorca meant a great possibility to deepen and improve my practice and, above all, to start and build my own practice to apply at home. The retreat was at the really beautiful place with delicious, nutritious food. The opportunity to deepen my practice was helped a lot by the great way Eveline teaches. Sharing experiences with the group gave me the strength to challenge myself. The combination of all those elements; the magnificent, powerful nature.

  • Christianne Netherlands

    Samana Yoga Center website

    I am new in the world of yoga, but that didnt stop me from During the retreat everyone could practice on his or her own level. So I could improve myself starting from my own yoga practice. For me the trip to Menorca was something really important. I got new focus and a fresh mind.

  • Sanna Netherlands

    Samana Yoga Center website

    The retreat made me strong, in many different ways. The retreat to Menorca was really special for me because it was very profound. The series of asanas helped me to further the development of my own practice. I started yoga a few years ago. The past years I went to different schools. At Samana, I became aware of the power of Vijnana yoga. During the retreat we went back to basic with delicious, healthy food. There was a nice rhythm with plenty of time for meditation. This helped me to really make a connection with deep processes that I previously could not reach. This body-mind connection was the most important thing for me. This is something I've taken home and continuously apply in my daily life.

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