Samadhi Flow Yoga is an organic blend of nature inspired vinyasa yoga, breathwork and intuitive movement, led by Kat Ford, with over 15 years of experience.

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Kat Ford

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from New Zealand, October 2019

"A magic place "

The best part of this retreat is the location. The island is amazing and the retreat allows for this as ample amounts of time is spent in nature. It is a magical place. The combination of stunning sunrises and sunsets, beautiful beaches, wildlife and a space to completely relax. Kat is such a lovely person and incredibly calm. The yoga outside was sublime. There was touches of opportunity to push in a bit deeper spiritually if you felt inclined here and there but on whole the retreats strength was the emphasis on completely relaxing.

Dietmar Sobczak

from Australia, September 2019

Loved the retreat in every way. I feel so vibrant after spending only 3 days of cleansing and yummy food. I learned a lot about new movements and flow of yoga. Kat is such an inspiring and vibrant teacher. The vegan way of living was relatively new to me. Thumbs up I say.

The company of the yoga participants was fun and we exchanged some great ideas. Streddy island as a venue what can I say.

During our first yoga session We where blessed with arching whales as the full moon was rising. We had heaps of time to ourselves to explore the island ore just to chill out.

I personally went for lots of walks around the headlands and had plenty of refreshing swims.

At the end I received a blissful massage from Kopilalai.

Thanks heaps everyone

I be back 💫🙏

Mishell Wise

from Australia, May 2019

"Stunning Location, Delicious Food, Relaxing Weekend"

Kat looked after us so beautifully. She fed us three times a day and we did elements yoga and meditation. I loved the fire ritual. The food was healthy and delicious


from United States, October 2018



Samantha Newbury

from United States, September 2018

"Pure Bliss ! "

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone thats after Pure Bliss.

The food was amazing, had a relaxing massage, all the yoga classes and other activities were amazing and very spiritual, inner peace.

Kat did an amazing job and made us all feel welcomed- I am very honoured to have had the time to be apart of this group and to be around other like minded women.

I will definitely be back 💗

Julie Tabernaberri

from Australia, September 2018

"An awesome short retreat with soulful people and wonderful v"

The whole experience