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Samacitta Ltd provides bodywork sessions, one-to-one coaching, holistic retreats with yoga, satsang, self-enquiry, bodywork, excursions, nutrition, meditation, restoration, transformation, and fun.

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Offers starting at US$2,151
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Yogi Ashokananda

Raised in India, Yogi Ashokananda began practising yoga in early childhood, later training with some of the great Indian teachers. He has taught the teachings of the Bihar School of Yoga, the Sivananda Ashram, hatha yoga and meditation at the Shri Ved Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh and the Yogamaya Ashram in Vrindavan. Now he teaches a number of his own profound disciplines and insights which have their roots in ancient, sacred Indian tradition - and He is highly regarded in his field as a true yoga expert, meditation master and speaker on spirituality. He is also a reiki master.


  • Review by Tara Inchbald Holt from Edinburgh, UK

    "Having worked in the holistic field for many years, it was a joy to come across Katrina. Her specialist bodywork is second to none. As a nutritionist, I have sent clients to Katrina and seen how much they have improved as a result."

    Samacitta Ltd website, edited

  • Review by Seona Elise Robinson from Edinburgh, UK

    "Katrina gives knowledgeable sessions that flow with intuitive ease. I benefited from a 90-minute session that allowed for a deeply relaxing and meditative experience. I highly recommend."

    Samacitta Ltd website, edited

  • Review by Karlyn Koh

    "I think often of the phenomenal session I had with you. It’s about your healing touch and your soulful aura, and also what you said. It was the first time someone - a stranger no less - told me, with such compassion, that she recognized what I was going through in the way you did. It was such a simple gesture, but so profound. It gave me the license to release more deeply."

    Samacitta Ltd website, edited

  • Review by Charlotte Adler

    "Katrina’s loving spirit and shining intelligence carried me through a very dark period, into light. Her wisdom and articulacy are a blessing to all who encounter her. Her kindness is unparalleled."

    Samacitta Ltd website, edited

  • Review by Moira Elias from Edinburgh, UK

    "Katrina is an old soul. Her sensitivity, intelligence, and the perilous journey she has traveled enables her ability to identify accurately with each and everyone she encounters."

    "I will always be in her debt."

    Samacitta Ltd website, edited