Saja Yoga initiates yoga retreats that help in understanding the mind and body, connecting postures, calming the mind, and practice proper breathing!

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Sarah Jabloune

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Sophie Dobrev

from Netherlands, September 2019

"Just what I needed"

It was a bit hard to get to the exact place from Utrecht onwards, because you need to call and arrange the "regiotaxi" there otherwise they won't come and this I didn't know. Luckily the weather was amazing, and when I arrived in the end the magic could start. The lessons were lovely, exactly what I needed apparently and the days flew by! Sarah is such a sweet, kind person who projects this atmosphere over the whole group. Definitely will do it again sometime!

Kristel Vangerven

from Belgium, September 2019

De sfeer, het eten en de uitstap naar zee!

M.j.g.h. Wolfraad

from Netherlands, May 2019

De Yogalessen en de yogalerares, De omgeving , Het eten, gezamenlijk kampvuur,