Sagrada Wellness offers various themes of an all-inclusive yoga retreats in California's Central Coast.

Yoga Retreats (11)

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4 Day Writing and Yoga Retreat in Santa Margarita, California

December 9-12 | February 11-14, 2021–2022
    from US$1,095
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    4 Days Meditation, Pilates and Yoga Retreat in California

    November 11-14, 2021 | May 5-8, 2022, 2021–2022
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    3 Day Weekend Warrior Yoga Retreat in Santa Margarita, California

    Oct 22-24 | Nov 19-21 | Mar 11-13, 2021–2022
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    Videos (1)

    Instructors (10)

    Nicole Currie

    Leslie St. John

    Eva Inglizian L.Ac

    Aaron Ogden

    Tony Khalife

    Natalie Shapiro

    Dezryelle Arcieri

    Bree Jenkins

    Jahara Sara Seitz

    Sarah Bell

    Reviews (8)

    Anna Wagner

    from United States, August 2021

    "Loved it! "

    Gorgeous location, fantastic yoga, lots of thought provoking writing prompts and great group of folks. Such a sweet experience. I feel so nourished!


    from United States, February 2021

    I loved the thoughtfulness and professionalism of the yoga/writing instructor. The planning and attention to detail that went into those sessions made them very enjoyable, and effective. I loved that she incorporated dancing and poetry and that every session was different and very special in its own way. I also loved the meals, were delicious and beautifully presented. I loved the hot tub under the stars with no city lights. I loved the host she was friendly, happy, and very helpful. She adjusted the temperature in our room that was a bit too warm the first night.

    Annemarie Miles

    from United States, February 2021

    "One of the best experiences I've ever had! "

    This was my first retreat ever, and this place stole my heart. The people are wonderful, the land is breathtaking, the food is delicious, and the accommodations are beautiful. Everything exceeded my expectations. Leslie is a genuine, knowledgeable, and sweet soul. I loved dancing poolside with her and the other ladies during the Qoya practice (even during the pandemic, I felt safe and everyone kept respectful distance.) Eva and Scott are both so kind and welcoming. You will only leave happy and rejuvenated. I will definitely be back!


    from United States, June 2021

    "Awesomely beautiful retreat!"

    The Sagrada resort is a so lovely! The stewards have done an incredible job developing this retreat setting while maintaining its "wild" feeling. Jahara is a kind and enlightened being who provided us with an opportunity to really expand our earthly walk. I am so grateful for her knowledge, kindness and compassion. This retreat was what I had hoped for--so glad for this blessing.

    Leslie Welch

    from United States, June 2021

    "Beyond expectations"

    Kind and compassionate instructor, amazing food, gorgeous surroundings. Perfect opportunity for self care.

    Simrit Ketterer

    from United States, January 2021

    "Review of New Year's Yoga Retreat at Sagrada Wellness"

    The New Year's Yoga Retreat at Sagrada Wellness exceeded my expectations and I left feeling incredibly rejuvenated and relaxed. I had attended a Thanksgiving retreat in Sedona, AZ this year and was very stressed, because no one took the Coronavirus seriously. Very few people wore masks and we were unable to practice yoga or eat outside. So, I was unsure what Sagrada would be like, but it was a completely different experience for me. The organizers took the pandemic seriously; there were only 7 guests, everyone wore masks, including in the yoga room, a negative Covid test was required in order to attend, and we were able to practice some yoga classes outside, as well as eat our meals outside. The yoga instructor, Nicole, was excellent and I loved her teaching style. She incorporated pilates into many of the classes. Tony played beautiful live music while we practiced and that was amazing and something I have rarely experienced! The food was exceptional and I found myself looking forward to every meal. I loved the hikes, the location and all of the people! I will definitely be going back to Sagrada Wellness and I have told several of my friends and family members about it!

    Zahra Hosseini

    from United States, November 2018

    "A wholesome experience "

    There is so much that can be praised about the location of this retreat. The beautiful nature and the wildlife absorb one during the quiet hours of the morning. Aaron was an amazing coach through conversations and the daily exercises. Tony played the most amazing music that facilitated the process of connecting with my mind and body during meditation sessions and yoga exercises. The food was fantastic and the group was so energetic.