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Sacred Valley Tribe is a holding space for transformation with extensive experience in the use of Ayahuasca for awakening and healing purposes.

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My intent was to find my purpose for the next decade or so. I’ve been an executive for three decades, working long hours in a purposeful environment. Now, after three years of retirement, it is time to find out where my path will lead me. I realized that until I learned how to surrender, my purpose was not going to be real. It could only be what my mind conjured up for me, and it might not be what my heart truly wanted.I strongly believe Ayahuasca is a great medicine for finding one’s way in this world. The insights I received about surrender, love, God, my tribe, my own wild mind and much more will serve me for the rest of my life. Before this experience I was adrift, searching for answers in all the wrong places. Now I know what I need to do. And, Diego was a true master at bring out the most and the best for each of us. I would not feel comfortable with anyone else leading the ceremony. The very real honor with which he holds the sacred space for such activity makes it work. Without that, I would not drink the medicine. I loved Pisac, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It was truly an inspiring locale, and the lodge was a wonderful “home” for the week there. The food, the trips to local spiritual sites, the Sunday market, the wonderful people of Peru, all added to the experience.

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