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Cusco, Peru

Sacred Valley Tribe is a holding space for transformation with extensive experience in the use of Ayahuasca for awakening and healing purposes.

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  • A traveler

    Sacred Valley Tribe website

    My intent was to find my purpose for the next decade or so. I’ve been an executive for three decades, working long hours in a purposeful environment. Now, after three years of retirement, it is time to find out where my path will lead me. I realized that until I learned how to surrender, my purpose was not going to be real. It could only be what my mind conjured up for me, and it might not be what my heart truly wanted.I strongly believe Ayahuasca is a great medicine for finding one’s way in this world. The insights I received about surrender, love, God, my tribe, my own wild mind and much more will serve me for the rest of my life. Before this experience I was adrift, searching for answers in all the wrong places. Now I know what I need to do. And, Diego was a true master at bring out the most and the best for each of us. I would not feel comfortable with anyone else leading the ceremony. The very real honor with which he holds the sacred space for such activity makes it work. Without that, I would not drink the medicine. I loved Pisac, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It was truly an inspiring locale, and the lodge was a wonderful “home” for the week there. The food, the trips to local spiritual sites, the Sunday market, the wonderful people of Peru, all added to the experience.

  • Brian Fullont United States

    Sacred Valley Tribe website

    My life was going nowhere, I was conscious of blockages and phobias impeding my progress towards becoming a better person who could contribute meaningfully to our world. I wanted to cast off my baggage and fears and be able live more in peace with myself and the world.

    I think I approached the Ayahuasca ceremonies with a fair measure of determination and intent to get to the bottom of what was the cause of my troubles and i think i already had a fair idea of what was to come. Sure enough, my faults and inadequacies and vanities were paraded before me by Mother Ayahusca in so many different ways and I was shown myself as others had seen me. This was quite tough to take but our group was so supportive of each other and I finally was shown and given the feeling of true universal love for all and this made the whole trip worthwhile and has given me courage for the future.

    It has been said that one Ayahuasca ceremony can achieve as much as 10 years of conventional therapy and even years of traditional meditational techniques … I absolutely concur with this viewpoint and already only a week after my experience I can sense a new purpose and direction in my life and my desire for alcohol has also been significantly reduced. I will be returning as soon as I can to continue my healing and cleansing.

    The place used is absolutely first class … no pictures on the website do justice to the serenity, beauty, comfort and hospitality of Melissa Wasi. Diego and Milagros are the perfect hosts to a wonderfully spiritual experience whilst inviting us into their own family way of life which keeps the whole week grounded in the simple fundamentals of life.

    I loved Pisac, Cusco and the Sacred Valley. It was truly an inspiring locale, and the lodge was a wonderful “home” for the week there. The food, the trips to local spiritual sites, the Sunday market and the wonderful people of Peru, all added to the experience. The whole week was balanced beautifully towards the needs of our particular group.

  • Greg Ure United States

    Sacred Valley Tribe website

    I was looking to gain some clarity in my life regarding direction, profession, spiritual practice and self-confidence. I was also looking to gain some perspective on how my past has shaped me, how I might go about creating a better future for myself and those around me, and I wanted to learn more about the issues and behaviors in my life that had contributed to the depression and stagnancy that had characterized my life for so long and how to properly address and heal those issues.

    What I experienced with ayahuasca was so tremendously positive and helpful that I cannot begin to convey my amazement or gratitude enough. It exceeded my expectations and helped me to gain a lot of clarity in my life, and especially about the nature of who I am as an individual. It helped me to own who I am and stop judging myself so much. While the ceremonies were not without their challenges, both physical and mental, overall it was one of the most therapeutic and spiritually aligning experiences of my life.

    I believe that ayahuasca is a wonderful teacher. I think it is one of the best options we have as a global society to help to affect the changes in individuals that are necessary to help us grow into more spiritually aligned and compassionate people, while learning about ourselves and all of our imperfections so that we can integrate ourselves into a whole being, fully embracing our humanity, and moving away from denial, dishonesty and selfishness. However, I do think that ayahuasca should be taken only with an experienced shaman or facilitator whose intentions are pure and in the spirit of humility and gratitude and with respect to the sacred nature of the medicine. This is not a party drug by any stretch of the imagination.

    I would recommend this experience to anyone who is open to fearlessly tackling his/her life issues, exploring his/her spirituality, or learning about him or herself. I would also recommend this medicine to anyone who is looking to heal from a physical or psychological illness such as addiction, cancer, etc. as so many of these illnesses have psychological or spiritual components that can be addressed using this medicine.

    I couldn’t praise the setting enough. The Sacred Valley in Peru is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The property at Melissa-Wasi is well maintained, beautiful, safe and peaceful. The temple itself is a comfortable and positively charged space in which to experience this miraculous medicine.

  • Douglass Ross United Kingdom

    Sacred Valley Tribe website

    My purpose for the retreat was self-exploration and deepening my understanding of the universe and the way of nature. I wanted to go deep into my subconscious to places were meditation hasn´t been able to take me yet.

    I have grown a lot since the retreat and feel happy and grateful to exist in this human form in this world. I had such great expectations about ayahuasca and it surpassed them all. As time goes on i notice more things about myself that have developed since the retreat.

    I have tried many techniques for cleansing and connecting and I think that Mother Ayahuasca is the most powerful technique, maybe it is not for everyone. But i think anyone who is genuine in their search would benefit profoundly from using this sacred plant. And i think that psychiatrists and psychologists have a lot to learn from her too.

    I would recommend this to many friends whose lives are dedicated to spiritual growth. Also to people who i know with physical and mental health problems who are stable enough and honest enough with themselves to cope with a session. I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone who is looking for recreational pleasure.

    I thought the place was perfect, a comfortable and nurturing environment with majestic mountains. I felt at home in my bedroom straight away, i could feel a lot of love and thought has went into the setting.

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