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10 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

  • Pahoa, Hawaii, USA

10 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

  • Pahoa, Hawaii, USA

Ayurveda Therapy Course and Hawaii Yoga Retreat

This Ayurveda yoga therapy course is designed for everyone who would like to learn and explore Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga more deeply. Ayurveda promotes longevity and prevents illness, allowing you to develop your highest potential, while also giving the foundation for a healthy, natural, and balanced way of living. At the end of the retreat, you will receive a 100-hour certificate from the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College.


  • 2 daily yoga classes
  • 1 daily meditation session
  • Ayurveda workshop and demonstration
  • Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College 100-hour certificate
  • Island excursions and adventures
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • 10 days with instruction
  • English
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The lodging rooms range from private to shared suites which are surrounded by beautiful tropical fruit trees, lush rain forest, and nearby hiking or walking trails along the ocean and pristine beaches.

Single room

Spacious room with a single queen or king bed and a shared or private bath.

Double room

Spacious rooms with private bath and twin beds.

Couples room

Spacious rooms with a king or queen size bed for couples, friends, or family members.

Program outline

Foundational of ayurvedic principles

The program includes the five element theory, the tridosha theory, the seven dhatus, agni, ama, and ojas. Each participant will also explore their own constitution and will learn to integrate these principles in an experiential way.

Ayurvedic lifestyle and Ayurveda-yoga therapy

This program includes the main practices and therapies such as Abhyanga (body oil massage), nasya (nasal treatments), neti pot, eye washes, tongue scraping, and the usage of specific herbal and essential oils.

The psychology of Ayurveda

This program includes understanding psycho-spiritual development, the mental process of health and disease, the personality of the doshic types, the subtle energies of the mind (prana, tejas and ojas), and the three gunas as yogic and psychological indicators. It also applies the Ayurvedic application of the yoga sutras.

Asana and Ayurveda

Each pose is explored relative to the five directions of pranic movement and how that impacts the three doshas. Consideration is given to the effect a pose that has the three doshas as well as the structural and subtle energies of the body.

Pranayama and Ayurveda

Each pranayama technique is explored in its relationship to Ayurveda. Based on an understanding of the flow of prana through the three major nadi. Students will learn the energetic effects of alternate nostril breathing, solar pranayama, lunar pranayama, kapalabhati, and other breathing techniques You will also learn to recommend the appropriate practice for your students or clients.

Energy management and yoga Nidra

Visualizations, concentration, and meditation techniques will be explored to release samskaras (negative thoughts, emotions, and pictures) and create a balanced state of Sattvic energy. Students will learn how to turn attention their inward and explore both their gross and subtle bodies using this awareness to support the healing process.

Diet and nutrition

Some ayurvedic diet and nutritional concepts will be explored in this course for the purposes of health and well-being. The use of specific diet and herbs may also be explored to support the healing process. In addition, cooking and meal preparations will be learnt and integrated.

General daily schedule

  • Morning meditation, pranayama, and yoga Nidra
  • Organic breakfast and tea
  • Ayurveda lecture, discussion, and demonstration
  • Morning yoga practice or asana class
  • Organic lunch
  • Free time for relaxing, exploring the island, or enjoying adventures
  • Afternoon energy work
  • Organic dinner
  • Evening Yin yoga practice
  • Cultural show and presentation with kahuna and hula dancers
  • Exploring the beaches of Hawaii, including secret beach and Mauna Kea Beach
  • Relaxing in the steam vents and steam cave
  • Swimming with or viewing the dolphins
  • Visiting the various Hawaiian craft markets and farmers markets
  • Volcano National Park and lava flow
  • Zen walk in the botanical gardens and waterfalls
  • Jai Kai

    Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Ayurveda Yoga)

    Jai is an Ayurveda practitioner, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic yoga therapist. Jai, who is the co-founder of the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda International College, is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an eRYT. He specializes in Ayurvedic nutrition, Ayurvedic yoga therapy, pranayama, and meditation. He also practices and teaches Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Power yoga, yoga for your dosha, and Yin yoga.

  • Aman Rai

    Aman is a certified Hatha yoga teacher, Yin yoga teacher, and yoga Nidra teacher. She is also an Ayurvedic counselor. She continues to study with many teachers at Bihar School Yoga in India and North America. Aman utilizes the breath, prana, and pranayama techniques to helps student explore yoga postures in a sustainable, meditative, and intuitive way.

The retreat will take place just 200 yards from Kehena Beach, one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the world. Dolphins and sea turtles can be seen off the beach year-round, making snorkeling and swimming an exciting sight-seeing adventure.

Located in the Puna district, a colorful and culturally distinct enclave of artists, writers, permaculture farmers, and a thriving counter-culture community, you can feel free to slow down, completely unwind, and explore the extraordinary abundance consisting of rain forests, farms, transcendental lava-lands, and truly spectacular coastal views.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a place of diversity and beauty. Rare, endangered plant and animal life, pristine micro-climates that go from snow-covered peaks to lava deserts and lush tropical rainforest can be found here. In addition, the world's most massive mountain and tallest from its base, plus the earth's most active volcano, Kilauea, are some of the awe-inspiring treasures of the island.

Nearby places

  • Hilo International Airport (ITO) - 30 to 45 minutes
  • Kehena Beach (black sand), 200 yards
  • Kona International Airport (KOA) - 3 hours
  • Lava Tree Park - 30 to 60 minutes walk
  • Cooking classes
  • Cycling nearby
  • Fishing nearby
  • Hiking nearby
  • Hiking trail nearby
  • Hot spring nearby
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Massage nearby
  • Shopping nearby
  • Stargazing
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Bar nearby
  • Beach nearby
  • Caf nearby
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Hammock
  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant nearby
  • Terrace
  • Yoga deck
  • ATM / banking nearby
  • Bicycle rental nearby
  • Car rental nearby
  • Convenience / grocery store
  • Internet access
  • In-room dining
  • Local market
  • Toiletries
  • Tour assistance

During the retreat, you will be provided with daily organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner included in the package. There is also organic tea available for you throughout the training.

During your free time, there are many activities and excursion options available to cater all tastes and budgets such as relaxing walks, swimming with dolphins, visiting the markets, or simply relaxing at the beach are some ideas.

A visit to Kalapana

You can also visit Kalapana, once a fishing village that was buried under 10 meters of molten rock in 1990, by the Madame Pele Volcano, or the Akaka Falls, a short walk through lush vegetation and streams leading to the free-fall plunge of the 420 feet.


In your free time, you can try your surfing skills at HonoliI Park, the best place to practice surfing and boogie boarding. If youre not adventurous, then exploring St. Benedict's painted church, a fascinating place located at Honaunau, in the famous Kona coffee growing region, is a great option.


For more relaxation, swim in the thermal pond, a natural pool with a sandy bottom which has been outfitted with cement walls and access ladders. A small inlet allows ocean water to flow in and out with the tides while keeping the temperature around 90 degrees.

Massages and body treatments are available upon request at additional cost.

  • 2 daily yoga classes
  • 9 nights accommodation
  • Ayurveda workshop and demonstration
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily morning meditation sessions
  • Island excursions and adventures
  • Airfare
  • Airpor transfer
  • Extra activities
  • Massage

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at either Hilo International Airport (ITO) or Kona International Airport (KOA). Transfer from and to these airports is available upon request.

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 60 days before arrival.


  • Review by Veronica Lukesova from Chez Republic

    "Thanks for this amazing course. It was the start of my healing journey that I was looking for, for a long time. This training helped me find balance and find myself in a spiritual way."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Fernando from Argentina

    "Thank you for teaching me safe asana practices, meditation, healing/energy work and yoga nidra. The depths of knowledge and the patience from the teachers was outstanding. Lots of emotions came out and it was an awesome place to share."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Brie Mislan from Canada

    "I really recommend this training to anyone & everyone for the experience whether the desired outcome is to be a teacher or not. This is really a “life-experience” course, for any age and any desired outcome; everyone will gain a shift in their perspective that will only promote healing from within."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Theresa Clinton from Canada

    "The energy work was fascinating and mind-opening. I really enjoyed learning about the Chakras and using the visualizations. Also loved learning about Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic diet and how it relates to balancing the doshas. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for providing an excellent yoga course."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Mavis from Canada

    "Everything was wonderful and a really great experience all around. I really enjoyed Jai’s stories and how they related to Yoga! I really enjoyed breaking down the postures and how to do them correctly –very important. It was also a great surprise to learn the deeper philosophy of yoga and learn Ayurveda."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Mike Campbell from Canada

    "Jai and Aman are two of the calmest and easy to talk to teachers I have ever met. As a beginner to yoga, I would recommend their course to beginners and advanced students alike."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Sara Everitt from Canada

    "My experience was an insightful continuation on my path to enlightenment through the ancient wisdom of yoga as taught in a fun, educational and professional manner by Jai & Aman."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Ana Pollo from Canada

    "It is invaluable to be surrounded by yoga and people who dedicate themselves to the teachings authentically and with humility. Thank you for bringing these qualities to our town."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Ash

    "Great job guys! Enjoyed it very much and would like to join you on more trainings and yoga classes. I am impressed, healthier and happier!"

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Lois

    "If you are looking for life altering changes and do not know where to begin, this is it. If you are on your way this is it. Anyone & everyone can utilize this information. Aman & Jai have so much to offer."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Jennifer

    "I learned a lot about myself in this course and how I can teach better and live better. I loved getting coconuts of the trees – feeling them, tasting them, swimming in the ocean and connecting with the natural surroundings and abundance this island has to offer."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Candice

    "A wonderful an opening experience of Self-awareness and acceptance, allowing the whole group to cultivate well-being, good health and unity on an extraordinary island."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "I loved the Mantras and the impact they had on us, especially the Kirtan singing – very moving and playful. This was my first experience of this kind of singing and chanting. It was all a transformational experience!"

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by a traveler

    "This was an informative and beneficial training that exceeded my expectations. I found the interactive group learning to be extremely effective."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Becky Green from United Kingdom

    "A fantastic new experience, which not only relaxed my body but opened up my mind to a whole new way of thinking."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Margaret McCullough from Canada

    "Jai offers an environment of pampering yourself with yoga, knowledge to grow on, great food, quiet introspection and great companionship. All food for growth."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Corrine Rivereau from France

    "This retreat was a great relaxing experience to share in a group. The Guides were lovely. They made us feel free to express ourselves just the way we are. The organization of the yoga retreat is complete and energizing. I would love to do it again!"

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by James Bruce from Alberta, Canada

    "I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. It was my first time doing yoga and it really helped loosen my back allowing me to enjoy the retreat without discomfort. Wow! Everyone should be able to take a retreat like this and get in touch with themselves and nature. A great escape from the hustle and bustle."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Chantal Hart from Canada

    "Jai’s retreat was the perfect. The retreat encouraged us to embrace growth & change and to live each moment positively. I especially enjoyed the yoga classes and zen walk incorporated into the retreat."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Jenny Schmidt from Canada

    "I gained clarity and affirmation on choices I am in the process of making, and courage for challenges I feel I am about to face."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Sarah Proulx from Canada

    "Thank you for giving me the gentle guidance towards embracing my own spiritual being. You instantaneously accepted and encouraged without judgment. Thank you again…I will return again for more retreats."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Tara Christmann from Canada

    "I had an amazing cleansing and awakening experience that I will take with me and use always."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Jacquie Geurts from Canada

    "Jai puts a lot of heart & soul into his retreats. The result is a great experience for everyone. The retreat flowed well with a good variety of activities, discussions and insights for all involved."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Melissa from Canada

    "Jai and Aman are very knowledgeable, kind and caring. My experience was life changing and I am very grateful in all they had to share. I am very excited to incorporate yoga, Ayurveda and all I have learned into my daily life and share it with others."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Helena Smolla-Deziel from Quebec, Canada

    "The way the intuition session was presented really helped me understand how to use my intuition better. The Guides presented themselves with a good sense of humor and with good simple examples. Bravo! Excellent! It naturally helped me with some concerns in my present life and my growth."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Amanda from United States

    "The material learned in the course was extremely useful especially the balance between yoga practice, meditation, diet and free time - there is so much adventure close by and the course still felt like a vacation - still got to experience beautiful Hawaii."

    Sacred Seed Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Rachel Quigg from Canada

    "Awesome & beautiful way to connect or reconnect to your inner knowing. Great way to get away and cultivate your soul. I am very grateful for this retreat and have met some great friends along the way. Many blessings."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from United States

    "I enjoyed the fresh local organic food from the island and how it was simply prepared by the amazing chief. I also enjoyed learning the extensive depth of Ayurveda. It was a truly lovely experience and the instructors reflect a special quality of love that creates a sacred space and is very welcoming. They are both very sweet."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited

  • Review by Barb Streef from Canada

    "Very powerful stuff. The yoga allowed me to release tension that was well needed. Thank you. I haven’t twisted my body in that many ways in a long time. I really enjoyed it. I felt rejuvenated and freed from all of my emotional barriers. It was nice to be able to receive the support. Thanks…I will come again."

    Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda website, edited