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British Columbia, Canada

Sacred Earth Journeys is dedicated to provide meaningful & rewarding travel experience, through visiting the most sacred sites and culturally rich destinations.

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  • S. Morgan United States

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    This place is amazing. It's very, very uplifting. I'm working with a spiritual teacher here. Astounding. More than I thought it could be. It's a total lifestyle laid down in the sutras (medical scriptures). Incredibly loving, supportive. It's just such a privilege. I love the morning puja, especially when the priest anoints me. You wouldn't think the shirodhara (medicated oilstream therapy poured over the forehead) would be so encompassing. Astounding depth delivered. Next week treatments begin for osteoporosis. If the treatments are as effective as the others, I should be fine. I came to Vaidyagrama a frivolous socialite and am coming out a nun - ha!

  • K. Gemmell Canada

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    I'm so glad I came and can't believe the care I'm being given here. It's unreal. Vaidyagrama is a special place for attentive care using authentic traditions, a global village with thoughtful presentations and a safe sanctuary to heal.

  • Stella Maria United Arab Emirates

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    This Maya Temples of Transformation Journey was a wonderful retreat to connect to this ancient mystical land. The Spiritual experiences were amplified by the presence of the Shamans we had leading our group. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone coming to visit the Maya Temples.

  • Jane Stipe United States

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    The temples were wonderful to experience, but the best part was being with and learning from such an advanced being as Miguel. What a lovely human being! So full of light and love! I feel very honoured to have met him and been able to spend so much time with him.

  • L. Robertson United States

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    PK healing includes the entire experience. I received so much here, far more than I expected and feel so grateful. The doctors continue the slow method of healing. I trust Ayurveda and their application of the science. With Jaisri, I enjoyed her mothering and was touched by intimacies shared. I'm planning to return next year, too. Fullness remains ever full!

  • Jaisri Lambert Canada

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    We are all so blown away by the skill, expertise, caring and tranquility of this amazing community development, with the hospital and Ayurvedic living at its core.

  • K. Decker United States

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    I came to Vaidyagrama with less than 6 weeks preparation to learn about Ayurveda, begin a pitta pacifying diet, introduce myself to meditation, pranayamas and return to a daily yoga practice. My trip to India was my first flight out of the United States. Seventy six hours passed between the time I left home and arrived at Vaidyagrama, both events occurring in the dark. Despite many obstacles, including a dire illness after arriving, I know without a doubt I would like to return. I have never experienced such loving, thoughtful, personal and professional care. This occurs every day and my doctors were also available 24/7 with a simple dial of his/her extension. I know, as I called often and was visited immediately, even for a nightmare. I suspect it may be quite difficult to leave, so instead, I'll look forward to my return.

  • Annie Ramirez United States

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    Now that I've had a few days to bask in the reflection of this wonderful trip I realize how special it was. I entered this trip with an open mind and heart and it was filled with wonderful memories. Many, many thank you's to those of you who put this trip together and help shepherd us for the week.

  • Caroline Whitlock Australia

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    The trip went beyond my expectations. Not only did I have the privilege to learn from a master teacher, I was with a group of amazing individuals that I also learned from. Miguel Angel's teachings were profound and I have come away with a fresh look on how I can be in my day-to-day life. The journey was a life changing spiritual experience. I have come away with new friends and a spiritual family. I know that there will be more. Sacred Earth Journeys put together an amazing teacher and knowledgeable guide to take us on a powerful Mayan experience. I have taken so much away from this that I cannot write it all down. I thoroughly recommend any spiritual journey with this tour company.

  • Marcia Monge-Lopez from San Jose, Costa Rica

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    It was a wonderful journey, filled with magic in many ways. I feel we became a harmonious family, everyone has been so respectful, generous and caring - I am grateful. Phil's "long conversations", reflections and poetry have been stimulating and deeply inspiring. My soul is renewed, consciously breathing beauty again. Now I know why my soul led me to come on this journey. Thank you Sacred Earth Journeys for making it possible for us to experience the beauty of Turkey as well as the beauty of our souls through the sacred space enabled by Phil Cousineau.

  • Katharina Schuldner, Vienna, Austria

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    My spiritual and physical rebirth was conceived in this place. The aesthetics of the landscape, the raw power of the place, the people and the spiritual leadership made for me the impossible possible.

  • Martha Robles, Nanuet, New York

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    I often find myself drifting away and before I even realize it, I am back in Bali. The land where magic happens. I left there with my heart so full of love and joy that it is still permeating through my body. I think of the time we were snorkeling and the sunlight was illuminating through me, in me, around me. Ahhh, I AM still in a peaceful place and loving my new friends, myself and ALL that is...Michele, our instructor/guide, was wonderful and so full of life, love and joy!! Helen, I am already looking forward to my next journey. I am so pleased with the way you organize these trips and your attention to detail. We really did have such a wonderful time. Bali let the inner child out!

  • Tracy Wendland, Vancouver, British Columbia

    Sacred Earth Journeys website

    I booked a trip to Bali through Sacred Earth Journeys at a point of transition in my life and I planned to use it as a time for reflection as well as a yearend fitness goal to guide me towards positive lifestyle changes for the year of 2013. I was injured the month before our departure and was very anxious in the weeks leading up to the trip about my ability to participate, especially as I struggled to carry a small backpack and pull my suitcase on the day of departure. Each day of the trip unfolded as a gift that re-energized my spirit. I went on this trip with the intent of deepening my yoga practice. On the magical island of Bali, in the presence of the other beautiful goddesses I was blessed to travel with, I ended up kindling a relationship with the divine (whose existence I had previously questioned).I returned home refreshed, having left behind emotions and beliefs which no longer served me and I now have a sense of clarity, purpose and lightness (as well as new friends) that helps to guide me in how I want to live my life, an increased awareness of who I am capable of being and how I can help others to open their hearts and allow love and healing to enter. It was a true honour to bare witness to the blossoming of the other participants on the retreat. Deepest gratitude to Michele, Arta and Helen for arranging such an incredibly sacred journey!

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