A family run wellness center offering a holistic getaway to those who need a space to listen to themselves and a place to be free of judgment.

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Rukhsana Khan

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Nadine Ashton

from United States, March 2018

"Blissful Weekend!"

This is everything I hoped for in a vacation: meditation, yoga, healthy eating, sun! It was the perfect warm getaway in the middle of a cold Michigan winter. Every need was taken care of from picking me up at the airport, to great accommodations, wonderful meals and great companionship. I highly recommend for a first meditation getaway.


from A Traveler,

"It has been the perfect vehicle to reclaim my vitality"-


from A Traveler,

"A fabulous place to discover your inner self and find the peace within yourself which we ofter lose track of during our busy lives. A beautiful, natural setting to heal & discover your inner peace"-