Rukhsana's Wellness & Heavenly Retreat offers a range of courses and workshops while rejuvenating your authentic self, mind, body, and soul under the Mexican sun.

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Rukhsana Khan

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Nadine Ashton

from United States, March 2018

"Blissful Weekend!"

This is everything I hoped for in a vacation: meditation, yoga, healthy eating, sun! It was the perfect warm getaway in the middle of a cold Michigan winter. Every need was taken care of from picking me up at the airport, to great accommodations, wonderful meals and great companionship. I highly recommend for a first meditation getaway.

Testimonials (3)

Kelly Ready

Rukhsana's Wellness and Heavenly Retreat website

Rukhsana is the real deal, compassion, knowledge, spirit of love and giving. She gives you the tools to better cope in a difficult, stressful world. Can not say enough about her, her husband Arshad and daughter Sameena.

Anita Farrar

Rukhsana's Wellness and Heavenly Retreat website

This one week retreat to my inner self was life altering. I learned things that i plan to carry into my everyday actions to become more compassionate and at peace with myself and the world.

Nadine Ashton

Rukhsana's Wellness and Heavenly Retreat website

If you are searching for a refuge that focuses on spirit, wellness and nourishing foods then this getaway is for you. From beginning to end this experience was a self-indulgent treat that I highly recommend