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24 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  • Taksu Yoga Movement & Arts, Ubud, Bali

24 Days 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

  • Taksu Yoga Movement & Arts, Ubud, Bali

Intensive Bali Yoga Teacher Training

At Routes of Yoga, their approach is to provide a comprehensive and holistic yoga teacher training experience that covers all the major aspects of yoga in both practice and in theory, gain a thorough understanding into the process and science of yoga, while cultivating a solid teaching methodology rooted in practice and awareness. Their yoga teacher training program will be held in Bali, a destination chosen for its supportive community and landscapes conducive to going within.


  • Daily asana yoga practices
  • Pranayama and meditation sessions
  • Teaching lab, lectures, and workshops
  • Routes of Yoga's teacher training course manual
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized certificate
  • 23 nights accommodation
  • 21 days with instruction
  • Chinese (mandarin), German, English
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This course will be conducted at Taksu Yoga & Movement Arts in Ubud, Bali. Taksu is a peaceful and tranquil setting with Spa & Restaurant services onsite. Taksu Restaurant is a quiet oasis serving fresh organic international and local cuisines, superfoods and slow pressed juices. Well positioned within central Ubud and at the doorstep of bustling Hanoman and Dewi Sita streets, there are plenty of accommodation options of various price ranges and delicious food cafes within a short walking distance from the venue. Amongst the accommodation that available are as below:

Sumantra House

Sumantra House is centrally situated in Jalan Hanoman Ubud. It presents amazing views of swimming pool and garden, merely 150 meters to the Ubud Market and Ubud Palace and finest shopping boutiques and souvenir shops. A fusion of Balinese accents and simple yet elegant furnishing creates a comfortable and relaxing space, Sumantra House also offers swimming pool within a landscaped garden, making the entire pool area quite fitting for chilling out.Rooms are all air-conditioned and come with cable TV, a minibar and a work desk. They are simple, featuring elegant furnishings and large windows that allow the natural light in.

Dana Sari

Located in a compound of three nice guest houses overlooking the rice paddies, just off the main road of Hanoman. Far back enough to be relatively quiet, although there is some traffic noise in the middle of the day. This is very nice accommodation with clean rooms, not huge, but with a big bed and mosquito net, hot water, nice patio. The owners are friendly and speak good English. This is a very popular place that always seems to have lots of people staying.

Widia Homestay

This guesthouse consist of spacious room, hot water for shower and fan. Wi-Fi and breakfast is included during your stay here. This home stay is situated walking distance from the training venue.

Dono Guesthouse

This guesthouse consist of spacious room, hot water for shower and fan. Wi-Fi and breakfast is included during your stay here. Dono guest house is situated walking distance from the training venue.

Routes of Yoga's interest is in nurturing yoga practitioners towards their own truths. Students are guided to integrating an approach of healing and growth that has the ability to be intelligent, efficient, and honest, but also forgiving at the same time. Once the paths towards the inner teacher are drawn, they are more importantly, systematically practiced, built upon, and dialogued on.

Routes of Yoga's trainings also offer a smooth transition for yoga practitioners to progressively step into the role of the teacher and learn how to teach and assist others confidently. There are both residential and non-residential course options available. If you would like to participate as non-residential, the early bird price is 2700 USD and for non-residential regular is for 3000 USD.

Curriculum overview

This program moves through three major areas of development necessary to share the practice of yoga with ample knowledge, confidence, and compassion, which are the body, beyond asanas and subtle anatomy, and the art of teaching.

Under the area of the body, building an informed and appropriate physical asana practice sets a solid foundation for the training program and here the main elements and qualities of a physical practice are explored. Lectures on anatomy pave the way for asana workshops that focus in on asana groups, alignment principals, and providing appropriate modifications and variations to suit individual scenarios.

Concepts are applied in targeted yoga asana classes daily for integration and time is set aside for discussion and clarification on issues that arise during the day's explorations. The goal here is for the yoga practitioner to use the knowledge gained in the theoretical and hands-on workshops to build an inclusive and mindful approach to yoga asana that encourages its healing potential to surface within his or her own yoga practice, as well as when teaching others.

For the topics of beyond asanas and subtle anatomy, cover the more subtle concepts and techniques of yoga, such as chakras, kriyas, mantras, yantras, pranayama, and meditation. Yoga history and the analysis of key philosophical texts enable students to place these techniques within the bigger framework of yoga and understand their individual purposes towards its ultimate goal. The modules provide a deeper view point for one's own practice, as well as a contemplative base from which to teach from.

This goal of this segment is to move away from mystification and towards useful integration. Through a grounded approach, as well as providing regular routine practices, what is typically the more abstract realms of yoga is grounded down into an experiential understanding that highlights the practicality, validity, and potency of these methods.

Lastly, for the art of teaching, teaching methodology, sequencing, and teaching labs offer the tools and guided training sessions to lead multi-level classes with clarity and confidence. Ample time is allocated to teaching labs for students to gain hands-on experience in leading classes and get individual feedback and guidance from both their peers and the teaching faculty.

The topics covered in the first two areas of development teach students the core principals of yoga and how to implement them into their daily lives. The goal here is for students to gain faith and confidence in their own practice and how it can positively impact their living and perception of the world. The art of teaching modules build onto this.

While a comprehensive understanding of yoga and a regular practice are necessary pre-requisites for teaching, alone they do not ensure a clear and efficient transfer of information. The art of teaching subjects focus on developing these key attributes of a teacher along with nurturing each participant's individual teaching style and voice.

Topics in details and areas of study

The body

In anatomy and physiology lectures, the body is explored progressively through its various systems. This includes learning about the anatomy of the body in relation to movement, which is the different types of joints and their range of movements, the muscles responsible for executing individual actions, and the nerve system, which co-ordinates them.

Asana workshops build upon this. Divided into the main asana categories, each workshop covers the in depth study of the key postures - their purpose, benefits, correct alignments, variations for all levels, as well as the inter-relation between the asana groups.

Comprehend how individual body parts work and how they co-relate and function together in unity is an understanding that will add new dimensions to an asana practice. Students get detailed insight into their yoga practice and start to respect their own body's potentials and limitations.

Main components of the practice

  • The breath
  • Connection, breath, and movement
  • Transitions
  • Progression (Warm up, standing sequence, floor sequence, and relaxation)

Anatomy and physiology

Lectures covering the various systems of the body, such as skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, and endocrine.

Asana workshops

Each workshop focuses on one main asana category, such as forward bends, back bends, hip openers, side bends and twists, balancing (arm and leg), and inversions.

Beyond asanas and subtle anatomy

Students learn about the function and purpose behind the more subtle aspects and techniques of yoga, as well as how these methods can be applied to support and benefit an existing yoga practice. The ways to implement traditional yogic values into a modern lifestyle will be covered, as well.

The course introduces the history and the main philosophical concepts of yoga allowing participants to gain a thorough understanding of the science of yoga, illuminating new directions for the journey within.

With daily asana practices as a fundament, the practice of pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and mantra is added during this course. Through daily repetition and familiarity, participants will be able to continue a self-practice of these methods in a safe and effective manner after the completion of the program.

The subtle aspects and techniques of yoga

  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Kriyas
  • Bandhas
  • Mudras
  • Sound and mantra
  • Sight, yantra, and sacred geometry
  • Subtle anatomy
  • Prana
  • Nadis
  • Vayus
  • Chakras
  • Koshas

Yoga history, philosophy, and lifestyle

  • The history of yoga
  • Yoga philosophy one
  • Yogic diet
  • Yoga and modern lifestyle

The art of teaching

Teaching methodology, sequencing, and teaching labs offer the tools and hands-on experience for students to start sharing their knowledge, refine existing teaching skills, or simply develop a safe and sophisticated individual practice. In teaching methodology, the various ways to guide a class through one's body, voice, and movement are covered, as well as workshops on how to deliver proper verbal and physical alignments and adjustments.

Sequencing covers the main principals of safe sequencing, which can be applied across various styles of yoga. A modular system that can be utilized to built safe and efficient classes suitable for all levels is introduced. Participants will also analyze sample classes and learn how to create their own sequences with specific intentions in mind.

In teaching labs, students will start to teach and are given the space to nurture their individual teaching styles. They begin with instructing a fixed sequence to a small group and more elements are added progressively. Students observe each other in the role of the teacher and will both give and receive feedback.

This module is also a great platform for students to test out their own sequences across a variety of different body types and practice levels before venturing out into the teaching world.

Teaching methodology

  • Role of a teacher
  • Voice and body language
  • Verbal and physical demonstrations
  • Verbal and physical adjustments
  • Teaching multi-level classes
  • Time management


  • Principals of sequencing
  • Using a modular system for efficiently creating sequences
  • Creative sequencing for different class styles
  • Sequencing for special needs

Teaching labs

  • A series of hands-on classes to practice teaching

Other topics

  • Ethics for teachers
  • The business of yoga

Program schedule

  • 07:00 Morning practice (asana)
  • 08:30 Breakfast break
  • 09:30 Lecture
  • 11:30 Workshop
  • 13:30 Lunch break
  • 14:30 Teaching lab, lecture, or workshop
  • 16:30 Evening practice (asana, pranayama, or meditation) or workshop

Please note that variations to the schedule occur depending on a given day's topics and in order to fully utilize the dynamics within individual teacher training groups. Three rest days are allocated within the course to allow for periodic rest and recuperation for the body and the mind during this intensive training program.


This 200-hour yoga teacher training program is a certified by the Yoga Alliance US. Students who have successfully completed the program are quality for Yoga Alliance US registration.

Recommended books

If you would like to do preparatory study, Routes of Yoga recommends that you choose between one of the classical texts of yoga that we will be working through during the training, which are the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Prapidika. During the teacher training, they will issue out recommended reading material for each of the topics covered should you like to study an individual area of interest further after the program.

  • Daphne Charles

    Yoga Alliance International (Yoga)

    Daphne has been interested in the concept of space from an early age and initially explored this as an architect with concrete man-made structures. She then progressed to studying universal laws on a more subtle level through yoga and within the natural structures of the human body and mind. Her dedication is in the creation and recalibration towards harmony, which moves across scales and boundaries. Her further studies in biogeometry, meditation, energy and movement, geomancy, and philosophy are reflections of this same pursuit of peace within and without.

  • Anton Jager

    Anton has been fascinated by the challenge of a yoga practice and its relaxing effect. Since then, yoga has become an essential part of his daily life, especially in balancing out the pressures he encountered during his previous assignments with multinational corporations like Google, as well as a mission with Doctors Without Borders in Africa. His teaching can be best described as non-dogmatic. He is not bound by any particular school of yoga, which allows him to tailor his classes to individual needs.

This teacher training will take place in the center of Ubud, Bali and is within walking distance of Jalan Monkey Forest. Ubud is a perfect place to experience the essence of Balinese culture. Well positioned within central Ubud and at the doorstep of bustling Hanoman and Dewi Sita streets, there are plenty of accommodation options of various price ranges and delicious food cafes within a short walking distance.

  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Café
  • In-room safe
  • Restaurant
  • Yoga studio
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Mosquito net
  • Room cleaning

At The Yoga Barn, there is a vegetarian and vegan garden restaurant with healing foods and local produce called the Kafe, where you can enjoy your meals during this teacher training.

For further relaxation, you can enjoy spa treatments at Kush, an Ayurvedic spa and rejuvenation place in Taksu Spa. There is also the YB Healing Center that specializes in holistic, naturopathy health, and healing treatments. If interested, please let Routes of Yoga know.

  • 23 nights accommodation
  • 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized certificate
  • Daily breakfast (applicable only to standard and deluxe room)
  • Full course tuition fee
  • Routes of Yoga's comprehensive teacher training course manual
  • Use of yoga mats, props, and blocks
  • Additional activities
  • Airfare
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
  • Spa treatments
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid 14 days before arrival.

Verified reviews

  • M
    Review by Michelle O'connell from Ireland

    2017-Jul-25 01:22:57

  • Review by Yvonne
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Anton, what can I say, it has been an incredible four weeks and I am really glad that I survived the training, having sweat, tears, and blood, literally. Thank you for the patient teaching, especially on the yoga philosophy. It really helped me understand better than reading yoga sutras by myself from a book. I am so glad to make the decision to go through my yoga teacher training with the two of you."

    "If there is one thing that I have learnt from the both of you, its that to remain true to yourself, both on and off the mat. I can see that in you and I want to work towards the same for myself. Thank you for reminding me that being a yoga teacher is not for myself, but the students. Its not about the teacher, but rather the students. I still have an aversion to teaching, but am glad I choose to take the exams. Thank you once again, for being with me and helping me deepen my practice and understanding." website, edited

  • Review by Lacey
    10 out of 10

    "Daphne and Anton, thank you both so much for this life changing experience. I not only learnt more than I ever have in 23 days, but I seriously made the best friends and had the greatest time. You both are amazing yoga teachers with so much passion and talent. When I arrived I couldn't believe how awesome of shape you both were in (Daphne, you are the most beautiful person ever). You both are glowing. Please continue to change the lives of many with your teachings!" website, edited

  • Review by Amelia
    10 out of 10

    "Wow! What an incredible 23 days here in Ubud. So grateful for Routes of Yoga coming into my life and encouraging me to spend my summer in such a beautiful environment. How special it was to learn from two passionate personable and authentic instructors. You both shared so much information, knowledge, and life lessons with each of us. The program was run so smoothly and professional. Everyday, I would leave Taksu smarter, stronger, and more inspired than when I arrived in the morning. Mahalo for everything! Thank you for putting together such a memorable teacher training." website, edited

  • Review by Rory
    10 out of 10

    "It was a life transforming experience!" website, edited

  • Review by Dessy
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Daphne and Anton, you both are amazing! You both are the best teacher I ever had! God bless you." website, edited

  • Review by Maddy
    10 out of 10

    "Danton (Daphne and Anton), as I mentioned, this course has been a total transformation for me. I have learnt so much not only about yoga, but also about myself and my abilities. It has been the most unbelievable and cool experience made possible by you guys. All my love and best for all your future endeavors." website, edited

  • Review by Claudia
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Daphne and Anton, I nearly wanted to write something in Portuguese, so that I could express my feelings better. Even though I just wanted to share how lovely this (almost) one month that we spent together was. So many things I learn, not just about yoga, but about myself since these days inspired me in so many ways. Thank you very much for all you guys have shared with us. This is just priceless. I will never forget you!" website, edited

  • Review by Yuka Takahashi
    10 out of 10

    "I cannot thank you two enough. Thank you for having me. It has been amazing experiences, much more than I expected.The first day, Anton welcomed me at the entrance, I was so nervous. I was like okay I know his face! I saw him online and he looks a bit scary. I found out he is not soon. And, OMG Daphne! You are smoking hot! I tell you now cause its over. Sometimes, I was just staring at you. Whatever you said, it did not come into my brain! I was just staring at you. You are too beautiful for being teacher!"

    "But, you two both are so good at teaching and I really feel I have leant something important. Not only about yoga.Thank you again! I am so going to miss you two! Hope to see you again and join some classes at some point!" website, edited

  • Review by Yvonne
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Daphne, thank you so much for bring a big and exciting part of my yoga journey. From guiding me in Yin classes to introducing me to Vinyasa style classes, and now guiding me to be a baby yoga teacher. It has been a tiring journey, these past four weeks. From the mind boggling anatomy lectures to the oh-so interesting subtle stuff of yoga and the most challenging part of the teacher training, talking to students, and the sleepless nights spent talking to myself."

    "My favorite part of the training is of course, coming up with a sequence that makes sense for me and Im so glad I had a chance to do this practice here. Really very grateful to have this chance to really immerse myself in all yoga things, but I know that this is just the beginning of a new journey and there is still so much to learn and process. Only when I am able to internalize what I know can I learn to teach others. If there is one thing that I remember from what you said, it is to teach what you know and practice what you teach. With love and gratitude." website, edited


  • Review by Shouro from India
    10 out of 10

    "Boohoo! Oh my God! I cannot believe it is over. Never knew time could go so quickly. But then again, it is one more day closer to Route of Yoga's next course! Thank you so much for organizing a wonderful success. Glad to be here and I really look forward to the next one. With lots of positive thoughts, love, and respect, from your humble student."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Belle from Hong Kong

    "Dear Daphne & Anton, Thank you kindly for an incredible experience. I learnt a lot of new words, postures and exercises and how to breath… but most importantly I learnt about how yoga can develop inner strength and character and found beauty in a humbling and peaceful way. You both are very gifted and have a manner and grace which is supportive and encouraging … truly wonderful."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Tridi from Indonesia

    "Just came back from my second retreat with ROY and I already can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for the meticulously-planned program and excellent choice of venue. Beyond just an extremely lovely time, there are tons of takeaways I have picked up from the lectures, the workshops as well as from just simply being present there during the retreat : ) While everyone can practice yoga, and some might be really good at it, definitely not everyone has what it takes to be good teachers. Both of you are definitely the rare gems I have been blessed to have found at this early stage of my journey. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your passion and knowledge as well as your patience and encouragement. I will definitely recommend Routes of Yoga to anyone looking to start or to learn more about yoga. Save a slot for me for me though as I will definitely be back! "

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Melissa Ong
    10 out of 10

    "When I was considering this Nepal trip, I was very apprehensive. My usual idea of a holiday is a 5-star hotel, but speaking with Routes of Yoga puts my worries to rest. The minute I clicked send on my booking, I could not shake off that sense of excitement! I did not know what to expect from the trip and it turned out to be such a life changing experience for me! Everything was impeccably organized. From yoga practice in the beautiful outdoors, to browsing the bustling shops around the majestic Boudhanath Stupa, or exploring the sacred grounds of Pashupatinath Temple, every activity was an opportunity to learn more about the rich culture and spirituality that Nepal holds."

    "The yoga sessions were so thoughtfully lead! Vinyasa practices got us warmed up in the cool mornings, while soothing evening classes made sure our post-hike legs would not feel sore the next day. After experiencing such personalized instruction, I would never be able to go to one of those run-of-the-mill yoga studios! I had the honor of meeting an amazing group of participants from around the world. We came together as individuals embarking on personal adventures, but left as friends, having shared this portion of the journey together."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Cindy from Singapore
    10 out of 10

    "In my opinion, a good teacher is not just someone who imparts all his or her knowledge, but someone who can interest the students in the subject and make them want to discover more about that subject. I think you guys did just that. Thanks for being a big part of my yoga journey and inspiring me to go on discovering more about yoga."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Belle from Hong Kong
    10 out of 10

    "Dear Daphne and Anton, Thank you kindly for an incredible experience. I learnt a lot of new words, postures and exercises, and how to breath, but most importantly, I learnt about how yoga can develop inner strength and character and found beauty in a humbling and peaceful way. You both are very gifted and have a manner and grace, which is supportive and encouraging. Truly wonderful."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Nayana from India
    10 out of 10

    "The last few days have been beautiful and it has changed my life in a million ways. The course was very peaceful, just like the both of you! We had enough time to practice, meditate, and learn more about yoga and how it is so much more than physical asanas. I almost felt like you were hosting us in your own house. Thank you so much for everything. I go back with a lot more understanding of yoga, life, breath, and just myself. You both have and always will be very special to me. Thank you!"

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Rob from United Kingdom

    "The Bali retreat was amazing! The town of Ubud with its beautiful countryside and quaint town provided the perfect environment for the retreat. The five days of teaching helped to deepen my understanding and practice yoga in a very friendly, natural environment. I am already looking forward to the next retreat."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Cyndy from Singapore

    "I am missing Bali already! In my opinion, the retreat was really well-organized, from logistics to programs. We were introduced to the different facets of yoga, which were intriguing and sometimes mind-boggling. The workshops gave me a broad understanding of what yoga encompasses. And, I guess what is most enjoyable is having a group of like-minded individuals to practice and share with. Thanks once again for this great trip!"

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Chris from Australia

    "I really enjoyed the retreat, thank you. I could have stayed for five weeks instead of five days! I like the style, in which Anton and Daphne teach their classes and found the information provided additional to the classes was great. Many of the questions I have about Ashtanga and Vinyasa based Hatha yoga practice were answered before I got to ask. For me, personally the retreat was an absolute pleasure. I enjoyed the teaching, food, location, and surrounds. I would recommend it to anyone seeking that style of yoga."

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

  • Review by Joyce from Singapore

    "Thank you both so much for the amazing retreat! It was a lot of fun, we had great food, fantastic company, and of course, not forgetting the energizing and wonderful yoga! The trip was thoughtfully planned and you guys really spared no efforts to make sure we were comfortable at all times. Many of the things shared with us during the practices and the various workshops are new to me, and I would definitely like to learn and explore more about the various aspects of yoga. Lastly, kudos to you two lovely teachers!"

    Routes of Yoga website, edited

singapore, Singapore

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