Rosemary Garrison Yoga

San Francisco, California, United States

Rosemary teaches her form the heart with a gentle, yet strong touch. She leads a number of popular yoga retreats in California as well as Mexico each year.

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  • Lorna M New Jersey, United States

    Yelp website

    I searched for a yoga retreat for March 2015 and luckily ended up choosing Rosemary's retreat at Hanamara in Sayulita, Mexico. I was anxious choosing this so randomly and going alone, but as soon as I spoke to Rosemary on the phone, I felt at ease. She is a very special person, who has an incredible knack of making everyone feel taken care of and special. She was willing to accommodate my personal requests and most important of all, her yoga and meditation classes were top notch! They are geared to challenge, yet also not to feel intimidating to someone less experienced. The group of both women and men that participated were inclusive, friendly, supportive, and FUN! Rosemary definitely has a large following, but there were also others like myself who ventured here for the first time. I don't think there was anyone in this diverse group who did not leave feeling renewed and revitalized in some way. All the reviews on Trip Advisor about how incredible the location, food, and service is at Hanamara were not exaggerating! Also top notch!

  • Lauren B Chicago, Illinois, United States

    Yelp website

    I recently returned from Rosemary's Callistoga Retreat (and my first). My expectations were far exceeded from the moment that I arrived all of the way to the end....!! I choose this retreat because I was "suppose" to have gotten married that weekend and sadly earlier this year I made the decision not to. Rosemary had told me prior to the retreat that I would have lots of support this weekend but I had no idea the kind love, compassion and empathy I would feel from 25 "strangers"!!! It truly felt like sisterhood!The meditation and yoga practice that Rosemary leads are Fantastic!!! After working on my practice for maybe a year now I found Rosemary's classes to be right where I needed it to be to feel fulfilled!!I would recommend this retreat to any woman who may need just a weekend to get away, detox, clear your mind, refocus and just let it all go.....I will definitely be back!Thank you Rosemary!!!

  • Lisa S. California

    Yelp website

    There is a lot of yoga going on. Many different styles, rhythms, paces, spaces, and sounds. There are so many different kinds of teachers. There are really amazing teachers who make wonderful classes. There are seasoned teachers and just beginning teachers. There are young teachers and wise teachers. There are not so good teachers. There are troubled teachers and stuck teachers. There are joyful teachers and moving teachers. There are mediocre teachers and day changing teachers, and then, there is Rosemary! I know that yoga is my own practice and I get what I give to the moment. With that said, Rosemary is one of the most brilliant, knowledgeable, graceful, gifted guides I have ever been blessed to meet at the mat. I have been practicing in Rosemary's class for over a year now and I can honestly say, not only my practice, but my body and spirit have changed since meeting her. She has such a calm, stoic, and compassionate presence and this comes through in her teaching. She is firm, fluid, and forgiving in her channeled flow. Her classes are just as intense as they are calm, exactly as her spirit. Her breath is like being at the ocean - it is deep and penetrates the whole room (in my very first classes with her, I thought it was coming from the music). Rosemary creates a safe inspiring space and momentum that will change your day, your perspective, and your way of life. I couldn't speak more highly of this lovely woman or be more grateful for her presence and constant gift. I will follow her to where ever she teaches, and Im waiting patiently for her to do her own teacher training. Her teachings are a rare gem in the city, many thanks for Rosemary.

  • Guryan T. California

    Yelp website

    There are almost no words to describe the experience I have when I attend a class of Rosemary's, likely because she defies an earthly existence. Part of it, is her presence, her thoughtful approach to movement and alignment, part what she's able to bring out in each of the people in the room. All I can tell you is this - I've been taking her classes for over 10 years (I was a dedicated practitioner of hers when she lived in San Francisco). If you have the chance when she's visiting your city, don't miss it, you will leave with gratitude for the experience, every time!

  • Ashley B. California

    Yelp website

    Ah, where do I start with this lovely lady? I've been taking Rosemary's yoga class now for about 5 years, and I absolutely adore her teaching style! She incorporates the perfect balance of stillness and calmness in her classes, with the intensity of an advanced Vinyasa flow yoga class. I always come out of the class feeling so much more opened and renewed, and ready to tackle the day! I also appreciate how she paces the class, it's not too slow, and not too fast, and I always get a good sweat on (that I actually created myself as opposed to a pre-heated room). She is sure to warm us up in the beginning of class and cool us down as well. And I really love her calming voice. Rosemary is also very hands on, which I appreciate. Being a massage therapist myself, I love when she comes over and basically give me a little mini compression massage when I'm in a pose such as pigeon. It really helps me to open up even more fully and deeply. I highly recommend Rosemary's class to all Vinyasa yoga lovers out there!

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