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Providing access to conscious living & healing through Yoga Retreats and Trainings in Yin, Slow Flow Vinyasa, Mandala, Rocket, Ashtanga, Meditation & Pranayama.

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  • Rae Bowden United Kingdom

    Rooted in Yoga Facebook page

    Hi, Kate...

    Just a little note to say thank you to you and the Rooted in Yoga team for a fantastic Yin Retreat this weekend.

    From the accommodation, location, food and of course the yoga with the Yin master! it was an amazing experience, which not only led me to have my very first proper massage but with your help and guidance has made me realize, you are right: I am enough!

    I will definitely be signing up for more of these retreats with yourself and the lovely fellow Yin'ners that made my experience all the better.

    Thank you.

  • Kerry Campbell United Kingdom

    Rooted in Yoga Facebook page

    Anyone who is contemplating trying one of Kate's classes, don't....try them all!!!

    Kate is a truly wonderful and supportive yoga teacher. The first thing you will notice about Kate from the moment you meet here, is her warm welcome, and utterly immense calmness. No matter what frame of mind I am in when I arrive for a practice, I always leave with a generally lighter feel about me, so relaxed and calm, something I am unable to achieve at any other time.

    She offers so many different styles and approaches to yoga, so throughout the week there is always a class to suit you, or the state of mind or mood that you may be in at any time. One thing is for sure, if you try one of her classes, it is unlikely to be your last.

    I use Kate's classes to treat my ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and would urge anyone suffering from a similar condition to get in touch with Kate and try it for yourself.

  • Sarah Boland

    Rooted in Yoga website

    I was unsure what to expect and was very nervous about going when I signed up for this retreat, but it went above and beyond my expectations. I have returned wanting to take things I have learnt about yoga and myself, forward in my life and can say I have definitely got the yoga bug! This is all down to Kate, she is an amazing teacher, a very insightful person and feel lucky that I found her when I did and decided to try yoga. I would definitely go away again with Kate teaching and thank her for the immense hard work she put into this retreat. She should be very proud of how it went and how much everyone enjoyed themselves. For me there were no negatives, nothing I disliked about the retreat, only the amazing positive week that I experienced with other like minded people. I cannot wait to see where she chooses for next year! Love and light!

  • Amy Haggerty

    Rooted in Yoga website

    I think the schedule was really well thought out. I never at any time thought it was too full or not enough. There was definitely enough chill-out time between practices. I really actually enjoyed getting up early which I thought I would struggle with but was surprisingly fine. I felt good throughout my practice and it never felt too much.

  • Paula Johnson

    Rooted in Yoga website

    From my initial feelings of fear, insecurity and imbalance, I managed to find my feet, to grow, be grounded, and learn a lot about myself in one short week. This was due to the daily practice, guidance, journaling and support from Kate and fellow yogis. I felt like I was in a place of safety and encouragement and non-judgement which allowed me to push past my own fears and spend time on thoughts that I generally avoid. I will take the yoga philosophy into my daily life and have continued a daily practice of yoga which was one of the things I wanted to gain from the retreat. Kate’s openness and honesty shines through which encourages me to be the person I knew I am deep inside. I wished I could have stayed another week!

  • Ani Munn

    Rooted in Yoga website

    Kate is so friendly kind and fun and yet manages to squeeze it all in and still be so professional with her classes. I am new to yoga a so she has been so good at taking her personal time to message and talk to me about things and make me feel welcome and relaxed. I can’t imagine ever stopping now.

  • Beccy Bew

    Rooted in Yoga website

    I thought that it was a great mix of practice. It was nice as it was relaxed and didn’t feel pressured in to attending everything and gave time and space for the practice. I liked that we had the opportunity to do some one to one things if wanted. What can I say? I can’t believe that I was even considering not coming! It was an amazing, unforgettable week filled with beautiful surroundings, gorgeous like-minded people, awesome yoga, lots of fun and laughter and scrumptious food. It was a perfect mix of yoga practice and relaxation, with plenty of time and space for both. By the end of the week I was feeling strong, healthy, happy, peaceful, loved, and relaxed. What more could I ask for? Thanks Kate, it really was a wonderful week!

  • Lisa Arakele United Kingdom

    Rooted in Yoga Facebook page

    Such an inspirational session and teacher! Enthusiasm never falters and constantly has faith in you despite your small / large abilities! Thank you!

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