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(Rising in Yoga) ReDiscover Thyself offers yoga meditation healing, Awareness & spiritual retreats in Himalayas & GOA and other Global Nature Blessed Locations.

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Dhyan Saurabh

Dhyan Saurabh took to the path of yoga 15 years ago and used it to heal himself from recurrent health issues. Subsequently, he deepened his yoga practice and learned many different healing arts, including meditative inquiry, and now is a spiritual seeker dedicated to the journey to self. He has a pure heart with a childlike innocence that creates a safe space to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. His retreats and treatments will transport you into a deep state of silence, self-love, and awakening.

Prem Anand Shakti

Prem Anand Shakti is a unique spiritual and holistic healer from Ireland, now living in the Himalayas. She is highly dedicated to her work of consciousness and spiritual development. She is also a certified bio-dynamic rebalancing massage therapist, Neo Reiki healer, and a yoga teacher. Her key aim to her practices is to fully devote her energy and gifts to her clients so that each person that leaves her space is fully satisfied and feeling light with a sense of calmness and completeness.

Testimonials 5

Aman Brar

Rising in Yoga Facebook page

silent and beautiful place. i love to visit it again.

Lorraine Taylor Ireland

Rising in Yoga Facebook page

During a long hospital stint, beautiful Deborah and Saurabh kept me in their prayers and sent distance healing. As if by magic, my ills and pains were soothed. I was then fortunate to have some reiki sessions with Deborah during her visit home. Deborah is extraordinarily compassionate, full of joy and love. She has a wonderful energy and spirit about her. She gave healing to my body and mind and peace to my soul. I'm grateful and blessed to have Deborah and Saurabh continue to support and guide me during my healing and recovery journey. Can't wait to join on one of their retreats in the future. Love them both xx

Bindu Arya India

Rising in Yoga Facebook page

It's always wonderful experience to hv a session under Saurabh ji.He leads the group so intensely that energy levels immediately rise hgh. Wish to attend more enthralling sessions wih u!

Ginger Jerri United States

Rising in Yoga Facebook page

To this day, I swear that the most transformative and memorable massages I've ever experienced came from this man, Dhyan. He truly understood what I needed, somehow unlocking not only my muscles, letting out my stress, but (Im not sure how to even explain) letting me find this pure and simple energy......and turning me into..just me.

Pooja A Gor India

Rising in Yoga Facebook page

How do I describe an experience which is truly transformational. It can only be felt. I will still try. A few Months back, I was looking for a getaway to a calm and cool place, just to unwind. Maybe like a yoga retreat. So a friend of mine suggested I visit Saurabh & Deborah and spend a few days with them at their retreat center in Mansari Village in Manali. Since the idea checked all the boxes on my list ( relax, unwind, retreat, getaway) I instantly contacted them and booked for a week long stay at the 'Rising in Yoga' house. I think it is the best decision I ever made. My younger brother joined me too. We arrived at night at the center and we were welcomed with a delicious home cooked 'Satvik' food. We were allotted our rooms which were nice n spacious. The retreat house is beautiful. Next 7 days were the most enriching days for me. We had a set itinerary for every day. Days started early at around 6am & end at 9pm. Every morning we would go for a little hiking up in the mountains or the jungle. Thn we would do yoga amidst nature, breathing the cleanest air, for about an hour or a little more and off for my favourite part of the day, a sumptuous & delicious breakfast. And it was the spread for the kings. In fact, all the meals of the day including lunch and dinner were yummy satvik meals made from the produce of fresh farms, again. We had rest sessions after that and then would have various different kind of sessions such a chakra healing, dancing yoga, laughter yoga, meditation, chanting. All the experiences which help u connect a little more to yourself. Everyday is a step closer to a more richer mind and soul. U will not regret this experience. I suggest u must experience what Saurabh and Deborah have to offer. They are the loveliest souls u will ever meet. So sweet and welcoming. And all they do is give. Teachings and blessings. Hope this helps u make a decision. My love to Deborah and Saurabh. U guys are the best. Will be back soonest.

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