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Emma Strauss

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala's Facebook page


It has taken some time to share my feelings & thoughts of what we experienced last month with these amazing teachers & healers, a connection I felt so deeply, the whole experience & how to put it in to words and express my gratitude has been a quandary.

Uttam, Abhi & Sushant, the powerful impact you had on me and everyone in our group was amazing. However, I can only speak for myself and say what an incredible experience I had, fulfilled with your teachings, knowledge, wisdom, compassion and amazing insight to the world of yoga, meditation & spirituality. Your generosity of time, patience, wisdom, experience & knowledge shared is beyond what I imagined this retreat would bring.

Adding to my years of practice, yet what you taught was unlike anything else I had experienced.

Loving India as I do, having traveled here twice a year for many years, this was my first time to Rishikesh & what an amazing, special, unique, beautiful place this is. Quite unlike anywhere I have ever experienced on my travels in the world. It truly speaks to your soul & has left a mark on me and within my thoughts & heart everyday.

I continue my yoga practice back home, but truly miss your teachings, voice, chants, music & essence of this experience you shared with us.

Also how it can transform & live within us on a daily basis when we practice these teachings & accept our growth, intuition, strengths, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, love & the power to let it be...

I speak with gratitude & love for the experience of having the daily teachings with you guys & cannot wait to return to Rishikesh...

Jacinta Kemp

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala's Facebook page

My opportunity to meet Sushant, Abhi and Uttam has opened my eyes to the scope to which the term Yoga really means. These humble and gracious men taught me about the ancient philosophies, meditation techniques, pranayama, asanas, chanting and in general we're true examples of how to live a Yogic life. Beyond the organised classes I learnt many life lessons, had many many laughs and enjoyed the stories I was told. So many of the things I have learnt from these men have helped me move forward in my life and I will always be grateful. Thank you Rishikesh Yogis. See you when I return!

Tania Emiliani

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala's Facebook page

I was blessed with the opportunity of learning yoga and meditation with Abhi, Uttam and Sushant in Rishikesh, India in April 2017 during a 10-day spiritual retreat. These three spiritual leaders are the epitome of what a Yogi should be; they have the warmth, compassion, humbleness, generosity, patience, understanding, enlightenment, embodiment and lived experience that is truly inspirational! They live and breathe (literally) their words of yoga philosophy by incorporating it into their daily practice with such ease. Just being in their presence is a tranquil pleasure as they bring such peace and joy in every interaction. Participating in their classes is a soul enriching experience, not only by being immersed in their depth of knowledge, powerful storytelling and incredible use of metaphors; but also as a witness to see these beautiful souls live their life’s calling in such an authentic and effortless way. They truly have a magical gift that they share without hesitation to everyone they come across. I can’t wait to see Abhi, Uttam and Sushant and learn from them again!

Raelene Madden

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala's Facebook page

I had the pleasure of being taught by Uttam, Abhi and Sushant at a retreat I attended in Rishikesh. I had absolutely no experience with yoga or meditation before the retreat and these 3 amazing men managed to teach me so much in that time that my life will be changed forever. Like many westerners I was under the belief that yoga consisted of doing poses for an hour or so a day and meditation is sitting quietly trying to stop all your thoughts. I was so wrong! I was introduced to so many aspects of yoga and meditation I didn't know existed, the intriguing in-depth history, how yoga and meditation blend perfectly and how to incorporate it a into every part of my life to get endless benefits and break throughs in my personal life. The retreat had all levels of experience in it, but the teaching is so well done that I never felt like I was left behind. I cannot recommend these teachers high enough as their always happy, loving personalities match their 5 star knowledge and teaching.

Cherie Gauci Holton

Rishikesh Yogis Yogshala's Facebook page

I had the most wonderful opportunity recently to spend time with Yogis Uttam, Abhi and Sushant of Rishikesh Yogis during a 10 day spiritual retreat in Rishikesh in April 2017. These beautiful souls exude such in-depth knowledge, patience, understanding and a passion for sharing and imparting what they know for the benefit of others. They live and embody the essence of true yoga and it clearly radiates from their very being. I was in awe of their teachings and by simply spending time with them, and being in their presence, I felt deep inspiration within myself to continue to grow and expand on my own personal and spiritual journey keeping their words of wisdom very close to my heart.

I have met and worked with many yoga and spiritual teachers but I could not recommend these dear souls highly enough. I look forward to the day that I return to Rishikesh to reunite with my friends again. Feeling blessed. In love and light. Namaste