Rishikesh Yoga Association established as a registered yoga school in Rishikesh with the sheer determination to spread the pure and beautiful knowledge of yoga.

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Yogi Arpit Ji

Yogi Mohit Ji

Yogi Harmindra Ji

Guru Atmaram Ji ( Our Spiritual Guru )

Sadhu Shri Ji

Yogi Vikas Ji

Yogi Shobhit Ji

Yogi Abhishek Negi Ji

Yogi Ankit Ji

Reviews (17)

Audrey Laplanche

from France, July 2019

"Beyond expectations! Much more than a yoga program "

Beyond all my expectations! I have loved every moment of this yoga teacher training. First of all the quality of the teaching is amazing. They don’t teach only yoga, they teach a lifestyle, and they share knowledge as well as experience. It’s a lot more than just a teaching, during the month you will get the chance to know the teachers and to learn a lot from them.

The place is fantastic. The building is beautiful and clean and they provide you with everything you need. You can walk to the market on your time off and even bath in the Ganga (always refreshing!) Everybody is very considerate and thoughtful and they make you feel better than at home.

A special mention to the chef : the food was delicious, fresh, cooked daily with love and skills. I miss it already

On our days off they planned some perfect activities so we can really experienced India. It was much more than just a yoga program.

Rodolphe Ancian

from France, January 2022

"Great value for money, excellent teachers, good location."

These 200 hours of teacher training have been a great life experience. I will always remember these 26 days as a great learning experience.

The school is located in TAPOVAN/RISHIKESH, on the hill, close to everything, including the Ganges River beach, which is a 15-minute walk away. You can even see the Ganges from the beautiful south-facing terrace. The school has everything you need and even a bookshop on the first floor. There is also a fresh fruit and vegetable shop 50 metres from the school. The staff is very helpful, notably the butler who really takes care of all our needs.

A typical day at the school looks like this:

- Pranamaya every morning with an unbeatable view of the sunrise

- A variety of yoga classes taught by 6 teachers who are both knowledgeable and attentive to our needs.

- Delicious Indian vegetarian meals three times a day.

- A meditation class to end the day at 6pm.

Every Sunday there are organised activities in the nature like rafting and temple visits.

Sakshi Gupta

from India, March 2021

"Excellent Yoga Experience "

I liked the overall experience of being here and learning different subjects and how is it related to our body and life.

The teachers are very helpful and are skilled at what they are doing. They have created an environment of what we can call “home away from home”.

I recommend RYA to everyone who are having difficulties choosing between many yoga classes while their research. Don’t have a second thought just go for it.

Shefali Saklani

from India, February 2021

"Perfect place to start your yoga journey "

All the good things to talk about.

Teachers have a profound knowledge of the subjects and they make sure that it is delivered in the best possible way for everyone to comprehend easily. Everyone is taken care of in RYA. One would enjoy being in classes as there is so much to learn. Classes are designed in a way for it not to be monotonous.

Weekend excursions are bonus.

Without a shred of doubt, this is the best place to begin your yoga journey.

Thankful to all the faculties.

Athena Henderson

from Canada, March 2020


The food was flawless, the staff and teachers were very knowledgeable and helpful, the outings were fun, the facility was clean and comfortable. So many opportunities to engage with different cultures and meet new people. Great for all Yogi's, beginner and advanced. A lot of the staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. Confident in saying this yoga school is primarily interested in the education and well being of the students. The class schedule was perfectly structured to give 200hr students enough free time to explore and study. So much of the knowledge and experience gained will assist me in my future endeavors and I am eternally grateful for RYA. This will be a moment of my life I will remember forever!

Namaste RYA💞🙏

Olive Bayengeme

from Sweden, January 2020

"Soldiers defend lands but Yogi heals souls"

I have a little trouble remembering people's names and usually a picture comes up in my head about what a person is representing

 Yogi Satish ji = Sunrise

He is the perfect Yoga teacher because he is there with all his heart for everyone.

Yogi Harmindra Ji = The light

I met him the first day when I arrived and I was tired, annoyed and a little confused

But he looked at me in a way that you just feel that everything will be fine.

Yogi Mohit Ji = The Great Soul

Professor of philosophy

One month is not enough I want him as my teacher for at least 1 to 2 years.

Yogi Yogesh Ji = The voice

Professor of Anatomy he should record his voice because he is such an incredible storyteller.

I want to thank everyone in the kitchen staff,

Yogi Jay and meditation teacher Ankit no one does it more excellently than you all.

And to the next generation Yogi who chooses this school ok if you go there in winter and you can not tolerate cold I have learned that there is no bad weather just bad clothes so be sure to dress warm for the bedrooms can be incredibly cold on nights.

And remember that yoga is a lifestyle and a month is not enough to learn everything but do your best in everything and love yourself through everything. Let go of all expectations and open your heart to see what life wants to teach you. Give these beautiful souls and this place a chance to create new beautiful memories in your life. Maybe you too will be able to look back at this time in your life as I do with a big smile.

Ollivier Pinay

from France, December 2019

"Amazing TTC, much more than expected"

The teachers were very competent, attentive and friendly. The classes were fascinating, explained thoroughly and simply.

The yoga center is located in a quiet area, the rooms were clean and the food was very tasty, healthy and varied.

Sunday activities were interesting, we had the opportunity to spend some fun time with the teachers in beautiful places surrounded by nature.

I especially liked the acroyoga on the beach, near the Ganges. It was amazing to practice in such a beautiful place.

It was heartbreaking to leave the teachers and fellow students after such a dense, rewarding and beautiful month. I'll never forget it, thank you so much, guys, a already miss you. Take care, see you soon!


from Italy, November 2019

The teachers were nice and prepared

Camille Goudard

from France, November 2019

"Life changing experience "

It was very difficult to make a choice with all the school that Rishikesh has to offer! It took me ages to check. I finally chose Rishikesh Yoga Association and it went beyond of my expectations. The entire staff are amazing human beings, teachers are passionates and game changer. Who would have believed that I would miss mantra class at 6 am? And so on... About the food, it was delicious and freshly prepared. We all built such a good connexion between all the student, we were very close and supportive to each other. I am so thankful that I met wonderful souls. This experience will definitely help me in my journey. We will meet again for sure. Namaste 🙏🏼

Bronte Ferguson

from Australia, October 2019

"I am so glad I chose RYA"

The quality of the teaching was so beyond my expectations, but all classes were made to be fun and engaging. The food every single meal was so delicious and the over all structure of the school was very efficient. Everyone felt like family.

Navdeep Kaur

from Canada, October 2019

"A pleasant Surprise"

On my way there, I was feeling a bit nervous, not knowing what to expect. Once I got to the destination I was welcomed by Harmindra ji and instantly I felt comfortable knowing that I was in the right place.

The overall staff and their hospitality was outstanding. They went above and beyond to accommodate all the different type of personalities that were in my program.

Food was simple and delicious and if something wasn’t right, RYA was able to find solutions to make things right.

Classes were my personal favourite part. A lot of information and practical knowledge was shared. The teachers were incredible. They were well educated with great manners. Always willing to help and able to keep the class going at a manageable and enjoyable pace.

Accommodation was way better than I expected based on past experiences.

I am extremely happy that I went with RYA to learn and practice yoga. I feel a lot more confident within my beliefs and my routine. Yoga is a lifestyle and RYA was my stepping stone in achieving exactly that. I hope to come back in the future to further my yoga knowledge and visit some old strangers that started feeling like family by the time I left.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Bárbara Pedrosa

from Switzerland, June 2019

"Feels like HOME."

Best choice in my life. Everything was amazing from the classes to the food and facilities. The staff and teachers, everyone treats you like family!

I felt like I never left home.

The classes are well organized and super interesting, the teachers are always there to explain and listen to your questions.

I'm for sure coming back for more 🕉

Thanks you guys for showing me and teach me the purpose of life, happiness and love.

I miss you already 🙏🏼

Mona Saucy

from India, April 2019

"Loved this Retreat "

I thoroughly researched where to go on my first yoga retreat, as I am so short of time and this was going to be a very precious week away on my own to rest from work and utterly indulge in my passion for yoga. Everything about Rishikesh Yoga Association was spot on, the teaching, the food (just amazingly delicious at every meal), the rooms (clean, simple and very comfortable)the hosts, the helpers, the setting, the weather and the whole ambiance - very inclusive but no pressure to be anywhere or do anything other than what you needed. Complete beginners through to advanced yogis were all provided with a very bespoke experience on the mat - teaching at it's best. Plus, the yoga studio provided a beautiful view of the green mountains - simply stunning! I thoroughly intend to go back!

Iris Guerra

from Mexico, February 2020

"Excelente "

««la experiencia»».

Lo recomiendo mucho y la calidad de educación es altísima.

Kanti Yoga

from France, August 2019

"High quality instructors and wonderful experience"

Amazing teachers in all subjects, high quality of teaching methods to go deeper into the real meaning and purpose of yoga practice. Wonderful experience for me, I would recommend this retreat in this small ashram well located, close to Ganga and Rishikesh market. The best to discover yoga and the Indian spiritual way of life!