Rishikesh Yog Nirvana is an independent Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India with its own core professional team of teachers well-versed in Ashtanga & Vinyasa flow.

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Yogi Rajesh

Yogi Manish

Yogi Yogesh

Yogi Saajan

Yashpal Rautela

Reviews (8)

Mehdi Medouani

from France, September 2019

"Intense training 💪🏾"

- activities organised during off-day

- teachers' pedagogy and knowledge

- Rohit the manager of the school was at the care with each student. And always responded positively to each of our needs.

- the energy of the group

Tamara Blanco

from Venezuela, August 2019

"Endearing experience"

This is one amazing team of absolutely committed yoguis whose teachers combine three essential skills: they are extremely well prepared, have excellent teaching skills and are all absolutely passionate about yoga, all of which results in an amazing learning experience. Just when we thought lessons were at their summit, each day classes and practices would just surpass their previous high level. Logistic team constantly organised additional activities on Sundays and Thursday, which were both exciting and well organised, so despite the tight learning schedules we had every day, there was enough time for fun, rest and social activities. The food was delicious, fresh, well balanced, and varied (may it be clear: i didn't like spicy food before this course and was worried about this point, but Nerendar's meals were so good, I actually put on weight in the 2 weeks I was there! -and now love Indian spicy food!-). Last but not last: this crew were not only kind and amicable, but were always looking out for us and and did their best to quickly respond to all our needs or requests. They were really respectful and warm with us all from the first day and constantly would check how we were doing, all of which made us feel comfortable and in a very homey environment. Thanks!

Fabien Girard

from Australia, May 2019

"Incredible teaching experience"

I enjoyed very much the classes which were very high rated and more serious and organised than what I thought before arriving at the school.

The teachers and staff are truly amazing and aknowledgeable, you can ask anything to them they have the answer or they will help you to find it, they all are like a family betwen themselves and with the students. I felt terrible to leave them and Rishikesh is a nice town to chill, practice and stuff.

I highly recommend this place to anyone interrested in this art of living!

Enjoy your stay

Carolin Wollmer

from United States of America, March 2019

"One month of joy, love and happiness"

Well, actually everything. The yoga class was very well organized and Depraaj (Vinyasa teacher) and Aniruth (Ashtanga) used an humorous way to teach us. I learned so so much. Both are helping a lot to improve every single yoga posture. The other classes, like anatomy, meditation and philosophy were very interesting and an additional benefit next to practicing yoga. The food at the school was amazing - I loved it. Very fresh and different meals every day. Very healthy and filling. I was also lucky to share my experience with lots of other students from all over the world and we all became one big yoga family. I can highly recommend Yog nirvana yoga teacher training. You will love it!

Michal Sieroslawski

from Poland, November 2018

"Life changing experience "

Every single person in Rishikesh Nirvana Yog deserve gold medal. And I mean everyone! Words can’t describe the expienriance and gratitude I feel after completing whole month with that team. They exceed all my expectations regarding quality of that course. All teachers and staff they fit like a glove to this place making it unforgettable expieriance. They don’t just teach you yoga, they inspire you from day one to give your best and challenge yourself on day to day basis. Highly recommend!!!


from Netherlands, August 2019

"Learned a lot "

Super veel geleerd, lieve leuke mensen leren kennen.

Julia Schuy

from Switzerland, April 2019

"Super Erfahrung "

Ich kann Rishikesh yog nirvana bestens weiterempfehlen. Eine intensive Erfahrung die einem die Augen öffnet. Am meisten begeistert war ich von den Lehrern, alle hatten ein umfangreiches Fachwissen, waren super motiviert und wir hatten so viel Spaß bei den Unterrichtsstunden. In dem einen Monat sind wir zu einer kleinen Familie zusammengewachsen. Danke euch allen so sehr für diese tolle Zeit, für das Wissen und diese Zufriedenheit. Namaste