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Rishikesh Yog Dham

Rishikesh, India

Rishikesh Yog Dham is a yoga school in Rishikesh registered with Yoga Alliance USA, offering traditional Hatha yoga teacher training courses of all levels.

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28 Days 200-Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Instruction language: English

from US$1,150


Based on 9 reviews
from US$1,150
Price for:

28 days / 27 nights


Based on 9 reviews

30 Days 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Mar | Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov, 2018

Instruction language: English

from US$1,700


Based on 9 reviews
from US$1,700
Price for:

30 days / 29 nights


Based on 9 reviews

Instructors 5

Arvind Sharma - Lead Instructor

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 (Yoga)

Arvind is the lead Instructor at the leading yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh, the world capital of yoga. He is an E-RYT 500 and has an experience of teaching yoga since 2009. He has been teaching for his own school since its inception in 2013 and has hosted multiple yoga teacher training courses all year round. Having taught in China, Russia, and India, Arvind has gained a lot of experience in the field of yoga.

Ajay Dhasmana - Anatomy

Ajay ji has been sharing his yoga anatomy (Sarir Vigyan) knowledge at Rishikesh Yoga Dham. Being a good yoga anatomy teacher, he also helps his students improve their lifestyle and inspires them to live a yogic life. Ajay has a Master degree in human biology, yogic treatment, and physiology. He is a simple-hearted but unique teacher who is appreciated for his genius mind, straightforward attitude, and joyous face with positive energy.

Vikal Sajwan

Vikal Sajwan graduated from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University in the Uttarakhand province of India, getting good marks in subjects like history, political science and sociology. He has been teaching meditation in Rishikesh for the last three years. Vikal also taught meditation in Delhi, India, and has a diploma in Hotel Management where he learned about yogic food, nutrition and a balanced diet. He has a six-month diploma in yogic science from Dev Sanskriti University in Uttarakhand and also an ​18-month ​​diploma in yoga naturopathy from Bhopal University, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Manoj Ji

Manoj is a traditional Indian Hatha yoga teacher. Manoj began his study of yoga at the age of 15 in the holy city of Rishikesh, India, and began teaching yoga at age 19. Manoj is a very systematic yoga teacher teaching morning asana, pranayama, and Shatkarma classes at Rishikesh Yoga Dham.

Mahesh Ji

Mahesh Ji did his masters in Yogic Science (Gold Medalist) and Philosophy at Uttarakhand Sanskrit University. He has attended many national and international seminars related to yoga therapy, yogic science and philosophy. Mahesh Ji works as a teacher of yoga therapy, acupressure therapy, prana healing therapy, and marma therapy.

Reviews 9

  • Denise Vanessa Tulcidas Great Britain

    January 2018, BookYogaRetreats

    I have just finished my 200YTT at YogDham and couldn’t be more happier, the teachers were all professional and with a vast and deep knowledge on Yoga, I can’t really tell who was my favourite has they all were great, always responded to our questions and doubts, a big thank you for all the patience U guys (specially during mahesh, Ajay, Manoj classes )had with us during our classes 🙏🏽 we weren’t easy sometimes😅 I have learnt a lot with you guys!! The yogDham team were Super, the boys where always available to help us, I had a broken window in my room when I arrived, it was very cold, but the boys fixed as quickly I complained with Fatima (who was the manager)and it was all good ( oh and I got a few extra blankets as well, it was like Sahara in the end LOL) the meals was too yummy, I even forgot I am not a vegetarian, food was served 3times a day, since I’m not used to eat a lot of savoury meals for breakfast, I’ve asked the chef to make me extra porridge everyday and they were happy with that, so I was sorted 👌🏽 I just wished we had a few extra lead classes with Arvind, he was our main asana teacher, amazing instructor and observer ( he wouldn’t miss any of our mistakes on our classes 🙈) and for that reason I wish we had had more classes with him. I truly recommend this school, if you are a mature, open minded person and a hatha Yoga practitioner you will love it more. Yes I’m returning for the 300YTT soon 😊

    The fact that we didn’t have the layout of our classes program from the beginning.that would have helped us organising better our schedule while there

  • Johanna Bruet France

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I really enjoyed the place, it is calm and the view is amazing! The yoga studio is great. The teachers are really good, passionate and experienced.

    Sometimes the kitchen was not so clean and the organization of sunday's activities was not always perfect but it is ok.

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The friendly caring staff at all levels. The interesting course content and open approach to subjects. All aspects of the course where fascinating.


  • Chris Vasquez Czechia

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Arvind and Manoj were exceptional teachers. Very fun positive vibes and an amazing staff. Course was challenging but not too extreme. You will walk away knowing how to properly teach yoga classes to a variety of skill levels. Food was exceptional--Im a huge meat eater and I was still enjoying the veggie dishes the whole time. Awesome decision to come here.

  • Anonymous

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    1. The people I met there, including fellow students, the staff and most teachers

    2. The food

    3. The school is a little away from the main road which makes it a bit more relaxing. It's still a very busy/noisy town.

    Overall good experience although quite expensive for what you get. In our group, the majority of the students did not feel ready to teach a class after the 200hrs.

    1. While most of the reviews are based on Arvin, it seems like he is no longer teaching full time at Yoga Dham. Instead we got Monaj as a teacher. Although he is clearly less experimented and his english is not totally on point, he was extremely nice. Our group asked for Arvin and we met him for afternoon classes from the third week on. As a result our education was quite fragmented and incomplete.

    2. Rishikesh is a busy city, especially during June. We expected some noise, but we didn't expect construction work on the building next door. Very noisy.

    3. There are 5 classes a day and teachers will begin late and end early every class. Do not expect punctuality.

    4. It says on the advertisement discount on in-house massages. This service was not available while we were there.

    5. The bathroom was not clean when we arrived. My sheets were stained in something that looked like a mix of blood and diarrhea.

  • Anonymous

    BookYogaRetreats website

    On a scale 1-10 I'd give a 3. The management was poor. Provided us very late with bank transfer details and later wrote rude emails about us not paying on time. Schedule was due to change many times with almost no notification. The schedule online did not match the schedule we got in real life at all. The anatomy and philosophy teachers were great, but the asana teachers, course director Arvind included, were not.

    Arvind seemed sick of teaching yoga. Entered the hall with no enthusiasm whatsoever. Hardly even said "hello". Gave almost no feedback on our own practice or on our classes that we taught. During some of the classes we taught he didn't even look, but did his own core exercises in the meantime. Felt very arrogant.

    The other asana teacher didn't speak English too good and did not understand questions. None of them provided modifications of difficult poses so that to provide alternatives for beginners and tired/stiff bodies. I think that yog dham has potential to be a great school. Staff was friendly, Arvind had his bright moments. If classes were taught with enthusiasm and joy, and with more wish to communicate with the students, I think it would be great. The skill is there, but the spirit is not.You can do better, yog dham. But as of today I cannot recommend it.

  • Frederic Guitard Canada

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I really didn't know what to expect before I went to Rishikesh Yog Dham. Yoga was a new path for me as I started 8 months before the teacher training course. And that month ended to be the best month of my life. Seriously! For me, everything was perfect. The school is not too big. Small group of students make you feel like you were a big family. Staff from the school are really nice, food is really good. And on top of this, Arvind, the main yoga teacher, is just amazing. He is the best teacher I have seen so far and I'm pretty sure he will stay on the top of my best teachers list for many and many years. On the first class, after an hour, he knew everybody's strengths and weaknesses and what we had to work on during the next month. He brought us into the teaching perfectly. He is firm and kind at the same time, which is the perfect balance. And all the other teachers of anatomy, meditation and philosophy were awesome! I was excited to go to every class and every single day of that month. If English is not your first language don t be scared. I had always took French classes before that training and now it has been 6 weeks I'm back to Canada and still have a hard time to figure how to give a yoga class in French. When I think of sequences now, I find it easier to say it in English. And another positive thing about Yog Dham is the location. Seriously! Away from Rishikesh center! In a quiet place, a 15-minute walk from Luxman Jula and the best area from Rishiksh. Everything is in place here to make the beginning of your yoga teacher journey perfect.

Testimonials 5

  • Roxxi

    Google reviews

    Absolutely the right place to start your yoga journey! The staff, accommodation, food, the entire program was very good for me. I highly recommend them, they are doing an extraordinary job!

  • Valerie Bentson

    Google reviews

    I am so happy to have attended the 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yog Dham! It really deepened my experience, knowledge of and love for yoga. When I completed the program i felt prepared in teaching yoga at a professional level.

    It is a nicely balanced program and I loved every minute of it; from waking up early before the sun and partaking in Jalanetti, to eating their home cooked healthy meals, to learning anatomy and philosophy of yoga, and of course the two asana classes (morning and evening).

    The teachers were very friendly, good looking, and professional. I felt very much at home and when the program came to an end I just wanted to keep going.

    Oh, it was also so amazing to have a small group size, which ended up being the best thing for me. Since it was low season when I went, the class was only 5 students (as opposed to 30 at some other yoga schools). I loved how small the class was because it really allowed me the space and attention that I wanted. The maximum size of the class is 12 I believe, so don't worry about there being too many people!

    Thank you Yog Dham for the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful practice. Namaste!

  • Caroline Moss

    Google reviews

    I was looking for somewhere that offered traditional hatha yoga and small groups, and I definitely came to the right place. Being January and out of season, we were a really small group (just six of us) and we bonded like a family during the month we were at Yog Dham. It truly felt like being at home. The teaching was great, the theoretical classes really interesting and while we learned so much, we had a lot of fun doing so. The staff, right from Arvind through to the guys in the kitchen, looked after us so well and were really kind and thoughtful. They arranged a few amazing excursions for us and we got to know them like friends. It was also lovely getting a friendly greeting from the dogs each time you came downstairs.

    I had been practicing yoga for more than 20 years when I did the TTC, and it built on what I already knew, giving me strength and flexibility I'd never attained before. Attending Yog Dham has done wonders for my own practice, and left me with the confidence to teach a class.

    One word of caution if you are planning to go in December/January - pack warm clothes as those early morning classes are freezing! Though it does warm up as the day progresses.

    Thanks to all at Yog Dham, I miss you guys... .

  • Erika Lepe

    Google reviews

    What an amazing experience! I just finished my Yoga TTC in Rishikesh Yog Dham and definitely one of the best decisions of my life. If you are really interested to become a good Yoga teacher and develop yourself in many aspect of your life, this is a perfect place... . Forget everything that you know, empty your mind and open it to new knowledge, open your heart to new feelings and experiences.You will not learn only about Hatha Yoga, also you will learn about Indian Philosophy, anatomy, Ayurveda, life style, etc. Also, with very good teacher willing to help you and answer all your questions.

    The dorms are very comfortable and perfect for study and have time for yourself, the place is really close to all the stores and restaurants if you need it and the best thing it is really quiet with a beautiful view to the mountains.

    Don't miss the sunrise!!!

    The food is very good too, you will have your 3 meals-a-day made with a lot of love from kind cooks.

    I will really miss this place. I am so grateful to had this opportunity and met such amazing people.

    Thank so much for everything! Special thanks to Arvin for being a great teacher and beautiful soul, and Fatima (a pity that couldn't personally meet you) for all your help from the beginning.

    Much love! Namaste! Om Shanti!

  • Catherin Sophie

    Google reviews

    Traditional but open minded, professional but always time for jokes

    Very competent and sympathetic teachers, they love what they do and they do it well. Groups in Yog Dham are much smaller than in other schools, there is always time for questions and teachers are really interested in everyone’s well being. I had many drop-in classes in Rishikesh, Asana classes in Yog Dham were some of the very best. Their focus on a straight back, simple instructions, everyone can follow, challenging, but in easy going and positive atmosphere… There is no competition between teachers and students, they are authentically interested in everyone’s growth.... Each position they show advanced variations, explain common mistakes, how to correct professionally and incidentally you learn Asana names in Sanskrit. It is a well organized schedule, in anatomy classes you receive basic knowledge of the human body in yogic context, also ayurveda, nourishment and chakras are topics. Within pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting and philosophy classes, you do not only learn specific techniques or Sanskrit concepts, but receive an insight in the whole spectrum of yoga. The building is simple, clean and quiet. The food is very good, healthy, they respect vegans. Filtered water available 24 hours, balcony with a view on the stars, hot showers, wifi and two lovely dogs make you feel very safe and comfortable in there!

    If you have been to Yog Dham, you can't get lost in the big labyrinth of yoga. You get a very good base in there, a positive attitude towards it and a lot of inspiration. Of course India is kind of you never know exactly what you'll get, but this school is a definitely a nice surprise. :)

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