Rima is an entrepreneur, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher from LA. She hosts the "The Rima the Jungle Girl" podcast from her jungle house in Santa Teresa.

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Rima Danielle Jomaa

Russell Taplin

Angela Blueskies

Helene Garrovillo

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David Bryan

from Costa Rica, November 2019

The retreat with Rima and Russel was incredible and life changing. They did an amazing job hosting and planning everything. I couldn't be happier how everything turned out. Before I went to the retreat, I didnt relieze how negative and disconnected my perspective was and the dramatic effects it was having on my life. My girlfriend and I were even on the verge of calling it quits. After the retreat I feel completely new and redesigned from the inside out. The amount of love and compassion we carry through out our day now is unreal. I've never felt more connected to myself and others and my environment. I have a strong sense of direction now, and I keep finding deep connections in things all around me that I once just simply never noticed. If you are reading this review you're on the right track. I would highly recommend Rima and Russel as host. They are not only well equipped in guiding ceremonies but they both can sing and play instruments that will sooth your soul. And Russel makes excellent vegan meals and plenty of it! The shaman we had too was nothing but an angel. My life literally took a dramatic change in directions to dimension I didnt know existed. Lots of calm waters and love. Thank you Rima and Russel and Angela ,our Shaman, and the group I spent the 8 days with. An experience I'll never forget. And thank you Aya. Namaste