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Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy

Rick Tew's Winjitsu Academy is the world's leading mind and martial arts mastery academy focused on creating balance of mind-body-spirit

Reviews (7)

Christopher Hansen

from Australia, April 2018

"The best decision I've made in recent times..."

From the quality of the Instructor, Sensei Rick, to the quality of the program this has been one of the best decisions I have made in recent times. I decided to fully immerse myself in a martial arts practice and got a lot more than i planned for or thought i would receive.

There is a well thought out system that focuses on basic and foundational movements, stances, strikes and such that allows for an increasing level of skill and complexity to be explored. What i respect is the way that the system taught builds and expands as i explored new techniques and refined the fundamentals I'd already learned.

From fitness to self defense to strength, conditioning, mobility as well as personal development i highly rate my experience to the point i have recommended it to people I love and care about.

I think the quality of the training at the price i paid is exceptional value. I think Sensei Rick's knowledge, experience, passion and dedication to share it is admirable and inspiring. I valued the experience of getting to know him and understanding what drives him to do what he does... and he does it well... he does it excellently, yep, i said excellently...

This experience has changed my life in a way that i now train three times a week, am more comfortable in crowds and look better naked, oh yeah!

I will be back for more... oh yes...

Gabriela Zelena

from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

"Ko Samui - Rick Tew camp"

Variaty of the training: several self defense techniques for real situations, sparring, grappling, weapons, stretching,etc. Specially appreciated, we could also choose areas we wanted to learn and practice. We were small group of 3 students therefore individual attention was given.


from Thailand, February 2018

Its a very nice and tidy dojo.

The training is very professional, complex, creativ and you always learn something new. The instructor is kind and helping. He knows exactly how far he can push his students. The atmosphere during training is nice, positiv and always with a sense of humor.

I can only recomment this place!

Jennifer Brown

from Australia, January 2018

"Unleashing the ninja within"

Great instructor. Fitness and skill levels weren't assumed but were tailored to the individual. Very "usable" skills which can be built on when back home. An all round challenge to live a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle.

Carla Van De Kieft

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Expected more guidance ; spiritually and physically."

Nice place with outdoor gym.

Julija Krzisnik

from Slovenia, October 2017


All classes, specially mental martial art. Good yoga instructor, nice driver. Helpfull students.

Dorothea Schreil

from Germany, October 2017

"2 week MMA & Yoga"

the accommodation is nice: kitchen, rooms, swimming pool, hammocks, exercise areas are well equipped, the workout and martial arts classes started on time. beside the classes you are able to use the experience rooms for own further practice. good wifi.

Testimonials (5)

Dr. Roy Martina Netherland

NinjaGym website

I am a 6th degree Black Belt in Karate and a 7 year undefeated champion of Europe, now I am an M.D., acupuncturist, author and lecturer. I have known Rick Tew for 20 years, he was one of my instructors and sparring partners. He is top of the charts in dedication, motivation and inspiration. Training with him is life changing and profound. I would recommend him over everyone else because of his diversity and mastery of the spirit of Martial Arts. He is also a gifted and impressive speaker and can mesmerize any crowd with his speeches. Words are not good enough to describe this man. Experience him

Jeff Thom Canada

NinjaGym website

I’m certain that if you attend you would have learned and realized useful things that would affect your over all quality and level of success in life. You will have learned how to get over your fears, learned to face challenges , you would have learned how to become more of a leader. CMS produces which means that although the students may come here starting at ground zero – if they simply choose not to quit, not to give up on themselves, they will eventually get there.

Kevin Odgen United States

NinjaGym website

Its a chance of a lifetime to get away from all the stresses of life and focus everything that you have, on your training and self improvement. What I like the most is the variety of the system which involves everyday life training with how to be healthy in mind, body, spirit and nutrition.

Richard Nelson United States

NinjaGym website

The only thing I think I could really have to add to all of this is that CMS is an Adventure in life. You might only get so many invitations to take such an adventure when you’re young before you get caught up in the struggle of life as it is today. For me, CMS was a childhood dream to be a Ninja. Other people probably can relate to this, because Gen X grew up in the 80’s which was the king domain of Ninja’s being glorified thru multimedia. Because your focus determines your reality in life. If you choose to focus on the bad parts, then that is all you will see. But if you take those small nuggets that are just pure fun, happiness, and love…roll them into one big image of what you want, and focus on it.That is what you’ll see no matter where you are.

Cindy Alexander

NinjaGym website

Inspiring, dedicated, enlightened and real all come to mind when I think of Rick Tew. His work ethic is first rate and his commitment to live fully and truthfully is contagious. But even more important than any of the above, his loyalty and support as a friend is incomparable.

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