Ria Dyaljot

Ria offers private and public Kundalini, Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga and meditation classes, workshops and retreats, massage, healing and coaching in Ibiza and Europe.

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Alejandra Salama

from Spain, May 2018

"Superó todas las expectativas"

Aparte de ser una excelente profesora de yoga, Ria tuvo la fuerza y la energía para facilitar a todos los que tuvimos la suerte de participar en este retiro, nuestro propio crecimiento personal. Cada uno en nuestros propios procesos vivimos una experiencia única e inolvidable. No tengo palabras para describir lo intenso y bonito que fue vivirlo.

Además, el ambiente en casa Solara, un rincón de paz y espirtualidad, con la deliciosa comida de Itzac, y los mágicos parajes de Ibiza, fueron un marco perfecto para vivir esta experiencia.

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Federica Minazzato

The Ria Dyaljot website

I asked Ria for help because I was stressed both for my job and personal life. I was negative, full of worries and out of balance. Ria opened up a new world for me. Now I feel connected to myself and I deal with everyday challenges in a peaceful and relaxed way. She also gave me simple but effective tools to integrate in my daily life that help me go back to balance whenever I need it.

Chiara Coltro

The Ria Dyaljot website

I’ve always been really emotional and impulsive. Ria helped me to better deal with daily stress, improve my sleep and feel in my power. My relationships have improved. I’m more calm, patient, relaxed and happy. Ria also gave me useful tools to release stress and keep my balance during daily challenges. Ria is careful, experienced and helpful. She is really special.

Bernadette Sandoval

The Ria Dyaljot website

I wanted to do yoga and I needed somebody who could guide me. The Universe made me the gift to send me Ria. Her classes are full of joy, light and passion. She really knows how to unlock the inner light and potential that is inside each one of us, so that we can experience the best of ourselves. Ria is skillful, experienced, has an excellent technique and deep knowledge.

Gabriella Battiston

The Ria Dyaljot website

I started working with Ria because I was anxious, stressed and I had a constant pain in my chest. Ria helped improve incredibly fast. I’m more relaxed, I feel a better person, and my relationships have improved. Ria is sweet, determinate and full of passion and knowledge. I’ve been trying many different things, but nothing worked. Now I can finally say that I made improvements in life.

Andrea Anselmi

The Ria Dyaljot website

I started working with Ria to improve my agility for sailing competitions. I was surprised to notice that I improved not just physically, but psychologically. The key factor is the passion Ria brings to her training. She’s able to transmit people her own feelings. And it is with my actual feeling state that I can do a better job not just on the boat, but also in my personal life.

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