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Bled, Slovenia

Revive Temple is a fairy-tale place with health lifestyle and healing retreats for you to take a new step in the right direction in your life.

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7 Days Z4H Healing Program and Yoga Retreat in Bled, Slovenia

Available in December, January & February

Instruction language: English

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from US$1,753
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7 days / 6 nights

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Denis Zvegelj

As a successful entrepreneur and 1992 Olympic medallist I am always searching for cutting edge solutions which help me in my life goals. After almost a lifetime of searching for ideal programme which would help me stay in peak condition and re-set me back to the right track I have designed 5-pillars based LIFE-RESET PROGRAMME which combines various renowned and appraised methods

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  • Ales Kosec Europe

    Revive Temple website

    Due to my recent health issues I had to upgrade my annual autumn 5-day juice body cleaning according to Dr. Steinberg with something more effective and intense. After long internet research I discovered the Gerson detox program and gave it a try.I started the program in poor health (conjunctivitis, sore throat, herpes and runny nose) which was due to deterioration after homeopathic treatment. After three days I did not feel hunger, but I occasionally still had cravings for regular food - especially meat. Through detoxification process my mood improved, flexibility and the feeling of ones own body increased. Even the scale showed approximately 3 kilograms less.My health problems quickly resolved (in approximately one week) without the use of any medication. Thank you for all your help and guidance. See you again next autumn.

  • Barbara Sogoric Europe

    Revive Temple website

    Decision to participate your detoxification program according to Gerson was a great experience which equipped me with new knowledge and understanding of my body. I was really happy and cant wait to repeat it again next autumn.Even before your detox program I had very healthy eating habits, but the program made me even more sensitive to my body needs. After the detox my craving for vegetables and fruit increased even more so that my already healthy lifestyle improved even more.Interesting effect of the program is that my bodys craving for unhealthy food, which I always had to have under control, decreased. Before starting the program I feared that I will be hungry and that I wont be able to complete it. I am happy to say that my fears were unjustified.Throughout the program I felt very good and, relaxed. The only downside was that I wasnt able to perform any demanding physical tasks, but that was probably due to intensive cleaning my body was going through.After and even at the end of the texture of my skin improved, my tummy flattened and I felt lighter than air. In the first day of detoxification I had a headache (probably because of all the toxins in my body were starting to drain away) but I cured it with an enema which is recommended by the Gerson therapy.The program is just what I needed and I will recommend it to all my friends.

  • Katja Pecar Europe

    Revive Temple website

    After few days of starting the program I felt I had more energy, I wasnt sleepy, I started to lose weight and best of all I had no desire for sweets or any other junk food. The program has certainly convinced me. The team is professional. Most important is that I was convinced about the benefits of the program through my own experience. I stuck with the program for two weeks with no problems and it has become a part of my life.During detoxification I needed to sleep only for 5 hours a day and remained bursting with energy. What I found is that especially after vegetable juices I have no desire for sweets. I work in a pharmacy and I am sure that if we would exercise regularly and include freshly squeezed organic fruit-vegetable juice consumption of antidepressants would decrease, people would be more optimistic and full of energy. I highly recommend the program!

  • Anja Vogric Europe

    Revive Temple website

    The team provided me with all needed guidance and detailed instructions and was very helpful in all aspects. Okay, I thought, Ill just drink juices for 14 days and that will be it. Full of optimism, courage and desire I stepped into a new experience. The first two days went by with a smile on my face, lively and supple. I drank mostly carrot juice, carrot-apple juice and green juice.And then the first challenge - why am I thirsty when I drink so much juice? Cells were longing for water because they were dehydrated. What now? After sips of water the feeling improved. First week was relatively challenging because of the large change. Next week I have become accustomed to the challenge and felt better.A month after completing the program, I maintained fruit Mondays and enema Sundays. I really recommend detoxification program according to Gerson. Its not easy, its a challenge that will give you an experience which you will help learn about functioning of your body.Our bodies are a miracle, we just need to understand them and let them opportunity to detox and self-heal. Thank you again for all.

  • Andreja Verovsek Europe

    Revive Temple website

    Every morning coffee is my companion and unhealthy snacks are a part of my everyday life. After the first day of detox I didnt feel any hunger, kept a strict program of detoxification and began to know and feel my body. I have completed the program but I still reserve one day in a week for detox and drink only fresh juices. Thanks to the team for all the support. Ill repeat the program next spring!

  • Gaja Europe

    Revive Temple website

    I am happy to say that I was very pleased with your detoxification program according to Gerson. In the first few days I felt tired, but then my mood changed to bursting with energy mode. I lost 3 kilograms, which have accumulated over the winter and even remained the same after the program. The food (cereal, juices and soups) was of good and of high quality, but I expected a bit more fruits. I will recommend the program to my friends and I will certainly repeat it.

  • Jozica Bonifer Europe

    Revive Temple website

    In two years Ive had problems with rashes, I went to bio-resonance, three months drank clay, visited a private dermatologist and was at two alternative healers. At one healer I got some food additives which helped me a lot. In ten days I got rid of all rashes. When I stopped taking supplements, because I ran out of money to purchase them, the rash appeared again.By chance I came across your detox program on internet. I attended a lecture on detoxification of the body. Then I have not yet believed in the power juices from organic vegetables and fruits. I stuck with the program for fourteen days and drank freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. I also performed an enema every day and at the end lost 3 kilograms of weight.Allergy, the rash, has almost entirely disappeared, only a few slight traces of red left. To all of you that have a medical problem I highly recommend the detox according to Gerson. Do not rely on pills because we know that all types of pills have side effects. Thank you again for the experience and health you have brought me back with your program.

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