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Revamp Retreats organizes yoga and wellness retreats with the top teachers, leaders and healers in the world to inspire life changing adventures.

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Naomi Zelin

Naomi’s spiritual journey began in 2010 after a snowboarding injury landed her in the hospital with a fractured spine. Naomi used yoga as a method of physical therapy but soon realized the profound impact it had on her overall wellbeing; mind, body, and soul. Naomi holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has studied yoga with Masters all over the world including India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Cambodia. In addition, Naomi was initiated as a Reiki healer in Thailand in 2015.

Andrew Sealy

Andrew is a connection catalyst, a yoga artist, and a movement creator. His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love, to friends around the world. Through the unique practice of yoga and mindful living, Andrew embodies progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students.

Larisa Gosla

Larisa is a musician, sound healer, vocal coach, hypnotherapist, and dance instructor. She sings and dances since she was five years old, and she has always listened to her creative purpose. She has traveled the world nationally and internationally performing and sharing her gifts with audiences of thousands. Her music will bring you to a heart-centered place of unity and connection and contains messages full of transformation and unconditional love. Her passion for the metaphysical and healing arts led her to study at the nation's most recognized hypnotherapy school.

Megan Zimring

After eight years as a marketing executive in the world of professional sports, Megan decided to shift gears and commit to her passion for activating the highest states of human potential through evolutionary astrology and soul empowerment coaching. Once an elite athlete and Olympic hopeful who ultimately overcame a debilitating spinal fusion, Megan deeply understand how it feels to function at polarized ends of the spectrum; from the fiery passion at the pinnacle of success to the pain of having it all taken away and the transformative process that occurs in between.

Allison Feehan, N. D.

Allison is a Naturopathic Doctor, certified Reiki Master Teacher, Natural Health Practitioner, Crystal Healer, Realm Reader and Angel Card Reader, Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner and founder of the Integrative Healing and Wellness center located in Bay Head, NJ. Having trained many members of the wellness community and performed thousands of healing sessions on adults and children, Allison’s understanding of energy expanded and its impact on one's emotional and physical well-being spread, building awareness and empowering others to find closure and move past setbacks in their lives.

Amanda Huggins

Amanda loves three F words: fun, free-spirited, and feisty. Also known as @thefeistyyogi, Amanda is an LA-based yoga and meditation teacher, a writer, and most importantly - a happy human being. After struggling for years with severe body dysmorphia, anxiety, and eating disorders, she found a home in yoga and holistic wellness. Today, she works as a yoga and meditation teacher and Anxiety Coach, helping individuals to understand their shadow sides so that they can live truly fulfilled, realized, and peaceful lives.

Miki Ash

Miki is a yoga and mediation teacher born, raised and based in Los Angeles, California. She is an artist and a photographer, traveling the world, and she has turned her passions into her career. She is a certified 1 Giant Mind Meditation Teacher, certified in Yoga Nidra, has done over 500 hours of yoga teacher training, as well as a certified reiki practitioner. She believes in the ability to create exactly the life you want to live, and loves sharing her tools and experiences with others to help them realize and achieve the same.

(Nidra Yoga, Meditation)

Jamie Nicole Wirht

Jamie Nicole Wirht is a Venice, Califonia-based spiritual life coach, yoga and yoga Nidra teacher, NLP practitioner, and of course personal development junkie. She has taken an insane amount of training courses and certifications in all things mind, body, and soul. She specializes in empowering people to shift their limiting beliefs so that they can create, manifest, and live the life of their dreams.

Jamie Wozny

Jamie Wozny is a passionate, certified life coach, spiritual teacher, Reiki master and meditation guide who speaks to all walks of life who are curious about the principles of peace and internal well-being. She holds retreats, classes, and workshops, and has her own private practice as well. Jamie’s teachings consist of deep conversations about how to move beyond the identification on has with the personal mind, take it less seriously and move into the natural state of well-being. With her, you can spend time in your natural state of flow.

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Liz Kelly

Revamp Retreats website

I have never been on a yoga retreat before. I signed up for Revamp Retreats in Bali on a whim and I couldn’t be more grateful to have done so. In my 39 years and my numerous countries travel experience, this has been by far the most life changing experience. Revamp Retreats is so professional and so in touch with curating amazing experiences. In seven days, I have lived a thousand trips. So grateful! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to step into a whole new me. I would recommend this experience to anyone. Sign up for sure! On the other side of this is extraordinary stuff. Thank you so much!

Charles de Vries

Revamp Retreats website

Hi! I’m Charles. I’m not a yogi. I’m not the guy who goes to retreats. I had a lot of judgements and thoughts that came up, “Oh my God! Am I really going to do this!? Can I connect to the people who come here? What kind of people are coming here?” In one or two days everything connected. I bonded with people I never thought I would bond with, I cried in front of 20 people and I loved it! It was an amazing journey and I also think the journey never ends. This is just the beginning and I took the first step! I’m so freaking glad I did it! I want to thank you for making this happen! I made new friends, I met new people, I’m proud of myself!

Giancarlo Zucca

Revamp Retreats website

What an incredible experience to be here in Bali with this group of people. I was a bit afraid to come to this retreat because I’m new to yoga and I thought maybe everyone would be experts. But the teachers were so kind and introduced us to a new world, values and physical practice. We had so much fun! I look forward to the next one.

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