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Offers starting at US$308
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Gosia Wojcluleewicz

Gosia is a holistic therapist who completed different therapy modules in Green Tara College in Ireland. She focuses her module on mental health and consciousness, which later led her to become a teacher of Korean yoga and Qigong practices. She is happy that she made a choice to go on that path. It gives her a great fulfillment to see positive changes being made on the lives and health of people.

Ewa Szczepaniak

Ewa is a yoga practitioner in a dynamic mindfulness yoga school in Berlin. She gained the experience in yoga practice by Indian gurus in North India. For last few years, she has been on the path of self-discovery. She discovered that it is important to be aware of your conscious body and mind in your daily life.


  • Review by Daniel Jensen

    "I was curious and hoped that I can release tensions in my neck, shoulders etc. and can calm down from the stress at work."

    "You definitely met my expectation and even more: you exceled. It was a great experience to learn lessons that can be adapted to life. Go into tensions and pain in order to release them. Effort first, than release. Of course nothing new, but in this context just so pure and simple, but with striking impact on body and mind. Everything is just there, there is so much more potential than i used to realize or maybe have forgotten a little more and more over time. Thank you so much for that <3 "

    Retreatself website, edited

  • Review by Daniel Jensen

    "I liked the variety a lot, it gave a very good overview. Your different personalities rounded this even more, very good combination. You gave me a good, relaxing and understanding feeling. I liked that you were empathetic and changed classes / postponed mediation due to our mood and energy level. correction of the poses was good and constructive, I experienced that I got a better feeling for fine-tuning parts of my body over the days. "

    Retreatself website, edited

  • Review by Louise Byrne

    "This time last week I was packing my things & saying not goodbye but 'can't wait to see you again' to such an amazing bunch of people. "

    "To those of you that know my well you know I love to learn & I question everything!!.... Retreatself has helped me grow massively in just one week....please like their page....they will be doing more retreats this year in Portugal, Switzerland & Thailand....if you haven't booked a holiday yet I would definitely recommend that you sign up"

    Retreatself website, edited

  • Review by Jennifer Byrne

    "Hi Gosia, Just wanted to give some feedback and say thanks so much for a really enjoyable and informative day you make a great teacher and I love the way you engage with the students making them think outside the box! It really got me to see so much clearer about the direction and approach I want to take with my business and clients. I loved your visual aid strategies too, really helpful with the diagrams and of course painting a clearer picture! It made so much more sense rather than just reading the information from the slides. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing a great job."

    Retreatself website, edited

  • Review by Georgia Snow

    "I have had two massages from Gosia. The first was an oil and aromatherapy massage. Gosia came to my house with her table and gave me the most wonderful and relaxing massage with DoTerra oils. I felt both relaxed and invigorated afterward. The second massage was without the aroma oils but I loved it just as much. Gosia has a great knowledge of how the human body works and responds to stress and emotions. Her treatments are individual and she really listens to your words and body to give you the treatment you need."

    Retreatself, edited

  • Review by Nasiha H.

    "I received an essential oils massage from Gosia and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She was very professional and paid a great deal of attention to finer details such as explaining what is massage, how she is going to deliver it and how these oils are made. I would recommend Gosia to anyone who is interested. It is clear that she is very passionate about her job and this reflects directly on the treatment. I look forward to more massages like the one I had."

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  • Review by Victoria

    "Gosia is a great massage therapist who takes care of his clients’ goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. Best place by far for my massage."

    Retreatself, edited

  • Review by Michael H.

    "Gosia was so professional and passionate for what she was done. Delivering a pleasant and enjoyable experience overall. I look forward experiencing the different oils, relaxing for days after."

    Retreatself, edited