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Jeremy Lazell United Kingdom

Retreats - Mindfulness and Yoga website

As a travel writer with 20 years experience, my trip with Mindfulness Journeys to Morocco was the best week of my professional life. Gentle and warm, but also highly professional and organised, Brian and Shannon were superb teachers and infectiously generous people: I came away feeling extraordinarily relaxed and refreshed, armed with a set of meditation skills that I still use every day, six months after the trip. It would be no exaggeration to say that the trip changed my life.

Brian and Anita H. United Kingdom

Retreats - Mindfulness and Yoga website

The location, beautiful surroundings, food, and atmosphere were amazing. The size of the group and dynamics were perfect. The meditation instruction was incredibly helpful, and unfolded nicely at a great pace. We also liked not being connected to the world of digital and phone. Brian and Shannon complement each other very well. This was a lot more intimate than other retreats. There were great discussions, openness and maturity by the whole group.

Becky S. United Kingdom

Retreats - Mindfulness and Yoga website

In the last few years I had completed half marathons, triathlons and two marathons. I was struggling though, instead of flying I was stumbling; I was losing the love for running. Then I came across a briefing in the Sunday Times, how to improve your running through meditation. I had never meditated before, but was open to the idea especially with only 4 weeks to go to the London Marathon. The Morocco retreat was incredible, and I strongly recommend it. From the time of arriving, I instantly fell in love with the place, and at peace, partly because Shannon was there to ensure I was comfortable from day one to the end, but also the setting for the week was beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, spectacular sunrises, delicious food, lovely people and with no contact with reality, it was picture perfect. Then came Brian, in his quiet intellectual, unassuming, gentle manner, working his magical charm through his skilful meditation techniques, he managed to transform and help me find my way and focus again. I could breathe, see clear light and felt completely energised. Truly amazing things can happen when you open your mind to meditation, not to mention the fact that I had the best race of my life in the London Marathon 2016, my running mojo had returned…Thank you Brian and Shannon.

Michael N. United Kingdom

Retreats - Mindfulness and Yoga website

I liked the rigour of physical practice and the discipline of several hours a day meditating with the teaching gradually deepening my practice. The sharing in the group intensified the experiences and liberated my emotions. Brian’s teaching and Shannon’s care for us made the retreat truly unique.

Jo L. United Kingdom

Retreats - Mindfulness and Yoga website

I had come to a time in my life when I needed to spend time for just “me”. As I have spent many years practising Tai Chi and Pilates, and have always wanted to visit Morocco, it seemed perfect. It was an experience I will never forget: meeting Shannon and learning from the true expert Brian in the magical desert of Morocco and it’s ring of Atlas Mountains. By the end of the week I felt fully recharged, lighter in my emotions, and truly ready with bounds of confidence and strength to face the world again. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to switch off and find themself.