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Retreats in France

Retreats in France has created a special place to relax and unwind in the heart of Southern France, where they offer yoga and meditation retreats and workshops.

Instructors 2

Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds is a trained MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) teacher and Paws B teacher (Mindfulness in Schools Project). She is accomplished and skilled at creating a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging experiential learning environment. She will assist you in learning these methods, providing both group and individualized instructions and directions for how to learn, practice, and integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Sheena Burke

Sheena is a Chartered Psychologist with qualifications in clinical and educational psychology and a qualified MBSR teacher with the Mindful Academy and a .b Foundations Teacher with the Mindfulness in Schools project. With over 20 years experience working in health and education settings, Sheena offers mindfulness training to adults in her local community through her private practice, Discovering Mindfulness. She is delighted to have introduced mindfulness training as part of he work on the educational psychology doctoral training at the School of Education, University College Dublin.

Testimonials 3

a traveler

Retreats in France website

Emma's guidance is clear and gentle and I felt completely safe and in very good hands.

a traveler

Retreats in France website

The teacher's compassion has been incredible and I have felt very taken care of on so many levels.

a traveler

Retreats in France website

I feel more serene and empowered, more capable of dealing with day-to-day stress and anxiety.

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