Retiros de la Montaña retreats are a very valuable tool for those who consider exploring a process of internal change based on yoga, meditation, and silence.

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Juan Carlos Martinez Velasquez

Clara Lucía Hernández H.

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Jessica Cuttone

from United States, February 2020

"Perfect Retreat"

Honestly, everything at this retreat exceeded my expectations. The hosts/teachers were great, the accomodations were wonderful and the area was breathtaking and full of history and culture. Even the food felt like it came from an expensive restaurant. Cant wait to go back!

Lisanne Van Kippersluis

from Peru, February 2020

"Relaxing and challenging at the same time"

I really enjoyed the wonderful location, the friendly and open minded people, the delicious food and the fact that Juan Carlos and Clara really wanted to take good carr of me. Not only in the yoga and meditation sessions, but also by making a fire in the fire place at night for me when it was cold, etc.

Lise Heeneman

from Aruba, January 2020

"Amazing experience"

Juan Carlos and Clara are amazingly dedicated and beautiful people! I've learned a lot and this experience made me feel more complete and at ease with who I am. Thank you so much Clara and Juan Carlos. 💛

Tom Batten

from Spain, January 2020

"Magical Place, Amazing Meditation Environment"

What an amazing place, with kind, loving instructors whom are very knowledgable about their craft! From beginner to advanced meditation / yoga practices - this place for sure welcoming everyone. The food is nothing sort of amazing, and the place is magical with stunning views. The area and place was made for meditation, tranquillity and peace. :-) Thanks for all Carla & Juan Carlos!

Evelyn Carrascal

from Colombia, January 2020

This is my second meditation and yoga retreat in Colombia and I really liked this one much more.

Juan Carlos and Clara Lucia were wonderful. They are both very nice and kind people and also approachable and fun. They taught me a lot about different kinds of meditation and different techniques. The lessons were clear and practical.

Clara Lucia’s Emotional Transformation Therapy was more useful than any therapy that I have tried during many years.

The food was superb and the accommodations wonderful. I am planning to go back soon.

Monique De Vito

from United States, January 2020

"A unique and delightful way to experience Colombia"

This was a transformational experience for me, it was an opportunity to reconnect with nature, practice meditation and yoga. The fact that they offer/include some cultural excursions is wonderful. I also appreciated the ladies that cooked our delicious meals and always making fresh fruit available to us. In addition they kept the facilities and grounds clean. The one-on-one with Clara was mind-blowing- it allowed me to look inward and really address lingering concerns. Overall this was a wonderful and worthwhile experience!

Aleksandra Siry

from United States, January 2020

"Place to recharge yourself"

The place is incredible, since I arrived I knew I can recharge there definitely!! Clara and Juan Carlos are very nice, very professional with meditation and yoga lessons, I came as a meditation complete beginner and learnt a lot! There are trips organized which are a nice addition, food is delicious, atmosphere’s very good, logistic (transport from airport) well organized, and they are both very responsive and willing to help/advice on Bogota or Colombia places. I would love to be back! And I feel like I made great friends there!

Laura Russell

from Canada, January 2020

"Beautiful Colombian Oasis"

It was a very spiritual experience for me. I expected mainly yoga but I soon realized the importance of meditation alongside yoga. Through the help of Clara and Juan Carlos, I was able to find comfortable meditation postures and use new techniques that enlightened my meditation practice. The retreat centre is very beautiful, nestled between mountains, overlooking a lagoon. The meditation/yoga temple was a wonderful and tranquil place for spirituality, decorated nicely with candles and containing coloured, stained glass. There were optional day trips that showed the history and culture of the area, all of which I enjoyed. This oasis away from busy Bogotá was exactly what I needed to recharge and reset, and I will take what I have learned and apply it to enhance my life. I would highly recommend this yoga and meditation retreat to anyone!

Fernanda Rodrigues

from Colombia, January 2020

"Life changing "

The retreat with Clara Lucia and Juan was an incredible experience. Not only the place is beautiful and the food is amazing, but the couple is extremely friendly and make you feel like home. I am a beginner and tried to meditate so many times before this retreat and never fully succeeded, but Juan taught us so many great techniques that were extremely helpful.

Patricia Centron

from United States, January 2020

"Exceeded all my expectations."

Loved the hosts, Clara and Juan are truly inspiring.

Food was amazing!

Location is superb.

Jason Schwab

from United States, December 2019

"A wonderful way to kickstart a practice"

I've struggled for most of this year to incorporate meditation into my daily life. I walked away from Retiro de la Montaña with not only valuable tools to help me establish a solid practice, but also some unexpected inspiration... Juan Carlos and Clara are wonderful instructors. Being at the retreat feels less like a retreat and more like getting to share their way of life and philosophy, which really made me feel comfortable early on in the process.

The location is also fantastic. Ample places to spend on your own and reflect, both indoors and outdoors, and being surrounded by the spectacular views really adds to the experience (the pictures don't do it justice). We were also able to put what we learned into practice with a serene and mindful walk up into the hills on the last day.

I always looked forward to meal times (after all of the work, you really need the nourishment!), which were prepared by the lovely staff at the retreat and our vegan diet was always catered for. I was always offered seconds, which I was very grateful for.

Last, but not least, there were four very cool dogs around on the property. One of them, Linda, should be given a special honorary title of instructor! She had such a fun and caring spirit and made my time up at the retreat extra special.


from Colombia, December 2019


Wonderful setting on the side of a hill overlooking a lake. Spacious grounds with everything you need. Cosy and comfortable accommodation.

Clara and Juan Carlos are great instructors and it was a pleasure to spend a few days with them. Left the retreat feeling refreshed and peaceful. Wholeheartedly recommended this experience if you're in doubt

Paul B

from Colombia, December 2019

"perfect spot to take a break for a few days"

A fellow traveller recommended this retreat to me, as he said it was one of the best things he’d done in Colombia. I have to agree. My goal was to have some time out - from phone/iPad screens, from business, and from constantly making decisions which becomes exhausting. The retreat hit the spot. The instructors were super friendly, experienced, and focused on ensuring the retreat went well. The surroundings are stunning. There is ample space to find a quiet but beautiful spot within the grounds of the finca itself, and the hike we did on one day made me realise the surrounding countryside is even more beautiful than it appears to be from the grounds of the finca. I liked the balance of free time to reflect/read/etc, spaced meditation sessions throughout the day, and the early morning yoga session to kick things off. The food was varied, healthy, and exceptional vegetarian (though, with the exception of occasional eggs and cheese, largely vegan i think). Clara and Juan Carlos were super understanding and adapted their approach, especially when i decided to stay an extra night at the end and that meant I could also do another morning of yoga/meditation.

Leon Weerts

from Colombia, December 2019

"Special people, special space special experience"

The meditation session are really good, at this place I came to total piece with myself and the environment. Had a special experience during a meditation session, which really wouldn't have happened without the guidance of Clara and Juan Carlos.Personal session with Clara gave me also a lot of insights and tips. I really will come back here and highly recommend this place to go to for meditation, yoga, but also hiking in the beautiful surrounding mountains, the view from the place to the lake is astonishing

Eldar Isk

from United States, December 2019

"Absolutely stunning views and experience overall"

To begin, I was a little nervous when I chose this retreat over other retreats in warmer places. I am so happy I did!

First of all Clara Lucia and Juan Carlos have the most amazing energy and know how hospitality. In addition to that, their meditation and yoga experience has opened my eyes and helped me move past the initial fears and hesitations about starting. It was really helpful to try different ways of meditation as well as have their guidance.

The food is outstanding at the retreat, I enjoyed every single dish and even though I stayed for 6 days it was always diverse.

The location is perfect, every day the view was a bit different due to weather and it was stunning every time. The retreat has a large footprint so you will be able to take walk around it and enjoy the nature. They also have gorgeous dogs on the premises that will make you even happier.

The excursions were fun and different every time, I’ve got to experience things I’ve never seen before.

No words can describe how happy I am that I’ve stayed here. Please do yourself a favor and stay here and you will not be disappointed


from Canada, December 2019

"Very refreshing and peaceful experience "

-Great host and hostess

- nice lake view

- fun excursions to Laguna de Guatavita, the town of Guatavita, the hiking meditation tour and the salt mine of nemocon

- delicious vegetarian meals

-Great yoga and meditation lessons


from Panama, December 2019

"... once in a lifetime experience."

I don’t even know where to start... maybe with the warm welcome from the most generous hosts, the breathtaking views or the transformational mediation classes. I could go on for hours...

Coming from across the pond, not knowing what to expect, I certainly was ecstatic about the hidden treasure I found at the Retiro de la Montaña.

Isabel Li

from Colombia, November 2019

"Incredible Weekend "

I'm new to meditation and yoga. After living in Bogotá for over a year, I began to look for ways to find balance and peace in my daily city life. This retreat is amazing and beneficial for all levels of practice.

The energy, the tranquility and beauty of the finca, the food (delicious!), the friendly animals, and (of course) the guides/hosts were all spectacular. I came with very little expectations for the weekend - just some time to disconnect and self-reflect. But Clara Lu and Juan Carlos opened my eyes to so much more.

I'd highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is hoping to deepen their connections and understandings with spirituality, thought habits or emotions. And the finca is stunning.

Also, I'm still in the process of learning Spanish (me defiendo jaja) and this entire weekend was great practice. Options for explanations in English are also available, but why not try in Spanish? Juan Carlos has several songs and mantras that are lovely to listen to.

Bryndís Einarsdóttir

from Colombia, November 2019

"Didn’t want to leave"

This retreat was so good due to a lot of things.

First of all, Clara Lucía and Juan Carlos. Beautiful, genuinely good and warm hearted people. You can tell they are doing this from the bottom of their hearts. And so nice to be around them, they are such good hosts in a very relaxed way.

Juan Carlos had very good yoga classes since they were balanced and diverse.

Clara Lucía has a great voice for guided meditation and in one of the sessions with I had the greatest experience ever of a meditation.

The environment is amazing!

The food was really good and really filling! Later I found out that’s all traditional Colombian food.

The meditation temple was one of my favorites spots, along with the tiled terrace you can see on the photos.

I had been struggling a bit with stress in the months before the retreat and even though we only spent 3 whole days there it helped me a lot.

Overall such a good place, people and experience.

Thanks again Juan and Clara.

Michelle Carneiro

from Brazil, November 2019

"Amazing experience"

Absolutely everything! The place has a breathtaking view which is an amazing meditation experience itself. The food is delicious and with good variety, accommodation very cozy and the instructors very gentle and professional. I definitely want to come back!

Sheila Bussey-neal

from United States, October 2019

"Superb Service with a Generosity of Spirit "

This was my first meditation yoga retreat experience. I love love love Clara and Juan they are authentic kind souls who are truly servants, helping people better their life. I am truly grateful I decided to attend this retreat, it was such a beautiful experience that took place in the mountains. The retreat has helped me with clarity and direction while transitioning on my journey. I have gained knowledge on how to apply the tools to my life daily.

Thank you for opening your beautiful home. Staff cooking is very delicious. The farmland is such a beautiful sight to view with plenty of places to sit and relax. Also, the animals are sweet and friendly with enjoyment and love for people. I truly enjoyed the hiking experience and fellowship. I will be back to visit; by the way, I am loving my coffee and sugar cane. Thank you:)

Stephanie Liu

from Denmark, August 2019

"Truly an unforgettable experience! "

I've practiced Vinyasa yoga for 7 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, but this was my 1st time at a multi-day yoga retreat, as well as my 1st time practicing meditation. I spent 5 days at Retiro de la Montaña & cannot wait to find an opportunity to return.

It's hard to capture the beauty of the retreat house through photos; it's the type of place that you need to see for yourself to take it in all at once. The retreat house is located on top of a mountain overlooking Tominé Reservoir. It has a gorgeous garden, swings, volleyball court, & even a lovely farm with dogs, goats, & geese, which truly add to the charm of the place. You can also find benches sprinkled throughout the garden for leisurely reading and lounging.

My favorite place on the property was the meditation temple, where many of the lessons were held. Juan & Clara would warm the room with space heaters and dimly light the room with candles -- the temple was perfectly conducive to the type of relaxed environment needed to practice meditation.

However, what makes this retreat truly memorable are the hosts. Juan & Clara are not only phenomenal instructors who carefully customized yoga & meditation sessions, but they are also attentive & gracious retreat hosts, property managers, chefs, tour guides, & so much more! It was such a joy to spend time with & learn from the kind and talented couple.

Finally, I must commend the fantastic home-cooked vegetarian meals, made from flavorful local produce. So delicious.

Carol Korade

from United States, July 2019


This experience exceeded my expectations. And it was even beyond my hopes and dreams. Addressing all of the needs. Health, spiritual, yoga, meditation, ecotourism. An amazing and highly recommended retreat

Jane Ngugi

from United States, July 2019

"A beautiful and serene environment with outstanding hosts."

This place is breathtaking, surrounded with trees, and a view of the lagoon. It is also serene and isolated, a perfect place for introspection and reflection, plus reading and writing.

There are many tourist attractions around, make sure you visit Guatavita town, Lake Guatavita, Nimocon town and salt mines, etc.

Clara Lou and Juan Carlo are amazing hosts, hospitable and accommodating. The food was nutritious and delicious.

I would definitely love to visit again.

Alejandro Sanchez

from Colombia, July 2019

"meditation for dummies"

the place was amazing as well as the intruduction in meditation during the retreat. Juan Carlos and Clara Lucia are very was a great experience!

Fanny Moron

from Colombia, June 2019

"A gem for silent meditation near Bogota. "

Juan and Clara are a very friendly and caring couple. I very much appreciated they accommodated me in the middle of the week and were open to suggestions. I was able to practice outdoors meditation facing the gorgeous panorama of the lake and mountains while listening to the birds and the wind; a truly beautiful and peaceful experience! Will definitively go back.

Ayesha Engelbrecht

from Aruba, April 2019


I loved eveything and I am planning on repeating this with friends and families.

David Frayer

from United States, March 2019

"Great Experience "

I like that Clara and Juan make learning meditation and yoga very simple to learn.. they are wonderful people and will take very good care of you while you are in their home.. their home is in the mountains over looking a lake and the views are breathtaking.. they will also take you for an amazing hike that you will really enjoy with all the incredible views! This is a very relaxing retreat!!

Bruce Robertson

from Colombia, March 2019

"First retreat, first class!"

This was our first retreat and definitely won’t be our last! Clara was very helpful with all of my questions before the retreat and during our stay we were made to feel like family. The property, schedule, food, information and guidance were all of the highest quality and don’t even get me started on the dogs and open fire! A blissful experience for the both of us, we honestly could not have imagined our first retreat would be so good! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts Clara and Juan Carlos!


from Germany, January 2020

"Un lugar para encontrar a su mismo "

Paisaje maravilloso,

Meditación para todos niveles,

Sentirse como estar en casa

Ada Moreno

from Panama, January 2020

"Superaron todas mis expectativas"

Juan Carlos y Clara Lucía son súper atentos y te hacen sentir en casa. El programa está muy bien estructurado y se combina muy bien yoga con meditación. Como principiante, siento que aprendí bastante. Las instalaciones son cómodas y la comida es deliciosa (y no soy vegetariana). Totalmente recomendado. Me gustaría regresar.


from Colombia, November 2019

"Espectacular "

Todo nos encanto

Grettel Diaz Ramon

from United States, November 2019

"Un retiro para vivirlo a plenitud"

El Retiro fue una experiencia maravillosa, todo estuvo excelente, agradecer a Clara y Juan Carlos por su hospitalidad, yo me senti como en familia, el lugar es precioso. Ellos adaptan el programa a las necesidades individuales de cada uno y te ayudan en todo momento a alcanzar las espectativas. Las excursiones fueron muy interesantes a lugares muy importantes de la zona. Yo quede encantada con este retiro, lo recomiendo mucho, ha sido una experiencia de encuentro conmigo, con la naturaleza y la cultura colombiana.

Susan Brouwer

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Fantastische retraite "

Clara en Carlos zijn fantastisch en je voelt je direct thuis. Ik was er helaas maar 3 nachtjes wat van mij wel wat langer had mogen duren, maar ze zaten helaas vol. De locatie is prachtig en rustgevend. De lessen van Carlos zijn goed en hebben mij erg geholpen. Hij heeft veel kennis en legt alles in het Engels en Spaans uit. De privé sessie met Clara was bijzonder en zal je emotioneel verder helpen. Het eten is gezond/vega en ontzettend lekker. Wil je tot rust komen en meer leren over mediteren en yoga, Carlos en Clara gaan je zeker een stap verder helpen. Ik kom graag nog eens terug naar deze lieve mensen!


from Aruba, September 2019

"Recomendado para un relax"

Bonita Finca con un bello paisaje .

Muy buena la atencion de Clara y Juan Carlos y Linda.

Leida se encargo de la comida vegetariana y estuvo muy buena.

Marie-anne Lestavel

from United States, August 2019

"I highly recommend you to spend few days in this paradise"

I practice yoga and meditation since about 1 year and a half. This yoga and meditation retreat was my first one and I really loved EVERYTHING. Don't worry if you have never tried yoga or meditation before. This retreat is really for everyone : the level is adapted to all and you get to learn a lot, regardless your level. The place is really beautiful and peaceful. The teachers are really nice and welcoming.

You are encourage to maintain silence and it is actually a really good experience that you should not fear. You'll adapt quickly to it.

You have different activities so your day is full but you can also have free time to rest.

The food is vegetarian and vegan-friendly and it is delicious and you have more than enough food to feel full.

Don't ask yourself more questions and book this yoga retreat if you're looking for few relaxing days finding inner peace :)

Mario Salazar

from Colombia, July 2019

"Exclente lugar, mentores y experiencia, ¡volveré!"

Disposición para enseñar de los mentores, humildad para transmitir el conocimiento, hospitalidad, planificación de las sesiones, comida deliciosa, ambiente de tranquilidad y los animales del lugar

Melanie Deckers

from Belgium, July 2019

"Going to this retreat was the best decision i’ve made this y"

The instructors are wonderful and very patient. It was the first time i’ve ever tried meditation and after only one week i can really feel some progress. They are very understanding of individual issues and work with you to overcome them.

The cultural excursions and informative video’s a very nice add on and i enjoyed all of them.

The food is excellent! La señora should open her own restaurant and i would come back to Colombia just to be able to eat there.


from Germany, June 2019

"Eine wunderschöne Zeit"

Clara und Juan Carlos waren großartige Gastgeber und Lehrer. Ich konnte viele neue Erfahrungen machen und habe sehr freundliche und offene Menschen während des Retreats getroffen.

Mabel Zurbaran

from Colombia, June 2019

"Una gran experiencia"

Poder compenetrarse con la yoga y la meditación gracias a la guía de los maestros y al ambiente

Stephanie Daniels

from United States, May 2019

"A jewel in the mountains"

Clara and Juan were so welcoming, and attentive to my particular needs. The location is absolutely gorgeous with several peaceful, private spots to meditate, read or just contemplate the lake. The retreat is a combination of comfort and peace, with effective gentle instruction and flexibility to shape the kind of retreat I wanted. I highly recommend this.

Johanna Cortez

from Guatemala, May 2019

"Una experiencia inolvidable!"

Este retiro fue una experiencia no solo inolvidable sino que te deja con las ganas de repetirla. Las instalaciones y el lugar son preciosos, los instructores son gente amable, cálida y con muchas ganas de servirte.


from Colombia, April 2019

"Hubo más meditación que yoga "

Todo fue increíble, crearon un espacio realmente para encontrarse uno mismo y para evolucionar

Clara y Juan son muy atentos y serviciales, me sentí como en casa.

Maria Cristina Pereira Paez

from Colombia, April 2019

Es una experiencia muy buena con una relación beneficio- costo excelente. Los instructores son excelentes personas y el ambiente del sitio es muy acogedor. Super recomendado.

Catherine Gomez

from Colombia, March 2019

"Perfecta estadía en lugar tranquilo "

Clara y Juan Carlos son excelentes personas, realmente me acogieron como familia, están muy pendientes siempre para que uno se sienta cómodo. El lugar es genial, la vista es preciosa, los animalitos encantadores y la paz y la tranquilidad del sitio, hacen que sea un lugar maravilloso.

Realmente vale la pena para escaparse unos días, meditar y hacer yoga con la instrucción y guía de Juan y Clara.

Jessica Nagel

from Colombia, March 2019

"wonderful meditation-focused retreat!"

We could really deepen our meditation practise here. Beautiful sorroundings, quiet. We enjoyed the free-time-hours in silence and generally, that there was time to digest, read, observe the mind. Food was excellent, always fresh, vegan and enough. We felt very much at home and welcome.

Tielke Pollux

from Colombia, February 2019

"Perfect place for a city escape! "

I came here for a litlle escape from backpackers life and I stayed 3 nights. If you need some me-time, this is your place and it is just one hour out of Bogota.

Carlos and Clara will welcome you in there home and treat you as their family. Taking really good care of you!

The place is so beautiful and quite, really big garden with some animals and a nice tempel where you can enjoy some good yoga and meditation sessions. Also the food is delicious and fresh. (ask them to make you the oatmeal pancakes for breakfast!)

Everything is really easy going and you have a lot of time for yourself to read a book or chill in the garden.

Lotte Abeling

from United States, January 2019

"Great experience!"

The retreat at Juan Carlos and Clara's was fantastic. The environment and view were lovely and the classes very good. The hosts really try to make it an unforgettable experience and adapt to your wishes through a very personal approach. As said in other reviews the food was delicious. I highly recommend this retreat if you look for silence, relaxation and developing your meditation skills. Kind regards Lotte