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REO Rafting & Yoga Resort is the ultimate river's edge adventure resort offering glamping, rafting, kayaking, hiking, yoga and wellness retreats, vegan meal options, and campfires.

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Nicole Roy

Nicole is a lively and creative instructor. Throughout her life, she has explored a variety of dance styles, played a myriad of sports, and experimented with a multitude of ways to move. As a teacher, she strongly believes in the uplifting powers of yoga and movement. Nicole is trained and certified in Hatha, Flow, and Power yoga, mat pilates, and belly dance. Aside from her love of yoga and movement, Nicole is the proud mother of two, a dedicated vegan, and an animal rights activist. She is also an avid traveler and a linguist.

Heather Dawson

Heather is a yoga and pilates instructor, a certified Yoga Tune Up teacher, and a ball therapy practitioner. She provides classes that integrate anatomy awareness and myofascial release. She currently has over a 1000 hours of teacher training, over 6000 hours of teaching, and continues to pursue professional development opportunities, enhance her skills, and expand her yoga practice. Her classes take a scientific and therapeutic approach to undo the stresses, locate the tight blind spots in your body, and learn to strengthen and release the muscles and tissue toward a pain-free life.

Alyshia Wagstaff

Alyshia found yoga and meditation in 2012. Her yoga practice has helped her maintain the strength, flexibility, and balance needed to be a professional dancer, and has helped connect her with an incredible community in her new home, Vancouver. She received her 200-hour yoga teaching certification from Karma Teachers College and has since been on a mission to help as many people as possible. She currently runs her own corporate and private yoga business, helping busy and stressed out individuals find more balance of peace of mind in their lives.

Karma Teachers College (Yoga)

Amanda Edmiston

Amanda first took a Hatha yoga class at the gym where she worked. During college and while working, Amanda continued to practice Hot yoga and decided after traveling that she wanted to spread her love of yoga all around the world and especially in her home country. Amanda has completed a 200-hour Vinyasa training and has 100 hours of training in other styles of Yoga such as Ashtanga and Yin. Amanda has taught volunteer classes in the Downtown East Side as well as paid classes at boutique studios in the Fraser Valley.

Jamessee Moulton

With 18 years in gymnastics, Jamessee has always been intrigued by what the human body can do. Yoga has taught him to shift his focus from what the body can do to exploring how to get the body there. Traveling the globe to both teach and practice Acro yoga is how Jamessee likes to spend his free time. In today's society of emails, youtube and text messages, Acro yoga brings back the human element and helps people connect with one another and work towards common goals. With a focus on foundation, Jamessee uses progressive lesson planning to work towards peak poses.

Emily Baltzer

For the past eight years, Emily has been practicing yoga almost every single day. It all began in high school, she fell in love with the practice and the mental and physical benefits it brought to her. She fell in love with the way it made her feel and wants to pass that on to all of you. She currently teaches everything from chair yoga for seniors to advanced classes. Her class begins calmly and flows into a long flow to warm the body with movements linked to every breath and finishes off with a deep stretch and relaxation. Her goal is for you to leave with an intense feeling of relaxation.

Wendy Issa

Wendy is an Ecuadorian yogini, entrepreneur, trained chef, story-lover, and a traveler down to her bones. Yoga came into Wendy’s life in 2010. Before moving to Canada, she went to Costa Rica for her first Yoga Teacher Training which was led by her now mentor, teacher, and dear friend, Ashely Ludman. Her classes are directed to help peel away the layers of your Outer-Self and discover your true nature. She will hold a safe space and guide you through a unique combination of meditations, breathwork, asana & hands-on adjustments, moving and balancing your life force, Prana.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah has been a meditation and yoga practitioner for many years. She first found her love of inner adventure and outer movement through the 26 postures of the Bikram Hot Yoga series. Being quite the spiritual sleuth Sarah loves diving into asanas with students through an encouraging curiosity. Inspiring others to embark on any form of exploration at finding their own inner strength and expansion is her goal through using connected, progressive, fun, and collaborative sequences. Sarah invites students to live their lives authentically and to encourage others to stay wild and love freely.

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A traveler

TripAdvisor website

REO is a secluded slice of paradise with all the creature comforts you could hope for. The tents are large, beautifully themed and very comfortable. All the food served was hearty and tasty and the staff is happy to accommodate different dietary restrictions. All the staff were very friendly and made the resort feel like a home away from home. There are hot showers and proper toilets, there is free wifi and ample places to charge your devices. The location by the river is absolutely beautiful and falling asleep to the sound of rapids is incredible! The rafting experience was super fun! The guides were highly skilled and charismatic. The yoga instructors and classes were top notch too! I highly recommend this wonderful glamping experience to couples and families alike.

Brian B.

TripAdvisor website

This company wins on so many fronts. One of a kind location, great young staff, unique accommodation, coordinated rafting logistics, experienced guides.

We did the Thompson and will be back for the Nahatlatch next year.

The sound of the river at night will always be remembered!

Jen Lowell

REO Rafting & Yoga Resort Facebook page

REO does a great job with food, comfort, and fun! Always a great time. Thanks REO!

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