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Lisbon, Portugal

Relax and Create is passionate about finding and creating an environment where you feel free to experience complete relaxation, a lot of fun, and new knowledge.

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  • Mercedes Leon Netherlands

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    A passionate yoga teacher, completely dedicated and thoughtful! Her classes are very grounded without abandoning the spiritual connection which is inherent in a complete yoga practice.

  • Chaya Herrebrugh Netherlands

    Relax and Create website

    Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner in Sandra’s class everyone can get the most possible out of it. Sandra is paying attention to everyone, giving hints to improve your position and giving great alternatives when a certain position is not good for you. Feeling rejuvenated and relaxed you can carry on with the rest of the week. The moment you walk into the room of the lesson there is a good and positive atmosphere.

  • Oien Dikken Netherlands

    Relax and Create website

    The first Surfing Yogi trip was an eye opener and a warm sensation. Eye opener because I realized that yoga feels good for my body and mind! I had not realized what I was missing before the trip. After coming home I went to my old Yoga Center and signed up again. The warm sensation came from the nice group. Great combination of men and woman, all kind of ages. We had fun doing the yoga in the morning and the workshops were great too. Taught me a lot about me, my life, and where I stood, what I wanted to change and more important, what I did change over the year after the first trip. After yoga early in the morning the best breakfast at Ecosound. Thanks to Richard. The combination with surfing was exciting. Too bad I could not go on after the first day because of a shoulder problem. The ones who could surf were so happy with the progress they made every day! That gave the group an extra vibe. On the other hand, the combination is pretty hard too for yoga you use your shoulders a lot and for surfing intensely. Some girls had to make the choice between yoga and surfing. For the group that was fine, do what you can and want to do. This year I went for the second time because I had surge a great vibe from last year. The group was totally different but open minded, like last year, and we became close very soon. Like one big family. The combination of surfing and yoga was great, but again some girls had to make a choice between surfing and yoga. Last year we had some rain and some sun, this year more sun than rain and Ericeira is a great place to be. Great restaurants, nice beaches, and great shops.Eco-sound is a small paradise with the sweetest lodges and the eco-pool with the small frogs. The first year I thought about them as these little frogs. After a year has passed, and the yoga taught me a lot, I had a great mindset these frogs did not bother me at all. They helped me fall asleep. I'd book again, anytime.

  • Martin Wilson United Kingdom

    Relax and Create website

    Having attended the first surfing yogi trip in 2013 as a first time to yoga, I was amazed at how enjoyable and fun the week was. I surprised myself at the yoga postures that I could manage and thoroughly enjoyed the social side to the trip. Meeting and mixing with like minded people from all over Europe was fun and I even learnt a few things along the way! I would definitely recommend this trip to the seasoned yoga pro or a total beginner!

  • Junior Edelman Europe

    Relax and Create website

    Surfing Yogi Trip 2013, a wonderful trip in a beautiful resort organized by a warm and passionate crew! Definitely a must do, if you love yoga and surf or just looking for a relaxed vacation!

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