8 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Lanzarote, Spain

  • Avenida el Marinero 9, Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote, Canarias, 35558, Spain


Yoga and Surf Retreat in Spain

  • 5 days with instruction
  • Surfing is a healthy awesome inspiring experience, it is not just a fantastic sport, but a way of life for millions of people around the world. Since the 1960s surfing has reached every corner of our planet and it is still increasing in popularity at a faster rate than ever. Red Star Surf invites you to plunge into surfing atmosphere and to take the challenge of the mother of all board sports. Before planning your first surf holiday, please, take into consideration - Surfing is highly addictive!


    • Daily yoga classes
    • 5 guided surfing sessions
    • Easy access to the beach at any time
    • Guidance from experienced teachers
    • Free use of kitchen for meals
    • 7 nights accommodation

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction language: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    Red Star Surf is located in Caleta de Famara, a small laid-back fishing village on the territory of a natural Reserve. It's a perfect place for practicing water sports yoga in a beautiful and peaceful environment.

    The camp is open all year round. Surfing lessons run from Monday to Saturday, while yoga sessions from Monday to Friday. It's possible to join the course any day of the week, or choose flexible dates.

    Red Star Surf offers accommodation in shared / single / double rooms in the surf houses as well as accommodation in private apartments. If you want to make most of your stay, meet new people from all over the world and make new friends, do not hesitate to stay in one of the surf houses.

    Perfect combination

    Yoga and surfing are the perfect combination for every surfer. Surfing and yoga both make you flexible and strong and open your eyes for the beauty around you, as both put you in excellent harmony with your surroundings. The yoga classes meet the physical needs of surfers at all levels and will support your learning experience to the maximum.

    Safe surfing experience

    The experienced instructors are trained and certified by the ISA. They are also lifeguards trained and certified by the Surfing Life Saving Association (SLSA). For advanced surfers who want to rock Europes finest reef breaks Red Star Surf also offers a SURFARI to the best spots of Lanzarote and the neighboring islands.

    Surfing lessons for children

    Children over 6 years of age, who can already swim can take part in the surf lessons. Experience has taught us that pure children groups are not very effective. Children and adults benefit in many ways from each other and can learn together better and faster. Without any stress or pressure the kids are introduced to their first steps in the water. The surfing students get used to the ocean and the waves, then they learn to glide on the water and then comes the surfing.

    Red Star Surf will get you far away from mass tourism into a small quiet fishing village, called Famara Beach, located on the north coast of Lanzarote (Canary Islands, Spain). You will be surrounded by waves, mountains, and pristine landscapes. The whole north of Lanzarote is a nature reserve protected by UNESCO. Lanzarote and the neighbouring islands are provided with waves from all directions because of the volcanic formation and the favourable geographical location. This allows for the best surfing in all weather conditions.

    Life in Famara is all about surfing and kite surfing. You will find people everywhere walking up and down the streets carrying surf boards under their arms, wearing wetsuits, walking bare feet or just skating with a longboards. The beach, Playa Famara, is just a few minutes walk from any part of the village. Famara is truly a surfers paradise. You have the choice of a lot of surf spots just by walking a couple of minutes. There are beginner beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, and a couple of tow- in big wave spots.

    • Mountain biking
    • Shopping nearby
    • Stand up paddle boarding nearby
    • Surfing
    • Bar nearby
    • Beach
    • Caf nearby
    • Dining area
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Kitchen
    • Restaurant nearby
    • Bicycle rental
    • Local market
    • Shop nearby
    • Tour assistance nearby

    All surf houses in Famara have a fully equipped kitchen, which you can share with other guests. The small local supermarkets provide a good selection of international and local products. For dinner, Red Star Surf still recommends to go out. Most of the local restaurants and bars are good, inexpensive and provide international menus. Famara offers a choice between cheap and quick Canarian local fast food to fine cuisine. Ask the friendly team for recommendations.


    • Meals are not included in the package offered.

    Mountain biking

    Lanzarote is a true paradise for lovers of cycling. Many tracks pass through the station in Famara. Either cruising along the coast line, to the neighboring island La Graciosa or to the volcanoes. No matter which route you choose, you will always be touring, while being accompanied by stunning sceneries of this island!

    Red Star Surf bike center offers you a choice of high quality mountain bikes, beach cruiser and helmets. The mountain bikes have an aluminum frame with special wheels or contact pedals that can be equipped when required. They dont rent out cycling footwear due to hygienic reasons.

    Spanish school

    Learning Spanish in Spain is without a doubt the fastest and most effective way of getting to know the language. Studying a language abroad allows us to put our new knowledge into practice every day, which accelerates language assimilation. Learning a new language will always be much more effective if it is combined with cultural immersion. Red Star Surf Spanish School offers you the opportunity of studying Spanish in one of the Atlantic Oceans most beautiful islands

    Red Star Surf Language Academy is located about 100 meters from the beautiful Famara beach and several surf spots. The Academy is fully equipped with everything needed for a quality learning: a comfortable environment, modern equipment, free Wi-Fi, a small library and above all, an impressive views of the cliff. In Red Star Surf Language Academy, all the teachers are experienced and trained as foreign language teachers.


    If you are an experienced surfer, you can try the surfari option. Come with Red Star Surf to the best or most uncrowded reefs, points and beach breaks, which can offer Hawaiian style powerful waves most of the year.

    • 7 nights accommodation
    • 5 surfing sessions with instructor
    • Easy access to the beach
    • Free use of kitchen for meals
    • Additional surfing lessons
    • Daily meals

    Arrival by airplane

    You can get to Lanzarote via some European cities (Madrid, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Bologna, London, Barcelona etc.). Every traveler can choose among the wide range of flight options offered by airline companies.

    Airfare may vary significantly depending on the season, conditions of the ticket refund, possibility of changing the flight and personal data, and your general preferences as to the class of traveling on board of an airplane. The average round trip ticket from Central European cities to Lanzarote is 50 - 150 EUR.

    Arrival by bus

    From the airport, if youre on a shoe string budget, you might want to take a bus to Caleta de Famara. Despite the attractive bus fare, the ride will take you a great deal of time because the bus line frequency is fairly low. The total price of a bus ride will cost about 5 EUR. Tickets are sold on the bus. Do not forget to name the bus stop you are traveling to as this is what the price of the ticket will depend on. The maximum banknote accepted on the bus is 10 EUR, so you are better off having some coins on you.

    Monday to Friday

    Bus line # 22 from the airport to Arrecifes main bus station Intercambiador, then change to bus line # 20 to Caleta de Famara.


    Bus line #23 from the airport to Intercambiador, then change to the line #3 from Intercambiador to Costa Teguise. The bus stop that you need is Playa Bastian. There you change to bus line #31 to Caleta de Famara.

    When planning your bus trip, you are strongly recommended to check out the official website of Lanzarote public transportation.

    Arrival by taxi

    From the airport, the most convenient way to get to the surf school is by a taxi cab. The ride will take you 25 - 30 minutes, and will cost about 35 - 40 EUR. Taxi is available at the airport 24/7. Or, you can request for a pickup for 100 EUR where Red Star Surf will meet you at the airport.

    • A reservation requires a deposit of 50% of the total price.
    • The deposit is fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the arrival date.
    • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.

    Verified BookYogaRetreats.com reviews

    • Review by Sarah

      "I had booked the retreat because I wanted a mix of surf and yoga. The main reason was that I did not want to go to a "surf only" place, in order to avoid the loud music, beer drinking and university hall type of life. I thought that if there was yoga, then the clients would be more civilized and caring of the people and the facilities. I was very disappointed to to have to go through the loud music, beer drinking and university hall type of life. I wanted to rest and be in a peaceful and quiet place, I had the opposite.1. YOGA"

      "It is not a yoga and surf retreat. Yoga is totally accessory and not part of Red Star Surf. Out of the 10 days I was there only 3 yoga classes actually took place. Every time, we showed up for the class, we were given a different explanation that the teacher was not available.2. ACCOMMODATION"

      "The surf house shown in the picture of the website is actually the only decent of the 3 houses. The one I stayed in, called the Sunset House, is not renovated, and the rooms are dirty and minuscule. I had paid extra for a single room. The room was dirty when I arrived. I cleaned it myself since the cleaning lady comes once a week and only changes sheet. After I complained and asked to be moved to a bigger room when the other client left, I spent 5 days in a correct room in terms of size, but still dirty. The bathroom smelt of pee all the time and the floor was dirty. It was cleaned once a week and there was only cold water (cold showers) for 4 days. The kitchen was from the nineties and the sofas of the kitchen/living room were so dirty they were sticky. The music (loud) was on every evening, with at least 15 people talking loud in the living room/on the street, but when I asked the instructors living in the house to keep it down after 11 p.m., they did comply.3. ADVANCE PAYMENT / NO REFUNDI learned from another customer that the owner refused to refund the money for the surf lessons not taken. He gave her vouchers to use when she would come back. I immediately wrote to the owner to tell him that I wanted a refund for the 2 surf lessons I had not taken and that they should not have made me book 10 surf lessons for 10 days, knowing that when you begin, it is very tiring. Even the instructors said that I should take a day here and there to enable my body to recover. The organizer got angry at my email but in the end, they refunded the money on my credit card for both yoga and the 2 surf lessons. But I really had to fight to achieve the resultThe one good thing about my stay is that the surf instructors are really good. But that's really the only good thing about Red Star Surf."

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited

    • Review by Zoey and Alex

      "We absolutely loved the holiday and had a fantastic experience with Red Star Surf. All the team were so supportive and a huge amount of fun. The surfing was better than we could have hoped for and the instructors made the process of learning so enjoyable - especially important as I am particularly useless.The Yoga was a perfect combination to the surfing, on a roof terrace in the early evening we were stretching out the day, listening to the waves - complete bliss. We both fell in love with Famara, a totally unspoiled and unpretentious village with a huge spirit of community.The apartment was directly on the beach and our housemates for the week a great bonus, we had such a chilled out and relaxing time I can not wait to go back (hoping to go back in October). Red star also organised a skate boarding lesson which was a total bonus.I just wish the week had been longer and can not thank the team enought!"

      BookYogaRetreats.com website, edited


    • Review by Leonie Trips

      "Red Star Surf teachers give really good instructions and encouranging advice to every participant. They do their best to create a strong and motivated group and make sure people have fun. There is everything you could think of provided, from gear to transport, food and a photographer. I had a great surfing experience and wonderful holiday& would love join again!"

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by A traveller

      "Me and my girlfriend had a great time and I felt I learnt so much of the instructors, just in one day. I would defiantly recommend using red star very motivating and nice instructors you can tell they are very experienced and love what they're doing."

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by Mai Ke

      "Was the perfect place to have an amazing time off. The houses and school and the people (s) :-) are fabulous ....."

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by Kati Karolin from Tallinn, Estonia

      "Had my first surf camp (accommodation and surf lessons). On my arrival, Mike from the shop welcomed me so friendly that I felt like home immediately. We had some troubles with the keys, but it was solved nicely."

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Yavor V

      "Red Star Surf & Yoga School offers one of the best experiences when it comes to surfing, yoga and relaxing. Owner Andrey Yashin speaks English, Russian, German and Spanish and his friendly attitude helps you feel at home and adds a prsonalised twist to your stay. The surf teachers Jerry and Dominique are top notch level, attentive and easily approachable.The accomodation offered by Red Star is very good, the rooms are clean and Casa Del Mar offers a wonderful view of the bay. You can easily socialize with anyone from the crew at any time and become a part of Famara's local society. If you want to feel at ease, in a friendly atmosphere and receive good level of surfing experience, Red Star School is the right choice for you!"

      Trip Advisor website, edited

    • Review by Sigmunda Freud

      "The best surf school in Famara/Lanzarote!!! Very good teachers who explained the theory and the practice very detailed, patiently and really safe! What i especially liked is the great personality of all the teachers! I can really recomend red star to everybody!"

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by A traveller

      "We had a wonderful time there! Famara is a small village and we were accomodated in an Apartment of Red Star Surf. Our bed was comfy. Very nice and spacious with rooftop terrace. We took both, kite and surfing courses. The teachers for Surfing are very skilled and their tips and hints are helpful. On top they are very funny and always up to jokes. Javier, the kite surfing instructor, was very patient and helpful (and of course skilled). Yoga lesson with Lucie was great, but it was daily at around 5 pm, so it might interfered with our plans to discover the island....(so better ask before you pre-book the lessons!) Having seen both, the kite learning conditions in Famara and those of Fuerteventura/Corralejo I must say that we had the perfect conditions in Famara: not too crowded and a nice wide beach to start from. (And nice and releaxed teachers/owners of the school, that are not ripping people off!) But be aware, that this is different from learning in a lagoon. The beach is little wavy, but at least you learn to properly kite there. We would recommend a rental car to get around the island. Thank you, Red Star Surf! (And I would totally do it again!!!!)"

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by Gi Gintas

      "Very friendly approach from the beginning to the end. Highly recommended to everyone! We had no experience in surfing and on the first day we learned how to stand on board. One of the best days on holiday and we would definitely come back. Big thanks to Jerry and the team."

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by A traveller

      "I had a wonderful stay at Red Star Surf Camp & Yoga. The team was so welcoming, helpful and friendly. The surfing was one of the best I've ever had, conditions were really good and the lessons we were given provided excellent balance between theory and practice, and a lot of fun too. All the instructors were very supportive. Thank you all!"

      "The apartment I stayed in was very well located in front of the beach, comfortable, clean and quiet, with a small terrace with sea view. My housemates were very friendly, and we got along very well. Famara is a nice pittoresque village, hopefully not touristic, perfect place to chill out. Morning runs on the beach were just pure happiness. Besides, Lanzarote is a beautiful island. To sum up, it was an excellent experience and I will definitely come back!"

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by A traveller

      "I think the best thing about Red Star was that I felt like I was being treated like a friend, not just a customer. The first night Jerry took us out to a local tapas bar, Andrey had us playing surfing agility games involving cereal boxes, everyone was superduper friendly and helpful. Would I go back? Absolutely, I already went back in fact, I spent a few days on another island, had a few days to spare and went back for more surfing. The yoga instructor was fabulous, the surf teacher had me standing on the board the first afternoon and the young team in the shop tried to help with every and any question I had, and we even got a free T shirt! On my last night I had a pain in my ankle, I called Katie really late and she was there in 10 minutes with first aid supplies and offered to take me to hospital. I felt safe and looked after even though I was travelling solo. The only little thing I didn't like was that the first time I arrived at the surfhouse, it wasn't very clean and the thingy that holds the shower up needs fixing, but these are details compared to everything else, and when I went back the second time everything was a lot cleaner. I will be back I'm sure."

      Red Star Surf website, edited

    • Review by Stephano from Frankfurt, Germany

      "I've been visiting Red Star Surf 3 times over the past 2 years and have always had a great experience. My initial plan was to go and re-charge batteries prior to starting a new job . Yoga in the morning was a great experience and I actually took up yoga at home afterwards. The village of Caleta Famara where the surf house is located is a charming little "fisher village". There are at least two small supermarkets and several restaurants, but you can also have the full board option in the surf house - which was what i usually did. The landscape surrounding Famara is spectacular - theres a volcanic crater just a couple hundred meters from the surf house."

      Trip advisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "Weve spent 3 days at the Red Star Surf School and although we didn't stay in Famara, we were kindly collected every day. I cannot put into words how much fun we had surfing for those 3 days with excellent instruction and great correspondences from Andrey. Putting a little bit of yoga in the warm up was fantastic for stretching out and getting into the right headspace for the days ahead. Our instructor, Gilmar couldn't have been better- giving us a 1on 1 instructions and pointers as when we needed it! We really did progress with the 3 days surf school - The only problem was that, 3 days really wasn't long enough and we will definitely be back! I have surfed with another school in Famara before. But couldn't contemplate going anywhere else than the Red Star Surf School for my next visit. Beyond exceptional!"

      Trip advisor website, edited

    • Review by Darya Smith from Moscow, Russia

      "It is an amazing place for relaxing, having fun and, no doubt, for surfing! The professional and funny surf instructors teach you not only to pop-up and catch your first green wave, but to feel the energy of the ocean and to be part of it. Without fears, with flexible body you'll conquer the waves! Moreover, delicious seafood, local wine, a lot of volcanoes, car-travelling through the Island, Sunday fairs, stunning views, fascinating sunsets, parties and of course good waves are waiting for you there! It's one of the best place for an awesome holiday!"

      March 2015, edited

    • Review by Casino Leche from Venice, Italy

      "It was my 3rd visit at Redstar and I will come again! The new surf house is very close to the beach and has an incredible sea view. Surfing was great!!! Gerry, Tara, Andrey - thanks a lot for your patience guys :) Hugs!"

      June 2014, edited

    • Review by Kieran M. from England, United Kingdom

      "Red star is excellent in value, the facilities are great, and the team are really welcoming. Cat, in particular, goes out of her way to make you feel welcome. They will even arrange taxis, etc. for you, if needed. Highly recommended."

      March 2014, edited

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