Rebecca Cherry Firenze

Rebecca has combined her life’s learning, practical experience and evolutionary wisdom into her books and The Divine Feminine Courses, Workshops, and Retreats.

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Rebecca Cherry

As the creator of the divine feminine spirit certified courses, workshops, and retreats, Rebecca is an expert on topics of living a life full of passion and purpose. She has over 35 years of experience in energy healing modalities, intuitive counseling, Akashic record readings, and gem resonance therapy. She is also the author of "Notes from the Universe" and other inspirational books. She realized that everything she had learned about energy medicine also directly corresponded to the gem's natural ability to energetically resonate through your chakra system, impacting each area of your life.

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Sara J. United States

Rebecca Cherry Firenze website

Through the last four years of knowing Rebecca, I have looked to her for guidance relating to all facets of my life. I have even referred to her as my Guru. Her direct and intuitive guidance always gets me re-centered, calm and with a renewed resurgence to follow my heart.

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