Breathwork and yoga retreat in beautiful Devon run by Reawakening Retreats.

Reviews (3)

Helen Holman

from Great Britain, November 2021

"Helen H"

This was an excellent weekend created and delivered by Hannah and Lizzie. The programme was well put together with thought and care.

The food .was excellent, the location great. It was great to meet a lovely group of people

Carrie-anne Taylor

from Great Britain, November 2021


Hannah and Lizzie (and of course their wonderful helpers James & Joe) were the most incredible, kind hearted souls.

I loved every single part of this weekend….

- Yoga and breathwork (I left with a new sense of calmness)

- Amazing nourishing food

- Accommodation was beautiful

- Ecstatic movement was so much fun!

Thank you to the whole group for creating a safe environment where we could all be open and share. It was great spending the weekend with like-minded people, and completely being yourself with no fear of judgement.

I really can’t wait for the next one!


from Guernsey, November 2021

The vibe