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Ravvi's School of Yoga, India

Ravvi's School of Yoga is an effort to grow a community of committed yoga practitioners through various events, retreats, workshops, and training held worldwide.

Instructors 2

Ravindra Singh Tomar

Master Ravindra is a passionate, dynamic, innovative, and inspirational yoga teacher who brings his energy, humor, and philosophy to every class he teaches. He believes in making yoga a holistic discipline. His yogic practice and teachings aim at attaining sound mental health, physical rejuvenation, and spiritual blissfulness. In addition to learning within the Gurukul Parampara, he completed his formal education by earning himself a diploma and a Master's degree in Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences.

Rasa Ambruleviciute Tomar

Rasa completed her yoga teacher training with Master Ravindra and also at Sivananda Ashram in Ahmedabad, India. After training, she traveled and joined classes in different ashrams and yoga schools in India, Mysore Mandala School, three weeks of Ashtanga yoga practice, and Pranayama course with B.N.S. Iyengar. Rasa believes there is no style of yoga, yoga is an ancient science founded in India to balance and keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. Yoga at the same time is discipline and freedom, and the best gurus.

Reviews 19

Imke Range

from Ireland, January 2018

"Lovely and thought provoking experience"

I loved the atmosphere in the house throughout the training and the detailed and personalized sessions which enabled me to progress in my practice quickly . Also Razzas cooking skills and learning a bit about Ayurvedic Cooking added a lot to the experience


from Netherlands, December 2017

"These were an intense 3 weeks but they were good"

Ravvi is a very passionate teacher and gives all of his energy to his students. He was truly invested in us and did everything for us to progress as much as possible in our own practices and teaching skills.

Classes were interesting and never the same, we had a mix of learning from Ravvi's stories, physical practice, breathing practice and meditation. All sides of yoga were talked about and I feel I have a deeper knowledge of what yoga is now.

We were taught to "Enjoy our mistakes", but this is not a beginner class. It was very intense and mentally and physically tough.

Sylwia Kowalska

from Poland, August 2017

"YTT200 "

Ravvi and Rasa are great people and teachers. They knowledge brings answers and sence of understanding to the yoga topic.

I'm happy that I could learn from you Guys, thank you for this possibility. Namastey ;) and greetings to Irina for her heart and dedication.

Kyriaki Vasilopoulou

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Great experience!"

I feel very grateful for choosing this training and living this transformational experience. Ravvi, Rasa and Tara thank you for everything!


Lindsey Megson

from Great Britain, June 2017

"200hr yoga teacher training"

I feel very lucky to have experienced Ravvi's yoga school. There were different levels of yoginis, & I had no previous experience but Ravvi catered for all. A true yoga master Ravvi provided the best training, simple stories were his teachings, discipline & humour. I met great people from all around the world, great food which was plentiful, beautiful location & stunning scenery..

Thank you Ravvi, Rasa & irina for helping me to connect to the practice of yoga.

Rachel Frost

from Hong Kong, May 2017

"Humble, authentic & inspiring teacher "

Ravvi's style of teaching was very unique & authentic. I found that his genuine approach and no frills attitude was the perfect combination. His storytelling and tales of life with his Masters in India were captivating & will surely stay with me.

I loved the small group size which allowed us as a group to really bond and support each other on this journey.

The location is also stunning with beautiful beaches nearby and nature trails.

The food was wonderful & so tasty.

All round I would definately reccomended Ravis school to anyone looking to understand more about yoga as a life style and gaining knowledge on how to bring the philosophies into your every day life.

After this training I feel so much calmer and content, understanding & compassionate.

Thank you Ravi, Rasa & Tara for supporting me on this journey.


Jack Ingleby-lewis

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Life changing"

I have learnt so much, and had a fantastic experience. Ravvi and Rasa are so knowledgeable and kind. Brilliant course!

Gabrielle Laurie Haustenne

from Belgium, June 2017

I highly appreciated Ravvi's school of yoga. Great teachers, great classes, super nice environment... I learned a lot during this life-changing 3-weeks training. So, I recommend this course for all those who want to get started in Hatha Yoga and have an insight about living the yoga philosophy everyday.

Anuska De Haas

from Netherlands, June 2017

"Warm, loving, well educated and funny teacher"

I have followed the Hatha yoga teacher training course in may 2017. I'am so happy that I have chosen this particular course. Everything about Ravi is Yoga! He is a well educated and very inspiring teacher. At Ravi's school of Yoga, you will experience Yoga at it's purest. Ravi and his family, the classes, the yoga house and the food, it was a amazing experience. Thank you for all I have learned, I feel blessed!

Teresa Withey

from Great Britain, June 2017

"Transformational ! Thank You!"

Ravvi and Rasa care! Their personal attention was much appreciated in my journey to truly understand the principles and benefits of yoga. Each participant received compassion, consideration and left eager to progress with their development. Ravvi's in depth knowledge and Rasa's warmth and hospitality ensured every minute of the course was both motivational and enjoyable.

I could not recommend their approach more. Whether you have extensive experience of yoga asanas or have no previous knowledge or flexibilty, their course manages to address and exceed all expectations.

Salma El Haje

from Lebanon, June 2017

"Great experience"

Great teacher, great environment, great weather,

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