Yoga teachers training in Ravvi's Yogapadhashala teaches you how to live a yoga lifestyle first and then be able to truly teach from a deeper part of yourself.

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Ravindra Singh Tomar

Rasa Tomar

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Janine Meyer

from Greece, December 2021

"Great Yoga training"

The yoga classes were very interesting. It included all facets of yoga. We had many conversations which helped me to understand yoga better. The balanced programme which included talks, asanas, reading, self-study and relaxation suited me very well. Ravindra's calm, careful and respectful manner helped me feel comfortable immediately. The food he prepared fresh for us every day was always delicious. The accommodation was clean, large and beautifully located - nothing was missing. I definitely recommend the course.

Robyn Agnew

from Cyprus, October 2020

"Learnings from a true Yogi"

Ravvi's nature, traditional approach, history, stories, wisdom, philosophy, student understanding and his methods to deliver yoga to maximise learning were everything I could of wished for at the right time.

If someone was to ask "describe yoga", as well as answering with my new understandings I would also say... come meet Ravvi, he is a true Yogi and experience time with him.

For anyone wanting to learn more on yoga, begin or expand on their instructor journey, a class, course or talk with Ravvi is definitely not to be missed.

Thank you so much for all, eternally grateful.


Tammi Nyberg

from Denmark, September 2020

"Great learning experience "

I learned a lot about the history/theory of yoga, correct alignment in different postures and ideas for how to teach a class. And I found out I can actually survive without eating sugar and drinking coffee everyday😅

Luba Shevchuk

from Cyprus, August 2020

"Once in a lifetime experience! :)"

Ravvi is a very patient and inspiring teacher. Together with him we took a deep dive into the world of Yoga. It was an amazing experience for the body, mind and sould. I was enjoying the easy and unforced atmosphere in the lovely house. Time flies when you're having fun, so 3 weeks passed really quickly! I learned a lot for myself, I think this knowledge will help me a lot in my life. Also my body became so much more flexilbe during the course. I highly recommend this course, you will enjoy it! :-)


from Germany, April 2020

I enjoyed the class a lot.

Ravvi was really engaged, patient and answered all our questions. Especially, i liked learning completely new breathing practices and mantra singing.

For me, it was a unique experience, not only giving physical benefits but also learning things for life and meeting wonderful people.

Lidia Mateus

from Germany, March 2020

"It was life Changing experience I'm greatful thank you!!"


Bianca Willard

from Canada, November 2019

This course is really good value for its money. Ravvi, who has studied extensively yoga in India, provides a really good understanding of what is yoga. He teaches us how to live a yoga life on and off of the mat. This course is more about the philosophy of yoga then on the asanas but you will still be working hard on the postures. Ravvi gave us a strong basis on how to be a good yogi and from here we can grow on our own. It was really nice to have Rasa come teache us some classes as we could experience a different style of yoga and she brought a more feminine energy to the class. Thanks Ravvi and Rasa for your kindness and generosity!


from Ireland, August 2019

Melissa Ancell

from United States, April 2019

Ravvi and Rasa are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and have beautiful hearts. If you want to strengthen your own yoga practice, become a better teacher and grow as a human, then book here! Also, have no expectations yogi ;)

Allison Parsons

from United States, April 2019

"Peace and Balance at the Yogapadashala "

The program was challenging for the mind, body and soul. It was a blessing to be a part of it, I would do it again in a heart beat. It was well balanced with class sessions of discussion and practice - with Ravvi sharing his knowledge and experience the whole way. There was free time every day between 10:30/11am meal and class resuming again around 2:30 or 3pm, which made it very nice to read the text, work on assignments, explore konnos bay right near the house or take a rest, as you please. It was a very well balanced program full of support, inspiration and love.


from France, March 2019

"Ravvi is one in a million"

Great location, Ravvi is an incredible man, full of wisdom and very insightful. He is open minded, loving, welcoming, funny, wise, very experienced and you could listen to him speak for hours. The daily chef made very healthy, tasty, and fresh meals. There is a beautiful beach about 10 minutes walk from the yoga house, nearby cliffs, towns not far, etc. Ravvi has a special way with words which assisted me to get into a pose I struggled with for many years.

Jamie Flippard

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Experience of a life time "

Every thing . Had no expectations. And we all did yoga. Sleep yoga. Eat yoga. Dream yoga. talk yoga xx

Fleur Beaton-daghestani

from Portugal, January 2019

"Ravvi is great"

Fantastic TTC, with authentic and meaningful instruction, philosophy and plenty of hands-on experience. Would highly recommend Ravvi’s yoga school.

Stefan Mair

from Italy, October 2021

Die Hingabe Ravvis, die Leidenschaft mit der er seine Arbeit ausführt sein umfassendes Wissen und den unerschütterlichen Glauben, die vielen Tipps die er zur Entwicklung der eigenen Persönlichkeit liefert. Die erstaunlichen Fortschritte die durch die Hinweise möglich wurden.

Katia Goldemberg

from United States, March 2019

"Une expérience incroyable"

Ravii est un excellent professeur qui a su donner à chacun les outils nécessaires à l'épanouissement de ses capacités et des bases solides d'enseignement.

L'énergie qui imprègne ces lieux est unique, revigorante et pure. J'ai appris énormément et continue à mettre en pratique chacun des enseignements.

J'ai beaucoup aimé l'ambiance de groupe qui s'est formée entre les participants et les nombreuses ballades que le lieu magnifique nous a permis de faire.

Je suis très heureuse d'avoir choisi cette école, et y reviendrais sans hésiter.

Merci à tous pour cette expérience!

Sophia Jaschik

from Germany, December 2021

"200 hr Yoga Teacher Training"

It is hard to describe this experience for me. If you are in doubt to book it, just do it. If you want to dive deep in the Yoga Philosophy and Practice for a short term like 3 weeks, you will like it.

Ravvi is very very careful and I felt very safe, even though I did not practice much Yoga before this course. He is attentive when we practice the Asanas and there is no force to do anything you are not capable to. But it is important to be motivated to at leat try it. (It is not holiday all the time).

He is also very wise and you can ask him many questions during the talks. I don't know when I met a person this respectful the last time.

Third he cooks very good, it is very easy to eat vegan if you like.

Plus Cypress is a beatiful country with fresh herbs and fruits growing everywhere.

Annalisa Bacchi

from Italy, October 2019

"Live yoga"

Ravi is an excellent teacher, who can convey the spirit of yoga through the asana practice, his own stories and the way he is with the students. I learnt a lot about the way of living yoga not just on the mat but in real life.

I recommend it strongly if you want to understand yoga as a spiritual practice and the qualities to nurture inside of us if we wish to be teachers and communicate these to other people.

The food was so light and tasty. Rooms are nice and clean.

The seaside nearby is fantastic


from Germany, September 2019

"Learn about Yoga and yourself"

I learnt a lot, Ravvi is a very wise teacher and due to the small group (we were 5) he can really focus on each student and guide your practice. Food was very good and plenty. The beach is only 5 minutes walk, I went for a swim every lunch break.

Claudia Nocentini

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Most useful holiday ever"

I could only go in August when in Cyprus it is obviously very hot: would I be able to bear the heat? I am also a lot older (and fatter) than the people who go on yoga retreats, judging by the photos online, and I get tired easily: would I be able to cope with the pace and get on with the others? I took a gamble and was very lucky. Ravvi taught us the entire course, and if the 4 initial days were very hard, something changed after that and the pace became lighter though still intense. I had other books with me, but I ended up reading only about yoga. Even if the sea was very close I went to swim only sporadically, and stayed home resting or reading about yoga. I thought that I would regret this once I got back home, and instead I was surprised to find myself so different and lighter on my return,

Ravvi is an excellent teacher and focuses his attention on his students so much that even a mistaken exhalation through the mouth, instead of the nose, was picked upon immediately, even if he was correcting someone else’s asana. A toe out of line was noticed and corrected at once, let alone the more obvious opening of a hip, or raising of shoulders. His attention to detail was contagious, back home I find that I’m thinking of each pose a lot more, I’m constantly checking on bandhas, adjusting this and that, in other words, practising mindfully rather than rushing into asanas. My teacher here noticed and complimented me at once. Thanks Ravvi, Yogi and my fellow students!