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Rasa Lila by Dijan

Rasa Lila by Dijan offers Tantric yoga therapy counseling to bring out the vibrant, radiant, loving, sensual, and the divine feminine essence waiting to shine.

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Dijan Albayrak

Dijan is a practitioner of yoga and dance for many years, and her work is a synthesis of yoga therapy, exploration of the divine feminine, and creative movement. She studied with several teachers and is fully immersed in a yogic way of life for the past five years. She also works as a full-time yoga teacher and therapist as well. Dijan loves integrating her dance background as well as her passion for the profound philosophical and psychological aspects of spirituality to her work. Her teachings aim to provide ways to open up to life inside and out to serve oneself and others around.

Reviews (11)


from United States, March 2018

"Dijan is lovely but More attention to detail "

I enjoyed the friends I made and content onteresting

Zeynep Ozden

from Netherlands, April 2018

Two days full of love, joy and spirituality. The view was breathtaking and peaceful. This retreat was transformational for me and special thanks to our instructor Dijan for these amazing two days. It was an eye-opening & rewarding experience for me

Neris San

from United States, April 2018

"a wonderful experience"

Beautiful work. Dijan is very inspiring. A safe space for self-exploration, personal healing with great knowledge and practical exercises. Supportive atmosphere at a beautiful and peaceful venue.

Katerina Tsaligopoulou

from Greece, March 2018

"Entering into Balance"

Dijan is exceptional. A true Teacher. Guides you to the core of your essence, helping you find your inner balance and stability. Her attitude, the flow of the course, the environment was a totality that made the exprerience a true treasure to keep for life. Thank you


from Switzerland, March 2018

"Excellent experience and learning "

Excellent teacher, relaxed environment, very supportive.

Pinar Ozkaya

from Thailand, March 2018

"looking forward for the next workshop"

It was exactly what my inner goddess wanted. I learned a lot and exercises supported it which is a huge benefit for me. Thank you very much for your energy


from Malaysia, March 2018

"A real awakening"

Dijan is an amazing teaching who knows what she teaches about.

I had no expectations when I joined the retreat but it was a big pleasant surprise and real awakening.

Some unexpected emotions came back to surface during the workshop and I realized that I have something to heal. Dijan's workshop helped me realize that. For that exact reason, I highly recommend Dijan's workshop if you are looking to better know yourself and your femininity. It is powerful!


from DR Congo, March 2018

Very knowledgeable, commendable end experienced instructor. Perfect balance between body and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Mai Stanek

from Republic of Korea, January 2018

"Excellent Instruction"

Dijan was incredibly knowledgeable. Excellent balance of theory and practice. Lots of breakthroughs. Well planned and varied activities.

Ann-sophie Briest

from United States, March 2018

"Wonderful journey!"

Wonderful, step by step journey. I enjoyed the taste of the different lectures and practices; it was just right - not too much, not too little; enough time for sharing and questions. Most amazing rituals and belly dance sessions! I loved the beautiful venue with clean yoga mats, pillows, props. It was a beautiful, profound and nourishing journey. Thank you so much!!

Testimonials (5)

Dorien Netherlands

Rasa Lila by Dijan

I first want to say thank you again for the course. It gave me so much. I feel so much more feminine en secure about myself. It changed my way of thinking in a positive way! And I am able to hold this feeling back in Amsterdam

Patricia Australia

Rasa Lila by Dijan

I just want to thank you so much Dijan for holding our space so tenderly during the retreat. You are both Elder and Mother. I explained to you early on in our week together that I wanted to learn to more effectively hold space, to not lose myself in the collective energy, I'm an extremely sensitive soul that up until recently have survived by either being completely open in safe places or completely closed in the unknown (Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Pisces Rising). A very black and white existence that completely lacked flow and stifled further opening of my heart. I feel that the divine led me to the source that I needed, you showed me that I have more power than I know and

that with a few tweaks (boundary work) I could tap deeper into my heart. You taught me that it's ok to receive, to feel held whilst holding others. I have been walking the path of the heart since and I've healed so much since taking these teachings into my daily practices. My heart is so much more open, it feels incredible.

To date not many teachers have touched me as much as you. I walked away from your retreat feeling empowered and inspired. You have such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom of what it really means to be a woman in this crazy world. I hope our paths cross again, I'm always sending gratitude out to you.

Astrid Netherlands

Rasa Lila by Dijan

Dijan is an amazing soulful teacher, coming from the heart connecting on all the levels and not scared to really truly dive deeper. Within herself and also opening and holding the space for others to do so with her amazing support.

I perceive her as strong and soft at the same time, and that is an art.

Patrizia Italy

Rasa Lila by Dijan

I experienced Dijan Albayrak teachings as profound and insightful. She teaches from the heart, she brings forward authenticity and passion in all her expressions modality, being it a lecture, a yoga class, a dancing session or a meditation. She embodies gracefully her feminine nature and playfulness. The feminine way is a journey within, guided with love and enthusiasm from a skillful and sensitive woman.

Michelle France

Rasa Lila by Dijan

It outreached my expectation by far and the teaching resonates with me. I gained some technical & theoretical knowledge but also could feel sensations that I have never felt before which I didn’t expect. I guess if you want to understand the concept of holding space for self-exploration and personal healing combined with fundamental knowledge and kindness is all about you should definitely be part of this retreat.

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