Rama School of Yoga specializes in 200-hour yoga teacher training in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. We are located in beautiful Kerala.

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Suchitra Shettigar

Sankar Pandiyan

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David Bak Riiskjær

from Denmark, January 2019

"An experience for lifetime "

Everything was professionally organised and the quality of the teaching was very high. Also the location was magical.

Eduard Rausch

from India, April 2018

"200 TTC Varkala"

I liked the wide knowledge of all teachers, the food and the location. I highly recommend this school for people who want to go deeper into their own Ashtanga and Hatha praxis in a traditional way and gain some teacher skills for beginners.

Best wishes Eduard

Kamila Matejczuk

from Great Britain, April 2018

The course is very very well prepared, great methodology, interesting classes, attention to the details, very good teachers. The staff is very friendly, good food, place just next to the ocean.We could hear the sound of waves all day long!! The location is very safe and beautiful! I can highly recommend!!!

Carine Garcia

from New Zealand, March 2018

"Be prepared !"

All the yoga classes !

Our group (only 7 people)

The location = in front of the beach ! :)

The bungalow

Isabela Martins Costa

from Brazil, January 2018

"More than a teacher course, it’s an experience worth having!"

1. Teachers

Rama is very generous and caring. He participates and follows up on all activities, which means he is always available to help or make adjustments. By talking to people who chose a different course, I realized that Rama’s attitude and support is not a given.

Rama was very knowledgeable when it cabe to asanas. Anatomy and philosophy teachers were also extremely knowledgeable and dedicated in their fields.

2. Location

Most TTCs do not have their own place so location can change. In my case, the change was a very pleasant surprise. Absolutely beautiful, peaceful, private, beach-front accommodations. Daily by the ocean practices. Absolutely amazing. Just always double check the location when booking -with any school really.

3. Serious Course

It’s tough getting used to the yogi life-style: waking up at 5am and taking cold showers, but it grows on you. That, combined with the many lessons a day, comes out to be an amazing experience. There is very little down time to go off on your own -but that’s not what I was looking for. This is a rather traditional and serious school, unlike other that accommodate for a lot of extra partying.

Also, this is a very traditional Ashtanga course (no vinyasa flow) and some Hatha (with which I fell in love and totally recommend).

Monica Valmadre

from United States, December 2017

"Powerful experience"

I was there for YTT certificate and i found everything really beautiful .Ramaraj is a devoted teacher his approach with yoga is both professionale and fun.Very interesting philosofy and anatomy class..Recommend experience


from United States, March 2019

Die Lage und der unterricht

Stephane Mariani

from India, January 2019

"Very good teacher"

First of all the location is just amazing, class facing the sea, meals taken with daulphins view, very quiet, in between coconuts tree forest and the sea. The yoga courses are very intense and Rama is a very good teacher, serious in his job. The anathomy class are very interesting. My room was away from the school in a beatiful place with pleasant neighbours.

Testimonials (5)

Sumathi J.

TripAdvisor website

Our Master is a good teacher. He is very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable. As a beginner, it was a challening task after so many years. Practicing yoga had got in me positive vibrations and it refreshe's our body everyday. I am really enjoying the classes in bangalore and there is always a lot to take back home everyday. Thank you Master.

Raquel D.

TripAdvisor website

Varkala is the ideal place to just chill and Rama school of yoga is the ideal place to practice yoga. I got stuck in varkala for 2 weeks because I fell in love with the place and Ramaraj helped me discover ashtanga yoga which I loved too. The classes are held on a second floor open room with a view of the beach and Ramaraj is just an amazing teacher and really pushed me beyond what I thought I could do. Wish I could have stayed and done the teaching course! Thanks Ramaraj! Hopefully I'll be back

Steve S.

TripAdvisor website

I found Ramaraj's classes both, Hatha & Ashtanga excellent. He has great presentation and knows when to push you and when to have some fun in class too!! I practice a lot in India and in UK, I would highly recommend paying him a visit if you are down that way!

GianFranco F.

TripAdvisor website

A nice place, a wondeful teacher, i was so lucky to take some lessons from Ramaraj, I will never forget his recommendations. My practice improved so much!!! Thank you!!!

a traveler

TripAdvisor website

Being a beginner to yoga, I wasn't flexible enough. But Yoga teacher Ramaraj has helped from basics,it was very helpful; Incredible guide to start yoga journey.It's nice place to enjoy yoga ! Yoga teacher Ramaraj and the staffs are friendly and very kind. Also very nice environment to stay for long time to learn yoga ,the place Varkala is close to nature, beautiful beaches. I highly recommend Ramaraj's classes!