Raíces Yoga and Culture Retreat provides the guests with amazing natural and cultural yoga experience in the heart of Old San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico.

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Jendar Marie Morales

Lidith Ramos

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from Mali,

Raices Cultural Retreat was an excellent experience and one that I would recommend to others. Starting each day with sunrise yoga on the beach really helped put the day in perspective. The mid-day Ashtanga yoga was challenging mentally and physically, but the instructor was nurturing and understanding. The meals served were of superior quality. All the additional cultural activities and nature walks were an amazing complement to the yoga classes. I would recommend this retreat to any yoga enthusiast of any level, who also enjoys combining travel with yoga.

Mary Ann

from Utah,

This was a fabulous yoga and cultural retreat. We could not have asked for a better way to immerse ourselves into all the wonderful aspects of life in San Juan. The food was very good and there was great accommodation to rides and extra activities. The yoga sessions were both restful and challenging. Perfect!


from California,

What makes this retreat so amazing is the perfect balance between the fitness side of it along with all the cultural events. Even as a native to the island, who has lived outside of PR for almost 25 years, I still experienced things I have never done before. I visited places that didn’t remember existed, and enjoyed falling in love all over again with my culture! From the beautiful acommodations, to the chefs’ delightful cuisine, and the great variations of yoga practices, all the way to the in home massages, Jendar’s personal attention and unique style, this experience has quickly become one of my most extraordinary ones in my life.


from Florida,

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect from the retreat. I knew I wanted to spend a stress free week somewhere new; doing things I wouldn't normally do. Raices Yoga & Culture Retreat was that and much more. I think my favorite part were the yoga classes everyday. I was nervous because I had zero yoga experience but Jendar and the other instructors were very patient and encouraging at all times which made me really love the classes. The vegetarian/ vegan meals served everyday were delicious, hiking in El Yunque, nature tour, and the rest of the cultural activities showed me a side of Puerto Rico I didn't know and now love. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who loves yoga (any level yoga experience) and for those who love to travel.


from California,

From the moment I entered the Palm Springs Airport to board my flight to Puerto Rico the transformation began. I knew in that instance that this would be a spiritual and life changing experience. The most beautiful thing of all is that Jendar with her beautiful soul and graceful presence has renewed and help me recreate my love of yoga. I brought it back home and the transformation continues.