Radically Loved

California, United States

Radically Loved focuses on yoga and meditation. They organize events such as yoga weekly classes, workshops, yoga teacher training and international yoga retreats.

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  • Josie Goldberg

    Radically Loved website

    Rosie is an incredible being. I can’t say enough about her. Not only is Rosie the only teacher who keep me coming back for every class, but she’s someone I’m honored to call my friend. She has helped me with everything to release my stress through meditation, and also to improve my health with yoga, invigorate my life with her life coaching, and even clean my home with her healing energy. This year I look forward to deepen my yoga practice by going to her retreat in Bali, and then have a training with her for my teacher certification. Her supportive guidance, thoughtful words and kind presence make a truly special experience. Spend a little time with her in any capacity, and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  • Morgan Day Cecil

    Radically Loved website

    I have been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and when I found Rosie I knew I found a treasure. I felt an immediate connection with her heart for teaching and her love of the breath. Through her open, joy-filled, generous presence, she is able to create a safe and beautiful place to go deep into the practice. Her teaching is masterful and her love is genuine. I consider her one of my mentors and she has been a big inspiration and catalyst for growth in my own personal and professional practice. Rosie is the real deal. Through her light and her experience as a teacher, she will guide you back to the radiant place within where you can feel at home in your body and heart.

  • Anna Chapman

    Radically Loved website

    Rosie is a brilliant and inspiring teacher! Thanks to Rosie. I am able to overcome my fear of “what will people think” and allow myself to receive the benefits and healing of yoga in a class setting. When I started 3 years ago, I was sure that yoga was not for me. Through her mindful practice and deep support, I have been able to build a strong practice and gain more confidence in myself. Rosie’s classes make me feel like coming home. Rosie is one of the kindest humans I know, I am beyond grateful for her presence and support in my life. Taking her class is like medicine for the soul.

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