Radiant Spiral Retreats offers life-affirming yoga and meditation retreats at picturesque locations all over the world! Leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

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Anne Lauren

Katie Jacobson

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Marcia Randall

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Yoga in 5 Terre"

Generous lovely lively teachers and group

Testimonials (5)

Emma Sweden

Radiant Spiral with Anne-Lauren Website

My decision to join this retreat is one of the best ones I have made in this life

Emily Australia

Radiant Spiral with Anne-Lauren Website

I found my inner strength - something I will always keep with me now. I know I will always be able to turn to that place of glowing peace for my truth and fortitude - what a gift!

Natalie California

Radiant Spiral with Anne-Lauren Website

It was an amazing opportunity to check in with myself and reflect with other women through yoga and nature, using physical and emotional energy. Anne-Lauren is so accommodating ~ such a light of positive, nurturing female guidance. She provides a beautiful space that is comforting and easy to be in just as you are. You deserve this experience!

Emilie United Kingdom

Radiant Spiral with Anne-Lauren Website

Each day was so rich in discoveries that I'm not sure I could sum in up in one line. But without a doubt I have said "Go!" - everyone deserves to do this retreat with Anne-Lauren at some point in their lives

Victoria Switzerland

Radiant Spiral with Anne-Lauren Website

Anne-Lauren has so much love in her soul, that is what is different to other teachers. It is less her ego, which is driving to teach, it is her heart and soul to help people to change. It’s hard to explain, you just have to join one of her retreats and you will understand