Quaternityoga offers fantastic programs with a foundation in yoga which include Hatha, Kundalini, and yoga Nidra based practices.

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Lindita Maria

Sarah Lilia Jolanta Sarbjot

Reviews (24)

Suzanne Stannard

from France, August 2019

"Truly wonderful"

I can't fully describe just how wonderful this course was. The teachers are incredibly knowledgable and experienced, and deliver the training with warmth, humor, humility and sincerity. We covered a huge amount - from a physical , technical, psychological, philosophical and emotional perspective. I liked that we covered Kundalini, Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Yoga Nidra, Mantra and Meditation.

Aside from the course itself, the location was simply beautiful -comfortable and peaceful. The food ( breakfast , lunch and dinner) was exceptional - healthy, varied, and delicious.

We were all supported professionally and personally, and even though we're all received the same training, all 12 of us on the course, were able to deliver 12 very different classes.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this wonderful course to anyone thinking about going into teaching yoga, or to anyone who just wants to deepen their practice.

A profoundly transformative (and yet fun!) experience.

Thank you Lindita, Sara and all the team.

Annalise Mcneill

from Canada, August 2019

"Quaternity - Much More Than Asanas & Pranayama"

I thought I was just going to learn how to be a yoga teacher, but in fact I learned so much more about myself, my fears, my perseverance and my own inner potential. The location was absolutely stunning and created a luxurious retreat feel. The other students came from all around the world and made the entire experience very special. But perhaps the thing I was most impressed with was the genuine characters of Sarah and Lindita. They were so insightful, honest, and full of knowledge that I wish I could spend another month with them to continue to soak up all their experience. They truly were inspirational and have made me realize that all I need is already within myself. Thank you Quaternity for a life-changing experience!


from Indonesia, August 2018

"Fantastic experience"

I came alone & I left with a family. The teachers & the other students were really supportive, I could never ask for a better experience. Thank you Quaternity Yoga !

Stacey West

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"A little bit of yoga magic in the French countryside"

I liked everything! I would not change a part of it. Domaine de Mournac was exceptional, secluded but not so secluded you felt isolated. The training was very good - Lindita and Sara have a wealth of knowledge and they are so giving. I just wish I had had more time with them to glean more nuggets of wisdom from them :) The 3 weeks of training is thorough and although intensive you never feel like it is too much. The food was lovely, and we were well looked after in any way we needed, nothing was ever too much trouble. Thanks so much Sara & Lindita, I am proud to be part of the Quaternity family xx

Stephanie Neumann

from Germany, August 2019


This training was beyond my expectations. I thought I'd learn how to teach asanas, but actually I learned so much more about yoga, health, life and myself. A unique and holistic experience that I will never ever forget. The wonderful people (Sarah and Lindita and their crew are such darlings), beautiful scenery and fantastic food added to the magic. I would do this again in a heartbeat <3

Karine Hitchcock

from France, August 2018


Magnifiques professeurs tout d’abord: professionnels, bienveillants, attentifs et d’une générosité extraordinaire!

Magnifique lieu de formation: juste parfait pour une retraite, le domaine de Mournac invite à la contemplation et au lâcher prise. Sublime!

Magnifique atmosphère au sein du groupe. Dans la confiance et le respect, chacun a appris, évolué, grandi et de jolis liens se sont tissé. Quelle privilège d’enseigner pour la première fois dans de si belles conditions!

Enfin magnifique cuisine, diverse, créative, délicieuse!

Mille mercis pour cette formidable et inoubliable expérience!

India Mahourat

from France, August 2018

"amazing! !!"

Tout était parfait! !! C'était une expérience humaine extraordinaire dont je me souviendrai toute ma vie. Lindita et Sarah ont été au petit soin avec nous très accessible compréhensive leurs cours sont très carré très accessible tout est fluide et de qualité je me sens prête pour me lancer dans ma carrière en tant que professeur de yoga C'était une expérience absolument géniale merci à elles pour tous.

Elaina Garcia

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"A beautiful experience that flew by (don’t hesitate to book)"

There is so much that I liked, where to start. I did the Yoga Nidra 50 hours training in Hungary with Sarah and Lindita. From start to finish I felt supported and in capable hands. They had thought of everything. The timetable was well rounded and perfect to be honest. The accommodation was nice and the food was amazing. Every meal was divine :-)

Karen M

from Netherlands, October 2018

"Fabulous Ayurvedic Experience"

I loved the fact that there was an intimate experience with this retreat. We were 5 participants and received a lot of wonderful information, assignments and reviews on our practicum. I must say that the highlight of the retreat was the wonderful food and the lovely cakes. We got to pick walnuts, apples and grapes and saw the beautiful clear sky at night full of stars. If you are into singing, mantras, classic haha yoga and ayurveda, you will be into this retreat.

Catia Silva

from Netherlands, September 2018

"A must for everyone!"

Lindita and Sarah are the most amazing people on Earth. They make the world a better place just by existing. They teach yoga from the heart. They are very knowledgeable, they teach in a scientific evidence-based manner and they truly care about your well being (physical and emotional). I am a better person for having met them. The course is very well structured and you learn a bit of everything (anatomy, meditation, yoga as a sport, yoga as a science, spiritual yoga, marketing yourself as a teacher..). The food was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend this course.

Kathryn Crowley

from Ireland, June 2018

"Deer mountain "

There was plenty to like! Sarah and Lindita offered much more than tuition. They checked to see how people were feeling throughout the course, and they gave advice and feedback during class time too. They gave it their all as instructors, and were very patient. I felt supported and encouraged. I liked that they focused on the roots of yoga, with respect for classical tradition. It was good that they brought in one guest teacher with a completely different dynamic, for contrast. They chose a beautiful area to host the training. Having a forest nearby was a bonus. Encountering a deer and lots of other creatures made the time even more enjoyable; every walk I took in solitude was a multi-sensory experience. An abundance of fruit and food was available at all times, and I liked the attitude of our teachers in that regard. Being gluten intolerant was no drama; I always had options, because the hosts cared enough to prepare alternatives. Every meal was healthy, tasty and varied. On that note, I really liked the introduction to ayurveda.

Paul Doffing

from Slovakia, June 2018

"Phenomenal Experience"

Lindita and Sarah took incredible care of us. They not only taught us about yoga in a deep, sensitive and illuminating way, but they also demonstrated the principle of karma yoga in their thorough and thoughtful manner in all activities, e.g. conversation, meal preparation, etc. They were committed to giving us a well rounded understanding, welcomed questions and helped us on our journey in a nurturing and direct manner. They planted seeds that will continue to grow in each of our lives.

The experience was much more than a mere certification, and in fact has deeply the way I feel, think of myself, and my life.

I cannot thank them enough for they way they so sincerely share themselves, and I absolutely recommend spending your time learning from them.

Katie Barnes

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Amazing "

Inspirational teacher with the ability to communicate in a way everyone can understand and relate too. Very professional and understanding to everyone’s needs

Asia Wasilewska

from Ireland, October 2017

"Must-do for anyone who needs some change in life!!"

The three weeks in France were simply amazing, I've learnt much more than expected about yoga and the group I had a pleasure to share the experience with was easy-going, understanding and supportive!

Petra Sikulova

from United Kingdom, October 2017

"The best three weeks of my life"

I love their style. Sara, Lindita, Tina and Victoria are four totally different individuals but together they have super power to create something amazing.

Overall, I had really good time. Didn't want to leave. They prepared us to be a teachers and personally me, I gained lots of confidence.


Food was excellent. They really look after us. Always made sure we had enough of everything. Plus everything was super tasty!!


from United Kingdom, May 2017

"yoga teacher training "

A great yoga course with 4 wonderful teachers. Knowledgeable, thorough and very inspirational. I cannot wait to use my Yogi qualification

Aurelia Nox

from Ireland, May 2017

"Best decision I've ever made"

This was the most amazing experience of my life. Our teachers were simply wonderful. I loved everything about the last three weeks!

Ashley Varangu

from Peru, May 2017

"YTT 200 hrs France "

It was an amazingly beautiful experience. The location, studies, activities,teachers,food were top notch. If you are wanting to embark on your training I could not recommend Sara, Lindita and the guest teachers enough. It is a month I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.