QuantumLifesource provides yoga and meditation classes, self-healing courses, breathwork, Reiki, Tibetan bowl healings, and quantum energy healing.

Testimonials (2)

Lindsey Friedberg Colorado

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I’m so happy I made the decision to come to the Self Healing Mastery Retreat in India, Victoria is so amazing at what she does. I expected to come and learn about healing, but I ended up learning a lot about myself and having amazing experiences with people that quickly became family. I will use the tools I learned in the workshop for the rest of my life

Brenda Nixon Canada

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It was so wonderful to have Victoria take care of everything for the retreat from the Bali end of it. I was support staff for the retreat once I arrived and she had everything taken care of. I was so grateful that she was there! I was so impressed with Victoria by how she took care of all the details, making sure all the participants, the facilitators, and staff at the hotel, were supported. I felt very supported and taken care of as well. Her morning meditation was beautiful and very grounding. Everyone was able to participate with the movement portion of it too. All of the sacred sites that she arranged for us to visit were amazing and made our experience feel complete. Victoria was very organized and really knows the culture and all of her connections were amazing. From the drivers, to the sacred site staff and everything in between, she had it handled. I highly recommend her for anyone that is thinking of holding or attending a retreat in Bali or anywhere for that matter.