Pyramid Yogshala is a Yoga school from Rishikesh India, providing Holistic Multi-style Courses, Retreats, and Daily Classes in Holly City.

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Yoshita Walia

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Luisa Thiel

from Germany, March 2020

"What a journey - what an amazing month "

Wow! What a great month it has been! I can only recommend to the yoga teacher training at this place, everything is awesome and I would have loved to stay longer.

The staff is super lovely and friendly and always there for you, huge thank you! Teachers are all very qualified and I learned sooo much! The excusions the school provided were the icing on the cake, it was amazing to experience more than just class. Of course it was a very intense month and hard work and getting up early, but I loved every minute of it. Lots of love from Germany! Hope I will see all of you again at some point :)


from Great Britain, February 2020

"An incredible journey with a highly supportive team "

This course is physically mentally emotionally challenging but I would not have changed a thing. I’m 53 & only been studying Iyengar yoga for 2 years. I learnt Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa but much much more. Philosophy, Pranayama, Anatomy, Alignment, Teaching Methodology & Meditation. There was so much to take in & not much time in which to study & take in the sights of Rishikesh so I would say that if you can go & then spend some extra time then you will experience a beautiful spiritual land buzzing with life & vitality.

The teaching is exceptional. The practical exam an hour of teaching your own class in your style using what you’ve learnt. The written paper way less scary than I thought! I had taken in far more than I thought.

I have just completed the February course & it is cold mornings & evenings so pack warm things. You’ll be living in your yoga clothes so don’t think too much about dressing up stuff.... maybe an outfit or 2. That said there will be so much you might want to buy & sending stuff home is not cheap.

Things to consider.... the power goes off a lot, not always hot water but I got used to it & wasn’t so bad! My iPhone charger broke & I couldn’t find one near by.

The accommodation is basic but fine. I personally think it’s good to live a spartan life for a month....makes one appreciate home!

I’m vegan & there wasn’t a huge amount of protein so maybe bring some protein powder or peanut butter (expensive there), you can buy nuts to supplement your diet

Frank Morrison

from Canada, February 2020

"Serenity and Bliss all in one."

Good management always makes a successful business. This place is awesome! The vibe was great. It was quiet and a little ways from the busy streets of laxman jhula. The outings were so much fun! Indescribably fun. All the staff was very amazing and professional. You feel like part of a family here. The training was very hard and there was alot of pressure in it. It was only to insure the quality of students coming out of the school. Rahul or Ravi are always around to talk and lend support. I cant say enough good things about this place. They managed to attract the most amazing group of teachers and students alike. Every part of this experience was life changing and i am so blessed to be part.

Matthew Johnson

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Life Changing "

They were so welcoming. You are worked hard but it's done very kindly. They are very keen to give you a well rounded experience so the excursions are also wonderful. The people you meet on the course are fabulous. The teachers are fabulous. The food is divine. You learn so much about so much I've recommended it to everyone I know xxx

Audrey Maclean

from Canada, February 2020

"Such a unique yoga/meditation teacher training experience "

Back home now & still processing this amazing yoga experience. I am so glad that I signed up for this program. It was very intense & hard work with very little free time ( that is not a complaint just the reality of a 200 hour program to be completed in a month ). The yoga instructors for Hatha & Ashtanga were excellent. Mr Wonderful who taught us Hatha Yoga also taught the adjustments portion of the course & he was amazing in my opinion. I learned so much from him. The philosophy instructor was an intelligent man with a wry sense of humour which I enjoyed enormously. A special word about our mantra teacher, she was one of the most charming women I have ever met in my life. We all loved her!!! In my next life I want to be just like her, please, please. Rahul is one of the owners of the school & he planned & guided our outside excursions which were very interesting. Rahul clearly wanted to share his local knowledge with the students & help create lasting memories and he succeeded ( I will never forget the meditation cave ). Thank you Rahul for your good energy. The surprise for me was how spiritual It all was & now I can’t imagine studying yoga seriously any place but in India.

Matej Rumanovský

from Slovakia, January 2020

"Thank you for lifechanging experience"

Thank you Rahul, Rui, Ravi and the team for unforgettable and lifechanging experience. I love this course and people around. The team brings true family atmosphere there and it was so lovely. Feeling true support in everything. Also my yoga asanas has improved big time. Thanks again for everything!

PS: also food was unbelievable. ;-)

Siri Wandee

from Thailand, January 2020

"Excellent property, location, atmosphere for yoga"

1.I like the compound as a whole. Our yoghalsa (yoga hall) is on a third floor of a resident building. It has a beautiful view of Ganga. Imagine how it feels, after a hatha class in the morning on a sunny day ,to open the curtain to see this view everyday.

2.The new dorm building are nice, we can feel the management wants to offer the most comfortable accommodation to course attendees.

3.Dining rooms in the Pyramid are great.

Abishej and three Ravi are nice and helpful.

4.I like the atmosphere of the Pyramid compound. It's hidden on the foothill, yet not far from the shopping street. You do a small hike to get back to Pyramid after going for coffee in the busy street.

5.I love mantra classes(Deepa) hatha(Binu) and Ashtanga class(Ashish). Meditation classes could have been deeper but that's just my opinion and taste but I learned a lot and it has opened my mind. Anatomy classes were very interesting and Kushal was great.

6.We had two meetings with management (Rui, Ravi and Rahul) to exchange feedbacks during our journey, it was helpful communication for both us and the school.

7.The free time activities were optional, many of us enjoyed it.

8.My classmates were great! Things happen for a reason;)


from Turkey, January 2020


I love Asish,Ashtanga teacher🙏He were great! He helped every student. He was lovely and profesional.

Rahul, Rui and all stuff were amazing people. I love them so much! Very helpful.


from Egypt, December 2019

"200 hr yoga teacher training at pyramids yogshala"

The practical and theoretical training was well balanced and contained the most relevant subjects. Teaching methods were absolute professional.


from Slovenia, December 2019

Rolfe De La Motte

from Australia, December 2019

"Excellent "

A broad look at the full yogic philosophy and practices (beyond just yogasanas).

Pyramid Yogshala takes joy in imparting yoga practices and values to its students (ie. it's not just 'business'). A big 'Thank you' to all the crew!

Kat Smyk

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Where do I start!"

Where do I start! My time spent at Pyramid Yogshala was a month that I know I will remember forever and that has changed me in all of the best ways! It wasnt what I expected, remember to come with no expectations as then you will never be dissapointed firstly. I learnt so much, about yoga, about India, and most importanty about myself.

Everything was great - the classes, the teachers, the food, the accomodation, the group I was with, the part of town that we were in, the lessons that I learnt, and everything that I am taking back with me.

Throughout the day as well as asana classes, we had theory classes, and they were all very new to me and nothing that I had really learnt about before so they interested me and were taught by great teachers also. I improved my practise so much and learnt so much that I didn't expect to learn.

Everyone at pyramid made me feel so at home and well looked after, and made sure I had everything I needed. They were always there to speak with me and give me guidance and advice. I also feel super welcome to return in the future and definetely will as I have such love for everyone there. I have come back with new friends and people that I now consider family and always will.

Much love to everybody there and it was an amazing experience! Don't hesitate to go here!

Mert Erdogan

from Turkey, December 2019

"Amazing Experience"

Fırst of all thanks for the all teachers, staff and everybody who had contributed this amazing experince. Manager and the owner always there for any problem. They always listen and try to fix the problem. Staff was very helpful. Kitchen was clean and foods were nice. I highly recommend this place to everybody who wants to live this experience and take their teacher certificate.


from Sweden, November 2019

"A good experience that could have been better"

The teachers were absolutely amazing.

They are all very knowledgeable and dedicated.

The location of the school is in the middle of the woods but still very close to a calmer and very nice part of the city was very nice.

The food was a very good experience. It’s the same type of food though for four weeks but it’s genuine Indian and delicious.

Lea Ritters

from Germany, October 2019

"Awesome experience"

I did the YTT in October 2019 and the whole experience was just great!

- The teachers were very professional and we learned the traditional way of yoga from them very properly. Especially the philosophy teacher amazed everyone!

- The food was gorgeous too, we got classical, healthy, delicious indian food and filtered, clean water. When we asked for something special or complained about something, it was mostly taken care of (not just the food!) It's very easy to be vegan there.

- In general, everyone working at the pyramid is extremely caring and kind, they made sure everyone would feel comfortable. Some of us got sick in the last days and they took us to the hospital, cared for us so lovely and even let me stay for a few days longer.

- The whole time we felt very safe. We could lock our doors and didn't get assaulted by anyone (some people are a bit worried when it comes to the safety in India, but don't worry at all. If you don't walk along the streets at night alone, you're probably gonna be fine in Rishikesh)

- The Pyramids are very close to the main street were you can find everything you need (try the vegan cheese pizza at the german bakery!), so don't worry about anything. The location is far from the loud & busy city in the middle of the jungle (Nevertheless, in October there was a festival like every day and people would celebrate with firecrackers the whole night so take some ear plugs!)

Thank you for the great time!


from Germany, October 2019

"Feeling home in such a new lifestyle"

In total my stay in the pyramids have just been SUPER SUPER AWESOME!

*life-changing experience*

I've been doing the 200hr TTC there this October and didn't really know what to expect. I've been doing yoga before, but maybe just some university courses for once a week, so I wasn't sure if my level is okay to become a teacher.

But it was totally fine! Intense and sometimes challenging, but it just felt soo good! Next to the physical exercise, I did learn so much about all backgrounds of yoga! It's such a spiritual lifestyle which helps a lot to go on a deep self-journey :)

And I think there cannot be any better place for this experience than the pyramids. The people there are just super carrying and you feel you're a part of their family, they do serve you with wonderful food, answer all your question and also enjoy to party with you ;) - you will definitively feel like having a second home in India at a wonderful green area with a great view! Come here and enjoy!!

Carly Scanlan

from United States, October 2019

"Excellent retreat with beautiful people "

I had little expectations going into this retreat and I was pleasantly surprised. The location was great, being a quick walk to the main part of town. The surrounding nature was beautiful and the yoga shalas had amazing views of the town. I did not realize upon arrival that we were given 2 free days per week- which was an excellent bonus. The adventure days were amazing and gave a good feel of the town and nature. The quality of classes were great as well.

Emmanuel Garcia

from United States, September 2019

"A uniquely wonderful experience "

It has been nearly a month since I finished the Yoga Teacher Training at Pyramid Yogshala and I still find it difficult to put into words all I gained from my experience there. I went with my husband who is already a fitness instructor and who wanted to receive training in teaching yoga. I decided to join the training mostly to improve my own yoga practice.  What we received was not only thorough instruction and work on the asanas (postures) but the most comprehensive Yoga education you could ask for. We learned breathing practices, cleansing practices, dietary practices, meditation practices, teaching practices and, most importantly, how all these things come together uniquely for each and every individual- the ‘union’ that Yoga practice is all about! We wouldn’t have been able to learn and integrate these lessons without the stellar group of dedicated teachers who LIVE this lifestyle.  The teachers are absolute pros with extensive experience.  They are strict with their students and yet totally loving and understanding in supporting what can be a demanding process physically, mentally and emotionally.  My husband was most impressed with how students with a wide range of interests in our cohort (from the more spiritual aspects of yoga to the more fitness only focus) expressed feeling accepted and comfortable at the training, and for that reason able to improve on their practice. The most amazing part of my journey at Pyramid Yogshala was the sense of family.  Continued...

Gabrielle Bangay

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Best Experience of my Life!"

The knowledgable teachers and instructors, the deliciously freshly cooked food three times a day, the support from the Yogashala family (especially when you fall sick with Delhi Bali and they look after you like you're the Queen!!), the activities and excursions, the free equipment and textbook, the stunning location in the foothills of Himalayas, the like minded people, the list is endless!!

Jessica Van Beek

from United States, September 2019

"Management is everything!"

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but from the moment of arrival at the Pyramids I felt welcomed and taken care of by management. The family who runs the school and restaurant were so kind and loving. A few of the students fell ill within the first week, and we were taken to the hospital where they stayed with us while we were treated. In the days following treatment we were constantly checked on to ensure we were eating and getting the proper nutrition to get us back on our feet and back in class. This gesture alone was enough to prove that I selected the right school.

Management made the entire experience enjoyable. From outings to surprise dance parties; they lightened the mood and made a super intense course so much fun. Everything was meticulously planned behind the scenes to keep us entertained and motivated. Without this management team, my story would be much different.

In addition, the teachers at the school are some of the best. Learning philosophy and traditional yoga from disciplined Indian teachers was an invaluable experience. Personally, before this course, yoga was only a physical exercise that helped with the chronic pain I suffered. After this course, yoga means so much more. Alignment of mind, body, and spirit is true peace. I not only have the knowledge and a certificate to teach yoga, but also an extended family here in Rishikesh. I am so grateful to everyone at the Pyramids for this experience.

Kelly Griffiths

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Exceeded expectations! "

For the price we paid everything was above and beyond expectations. My room was great in the guest house and I had a great view of the Ganges. The food was great, plenty each day you never went hungry and the taste was lovely. The staff made it, they took care of everything for us from start to finish - they where always checking in on how we were and asking if there was anything we required doing. The course was intense so having friendly faces around was exactly what we needed to keep us smiling. The school organised incredible trips for us that I'll never forget, it was great to go out as a group and feel so connected. As a group we were all very close and made specials bonds, I believe friendships have been made that will last a lifetime. To be with likeminded people each day supporting each other was just priceless. We laughed constantly and often this was because of the staffs up beat behaviour or regular bursts of random dancing which put a smile on everyone's face. Even when we had low days the staffs energy was always super high to pick us back up, I can't thank them enough for making this experience one I'll never forget and hold in my heart forever. Thank you pyramid yogashala.

Karolina Starzewska

from Great Britain, September 2019


Namaste Friends,

Just like in the title ...

my experience at 200hr Holistic Yoga Teacher Training with Pyramid Yogshala was something that changed my life.

Starting from formal issues - accommodation, plan of classes, content of subjects, preparation of teachers, care in the situation of health problems, support in every situation requiring it, all extracurricular activities and trips- all these aspects exceeded my expectations positively.

When it comes to informal aspects- energy,vibes,attitude, atmosphere... Throughout the course, I felt like I was part of the family. Daily life filled with course activities and lessons was accompanied by the extraordinary kindness, friendliness and openness of all members and employees of Pyramid Yogshala. With all responsibility I can say that I have never felt so good in any place before. Good energy of all these people gave me strength and motivation to work and study on the course.

I am grateful for all you have done!




Anuradha Shah

from India, August 2019

"Memorable experience "

Everything was very good, most of it, the homely care by the owners.

Highly recommended yogashala in Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh.

Sakhile Padi

from Saudi Arabia, August 2019

"Room for improvement "

Jeet the adjustment teacher, was punctual, had a lesson plan, answered questions clearly and concisely. He has a friendly professionalism. Small Ravi worked really hard.


from Spain, August 2019

"Wonderful experience in a wonderful place"

A fantastic program run by a wonderfully caring family who is very accommodating. It was a well organized but tough month and we learner more than we could have ever imagined. I can recommend the 200hr YTT in this place very highly!


from Slovakia, August 2019

"It’s not worth it."

The nature and the location. Meeting with nice people in your group.


from South Africa, July 2019

"An honest review (the good and bad) "

The location was great! The yogshala was located on the hillside and had a wonderful view of the city and Ganga river. It was very convenient to walk into town in between classes and on breaks. I found the teachers to be very knowledgeable and helpful. I especially loved Hatha classes with Nitin, as well as Anatomy, Allignment/ Adjustment, Philosophy and Meditation classes. Overall, the teachers and Ravi and the kitchen staff were accommodating, friendly and made the teacher training worthwhile :)

Shaun O'sullivan

from India, July 2019

"HONEST REVIEW ~ look elsewhere "

To start I’d like to give a shoutout to Nittin Ji! He was a great teacher and pushed us all in our Hatha practice. The location is quite good, it is atop a big hill so every time you go into town you get a nice workout but it is quiet and serene for most of the part.


from Italy, May 2019

"Amazing experience in the Yoga center of the world"

My experience at Pyramid Yogshala was very positive. There is this green oasis with a familiar atmosphere that really allows you to relax after coming back from the city.

The classes are challenging and the program is on point.

Teachers are so sweet as the rest of the staff crew.

Karolina Gurgul

from Japan, May 2019

"Very special experience"

This course was an unforgettable experience that allowed me to grow and change. I loved the classes and teachers, I learned a lot and got more confidence. Everyone here loves yoga and you can feel it. Location is very special because it’s like a little hideout so you feel safe and away from hustle on the main roads. Food was prepared with love and care, especially breakfast were amaaazing!!! I’m.very grateful.

Chundra Winther Mcdonald

from Denmark, May 2019

"This Training was AMAZING!! "

First of all, I enjoyed this training so much. The accommodation was lovely, and the location of Pyramid just can't be beat!! The food was just DELICIOUS and you can literally TASTE the love that was put in it. I mean, they fed us SOOOOO good!! I'm starting to salivate just thinking about how good the food was!!!😋!!! The staff was nice, but the absolute STAR of the show was Krishna Panwar, the woman who responsible for our yoga asana training. Krishna is just... Amazing. I really can't express how much she impressed me, and I grew tremendously under her guidance. Actually, I enjoyed all the instructors, and I think Pyramid has done a great job of selecting excellent teachers for their program. I could just go on and on, but just to keep it short, choose this program. 😘 😘 It is an AMAZING value and it will give you a strong foundation on which to stand as a yoga instructor. I would recommend it without hesitation. I love Pyramid Yogshala!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Mina Gh

from Armenia, May 2019

"A peaceful yoga experience"

The location of the school is far from any noise and crowded area with a beautiful view of Ganga which makes this yoga experience perfect.

The teachers were knowledgeable and experienced and they had so many to offer and sometimes i needed more time in practical classes to learn more inspite of the fact that my body was so tired.

Krishna and Mr. Ji ( the alignment teacher) were so great and i learned a lot from them. Krishna is a beautiful soul and a great Ashtanga teacher.

I had a chance to work with Rui Ji for my teaching class, and he is a wonderful teacher that i was wondering why he didn't have one of our classes like Hatha! He is a peaceful and happy soul that wanted to learn more form him and unfortunately I didn't get the chance.

The food is great, and as i thought i would loose weight if i go to this course and considering my weight, loosing was not that much of an option 😄 . It is very hard managing food for people everyday and all from different parts of the world with different tastes and appetite. So thanks a lot specially for breakfast since this is my favorite meal and i was always happy and full after this meal 😁

Joao Quintal

from Switzerland, May 2019

"Experiência única "

Sempre me senti como homem de aventura por isso, em 10 minutos tomei a decisão de me lançar para mais uma.

Como em qualquer parte do mundo onde há um português me sinto em casa, aqui foi o Rui Carvalho que me fez sentir em casa.

Esta formação é de uma qualidade excelente e todo o amador de Yoga deveria passar por aqui.

Aquilo que se vive aqui na Terra Mãe do Yoga é muito para lá de qualquer escola ocidental seja ela de que nível for.

Aqui vive-se, respira-se, aprende-se, ensina-se, a essência do YOGA.

É uma experiência continua durante 28/30 dias que ganha raízes suficientes para não mais secar.

Apesar das minhas dificuldades em inglês, usufrui em pleno esta formação porque aquilo que aprendi não está nas palavras assim como não está nas escolas de Yoga ocidentais, está sim na energia que se sente, no ar que se respira, nos gestos dos professores, na energia que eles transmitem que está perfeitamente alinhada com a essência do Yoga.

A alimentação também está muito bem adaptada para que o corpo se liberte de muitas toxinas e se mantenha leve e alinhado com a mente. Eu pessoalmente, quiz experimentar um jejum de vários dias que enriqueceu largamente a minha aprendizagem, fez-me sentir 10 anos mais novo.

A toda a equipa da Pyramid Yogshala um muito obrigado.

Aos meus 14 colegas de curso, bem haja por o universo nos ter reunido, quero um dia voltar a reunir-nos em minha casa.


Rebecca Jacobs

from Thailand, May 2019

"Amazing Month with Pyramid!"

Pyramid provides an intense curriculum that is heavily Ashtanga focused. It was physically demanding and helped me develop confidence designing and constructing classes in addition to heavily affecting my self practice.

My experience was wonderful for many reasons, but mainly because of asana teacher Krishna. She is an incredible practitioner who has been a part of the yogic lifestyle since childhood. She pushed us hard while respecting individual limitations, and her leadership made me want to work as hard as I could. She is compassionate and clearly cared for us all as her students! I would not be the yoga practitioner I am today without her guidance, and am grateful to have been her student.

Also, after talking with students of other schools, I feel that Pyramid is more attentive and responsive to their students needs than their competitors. Many people I met in Rishikesh after completing my course mentioned ways that their school neglected to help sick or frustrated students. Pyramid clearly cared about us and helped address all concerns brought to them by students.

It is important to know that the course (as it was in April 2019) primarily focused on Ashtanga. I felt Hatha class was used to open us up and prepare our bodies for Ashtanga, which was important. If you are looking for a higher Hatha focus, I would speak with them to see how their curriculum has adapted.

Tô Hoa

from Vietnam, March 2019

"Amazing people, worth every penny "

Our teachers, school management team and people at the cafe took very well care of us, make us feel like home and always be there for us whenever we need help. The stay is incredible, on top of the hill, quiet and tranquil, so close to the nature, lovely dogs (Gaia is my favorite) and just 5 mins from the main road and Ganga river. The food is the best, healthy and hygiene. I don’t need any other food during the course and still strong enough for 2 yoga sessions per day. Thank you Pyramid family for everything

Alison Swann

from United States, March 2019

Thank you for an amazing month yogshala. Krishna is a very strong asana teacher who will push you to achieve more than you ever would have thought. Dhiru lives and breaths yoga and having his glowing spirit teach us philosophy and meditation everyday was very special. The anatomy, adjustment and teaching classes were very practical and informative and the mantra, mudra, shatkarma and ayuveda classes offered new cultural insights. Thank you Rui and Ravi for making us feel loved and caring for our every need. The location is perfect, quiet amongst trees and monkeys yet only a couple of minutes walk from cafes and shops.

Aina Maria Mas Sastre

from Spain, March 2020

"Fue un mes mágico! 😊😍"

Realicé el 200hr Holistic Teacher Trainning en la escuela Pyramid Yogshala (Rishikesh) el pasado mes de febrero y fue una experiencia increible! No tengo palabras para describir lo maravillosa a la vez que intensa fue mi estancia. Totalmente recomendable. La comida espectacular y super healthy 😉, habitaciones confortables, la gente de la escuela muy amable y las clases y profesores muy profesionales a la vez que [email protected] Aprendí mucho, pero no solo de las materias que se impartian, sinó que cada momento vivido fue un aprendizaje. Gracias también a mis compañeros, sin ellos no hubiera sido lo mismo. 😍

Espero volver pronto!

See you soon!


Wiley Rivas

from Spain, November 2019

"Una experiencia para repetir !!!!! "

Es que me encantó todo !!! No dejo de dar gracias a todo el equipo ( docentes, organización y staff) No me ido y ya quiero volver 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍👍👍👍

Alexandra Vinatier

from France, October 2019

"Souvenir inoubliable, intense et bourré d émotions"

L encadrement est attentif, prévenant, motivant, toujours disponible, à l écoute...bref, que du bon. Les enseignants passionnés et passionnant..Dhiru m a fait aimé la Philo ;)

La discipline demandée, propre au Yoga est exigeante mais formatrice, merci !

Le confort sommaire, tel qu on doit l attendre d un ashram...on n y va pas pour le confort, ça fait aussi parti du rituel...apprendre à se contenter de peu et s y sentir bien malgré tout.

La cuisine aryuvédique était simple et goûteuse, préparée avec amour, c est ça le plus important :)

Encore merci à tous pour votre bienveillance et votre chaleur humaine, ça fait le plus grand bien ! Je reviendrai assurément pour d autres aventures et ne manquerai pas de vous saluer.


Alejandra Dominguez

from Spain, October 2019

La amabilidad y respeto; las ganas y esfuerzo por hacer de este mes el mejor de nuestras vidas!

Wilfried Mendy

from France, October 2019

"Surpris par autant d’attention ❤️"

J’avais beaucoup d’appréhension en arrivant car mon anglais n’est pas on point. Mais j’ai été accueilli et tout de suite mis à l’aise par tout le staff. Des gentilles paroles, de la patience, de l’attention, des encouragement, des sourires, beaucoup de force et d’énergie positive. Je ne pouvais rêver mieux . . . Merci beaucoup je vous en suis éternellement reconnaissant 🙏🏿

Devi Hutagaol

from United Arab Emirates, September 2019



from Netherlands, July 2019

"It’s not a retreat or a holiday- it’s hard work. "

I liked the location, the other students really made the experience, when we complained adequate adjustments where made to make us feel more comfortable.

Catalina Ojeda

from India, July 2019

"A tough month"

The location is pretty nice, looking at the mountain and very close from a lot a nice stores in the downtown.

With this experience I learnt more than ever about my own limitations and capacities. The results of keep trying and don't let ruin an amazing experience with external factors.

Meet great people from different countries and share the ups and downs was one of the best memories that I take with me after the course.

Wahy B-plachetka

from Germany, June 2019

"The most amazing time, I won a family!"

Just thank you so much the entire Pyramid family, they made me feel like in home since day one, I could not be more lucky to have found this beautiful school, everybody there is just open to help and to care about you. My teachers were amazing, i really like them all of them, specially Krishna and Nithin they put you on ur limits in the most kind and wise form. the staff is wonderful and you will be very lucky to become part of this family!

Garoni Elena

from Italy, June 2019

"Intense wonderful journey within and without "

The teachers were all wonderfull and open to give with a joyful heart their knowledge. The hospitalitly was great, warm and full of care. In general The experience was intense. In one month you get out from your normal routine and you start a process that involve you on different level: The discipline to practise every day yoga, Pranayama, meditation, eat very Healthy food, and be and share all this in a group of very beatiful souls, promote in you a integral change. I’m now back home and i’m looking forward to seeing the result of this change.

Adam Knudsen

from New Zealand, May 2019

"Great experience"

Rahul, Ravi, Ravi, Sonu and the cook are very caring and create a very comfortable vibe. The teachers are awesome and you can learn so much from them

Isabel Renz

from Germany, May 2019

"An intense month full of apprenticeship "

This month has been different to everything I’ve experienced so far. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from the start to the end, but it’s something I’m truly glad I did and that I would recommend to everyone, specially to those who are still looking/searching for this something we don’t exactly know.

The place was an amazing oasis of peace and quiet, just the right thing to connect with yourself and to recover from the busy life that happens just a few minutes away.

And the people who run the place are caring and loving, specially Rahul has been amazing during our month of TTC. Thank you for everything guys!!!

The course is well organised, with plenty of interesting classes on different subjects. It’s not a holiday, so be mentally and physically prepared for a tough schedule, but you do have some breaks in between the classes which I really appreciated.

All the teachers are amazing people with so much knowledge to share that you mind will be overwhelmed. If you are in for it, they will give you so much! And the ad ons activities are a really nice plus which I enjoyed a lot!

Overall, an amazing place to do the TTC :)

Fabiola Mella Torres

from India, May 2019

"Yoga training course muy recomendable"

Pyramid está ubicado en un lindo entorno natural con una hermosa vista al Ganges, que permite desconectarse totalmente de la ciudad, aún cuando existe un café, es un lugar muy tranquilo y agradable.

Profesores excelentes, clases de yoga de muy buen nivel y de alta exigencia. Staff increíble, dispuestos a ayudarnos y comprometidos con su labor. La comida muy buena y servida con mucho amor.

Pyramid ha sido una excelente elección y una hermosa e intensa experiencia de aprendizaje. Muchas gracias por todo lo entregado durante este mes.

Ana Carolina Avila Ayala

from India, April 2019

"curso de Yoga en un lugar hermoso con maestros preparados"

El lugar, la comida hecha con mucho amor, los maestros preparados y dispuestos a transmitirnos su conocimiento, un ambiente y espacio de estudio agradable

Florrie Tulp

from Sri Lanka, April 2019

"Challenging but amazing experience! "

The past month was one of the more challenging ones of my life. As somebody with almost no experience doing yoga I cant say it was easy. It was hard and I struggled quiet a lot certain days. Luckily my Pyramid family was everything I could hope for to get me through this month and experience one of the best things Ive ever done! Krishna was an amazing yogateacher, she was strict and made your body go in positions you never thought you could go. After class she was the sweetest person with the best smile and stories about her family! Dhirin, my philosophy and meditation teacher, was amazing, he was insanely knowledgable about soooo many things! He made a lot of Jokes and sometimes we had discussions that were very interesting but always with fun! Kashul, Arvind and Visak are all very cool and good teachers aswell and I learned a lot from them too! Now on to Ravi and Rui, the owner and manager of the course, they were absolutely amazing and helped me a lot when I was struggling! When I was uncertain about my abilities they were always there to help me and see everything in a positive way! Last but not least, the rest of the Pyramid family, especially Ravis family and the Guys from the kitchen, you were all really sweet and provided us with the best food and fun! All the best for everybody! Love everybody and we will

meet again!!!


from United States, March 2019

"Wonderful experience"

I did the 200 hours course in February 2019. Krishna Ji is a very strict and challenging teacher but also very loving, warm and kind like a caring mother. She supports her students within their individual limits and helps them to grow. I felt very safe while performing (or trying to perform) the more challenging asanas. The anatomy teacher analyses the different body structures of the students and tell them how to modify postures that could cause injuries. The programm includes a very good mix out of all important basic aspects of yoga like philosophy, adjustment, mantras, meditation,......Rui Ji, Ravi Ji and his family took care about everything. If we had any pronlem they always helped us solving it. The pyramid yogashala is in the middle of nature next to a small river surrounded by mango trees and you can not hear the honks from the street, just birds and the noise of ganga river. The view is awesome and the chocolate pancakes are the best in town!