23 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Pushkar, India

  • Dadhich Ashram, main market rd, Near Brahma Chowk, Between Yagya and Brahma Ghat, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022, India

23 Days 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Pushkar, India

  • Dadhich Ashram, main market rd, Near Brahma Chowk, Between Yagya and Brahma Ghat, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022, India

Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training India

This yoga teacher training is one of the most comprehensive and personalized courses in India with one of the most respected yoga masters of the modern time. There will only be six students in a batch that guarantees individual attention and grooming. It is an intense three-week residential course, helping you become a competent and confident yoga teacher and a better person with greater compassion, tolerance, concentration, and happiness.


  • Yoga teacher training certificate
  • Intimate six-member yoga teacher training class
  • 200 hours Yoga Alliance registered teacher training course
  • Learn marketing and legal business aspects of yoga teaching
  • Hands-on practice teaching at a local school
  • Meditation walk around sarovar daily, parikrama
  • Evening soulful mantra chanting daily, satsang
  • 22 days accommodation
  • 21 days with instruction
  • English
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Pushkar Meditation Temple has an ashram-like accommodation known as Yoga Home. It is situated in the quieter part of the city, a place especially energized with veda mantras and rituals. The Yoga Home has an amazing view of the sacred mountains that surrounds Pushkar from three sides. It is a three-storey independent house with five en suite bedrooms, two living spaces, two kitchens, a balcony, terrace, and lawn. You will share the roof with the master and your other batch mates in the yoga home. The rooms are allotted on twin sharing basis. Toilets are outside and shared.

The yoga teacher training course

Pushkar Meditation Temple is a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Trainees who successfully complete the course are accorded a certificate jointly by Pushkar Mediation Temple and Yoga Alliance. The yoga teacher training program is aimed at development of a confident and competent yoga teacher with comprehensive knowledge of the subject with command over theory and practice.

To that end, Pushkar Meditation Temple imparts comprehensive knowledge and training including theory, technique, and practice; and in turn, adequately prepares students with the ability to teach all aspects of yoga as prescribed by sage Patanjali based on ancient Indian Sankhya philosophy that not only meets but exceeds the standards and requirements set by Yoga Alliance for a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

The teaching philosophy and practice

Pushkar Meditation Temple is the only Yoga Alliance registered school in Pushkar. It is a unique wellness institution where yoga and meditation are practiced, taught, and researched as complimentary disciplines and spiritual sciences. The practice and teaching is based on the ancient Raja yoga and Ashtanga yoga system of sage Patanjali, the source of all kinds of yoga that are practiced today under different names and garbs.

Redefining yoga and meditation teachers training

Pushkar Meditation Temple offers the most comprehensive and practical yoga teaching course in India with equal emphasis on bahir (outer) and antar (inner) yoga or meditation. As the students in each batch are very few, it is like private teaching with everyone getting individual attention and space for an immersion course. No wonder, the course is getting raving reviews and is being rated and touted as the best in India.

The carefully crafted course and syllabus go way beyond the syllabus prescribed by Yoga Alliance. There is equal emphasis on learning and teaching. What differentiates a teacher trained at Pushkar Meditation Temple is her or his confidence and competence. Most of them start teaching and training immediately on completion of the course.

About the instructor

Swamiji has thousands of hours of yoga teaching experience spanning over four decades that has nurtured Pushkar Meditation Temple into a yoga teacher training institution in holy Pushkar. The philosophy that Swamiji advocates is that yoga is not about knowing or just doing but it is about feeling! This is what is often repeated during the session where the trainee is asked to feel the after effect of each asana or pranayama; and also in his manual of yoga that defines all the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga in a totally new light, backed by modern science and used as the basic document of training at the temple.

About the course

The course is broadly divided into five sections:

1. Techniques, training, and practice (120 hours)

The minimum contact hours is 75 hours with 50 hours minimum contact with lead trainer(s). The topics in this category include yama, naiyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi, mudra, bandha, kriya, shatkarma, mantra, meditation, and other traditional and modern yoga techniques.

These hours are divided between guided practice of the techniques themselves and analytical training in how to teach the practice with correct techniques. Both areas receive equal emphasis.

2. Teaching methodology (30 hours)

The minimum contact hours is 15 hours with 10 hours minimum contact with lead trainer(s). The topics in this category include communication skills such as group dynamics, time management, and the establishment of priorities and boundaries; how to address the specific needs of individuals and special populations, to the degree possible in a group setting; principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting; teaching styles; qualities of a teacher; the student learning process; and business aspects of teaching yoga including marketing and legal.

3. Anatomy and physiology (24 hours)

The minimum contact hours is 10 hours with 0 hours minimum contact with lead trainer(s). The topics in this category could include the psychic physiology of yoga with three bodies and five sheaths; five kinds of breath and five kinds of breathing; gunas such as sat, raj, and tam, and vikaras such as kapha, pitta, and vata; kundalini, chakras, sushumna, ida, and pingala; difference between human physical anatomy and physiology such as bodily systems, organs, and others as well as energy anatomy and psychic physiology including kundalini, chakras, nadis, and more; pranic or psychic healing techniques.

4. Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers (30 hours)

The minimum contact hours is 20 hours. The topics in this category include the study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts such as the Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Yogopanishada, and other scriptures, yoga lifestyle, such as the precept of non-violence or ahimsa, and the concepts of dharma and karma; ethics for yoga teachers, such as those involving teacher-student relationships and community; understanding the value of teaching yoga as a service and being of service to others or seva; and a minimum of two hours would be spent on ethics for yoga teachers.

5. Practicum or practice teaching

The minimum contact hours is five hours with five hours minimum contact with lead trainer(s). The topics in this category include a minimum of five hours of actual practice teaching as the lead instructor but this does not include assisting, observing, or giving feedback; receiving and giving feedback; observing others teaching; and assisting students while someone else is teaching.

Summary of the training hours

The total hours for the yoga teacher training is 208 hours. The total minimum contact hours is 180 hours and the total minimum contact hours with lead trainer(s) is 65 hours.

The activities during training

  • Clean Pushkar drive
  • Interaction with local school children
  • Language training
  • Indian culture experience

Yoga teacher training unique features

  • It provides trainees invaluable experience in conducting a daily two-hour session with attendees other than co-trainees in an ashram on the holy sarovar right through the course
  • All students participate in the daily meditation walk or parikrama with the master around the holy sarovar
  • Experience diksha or initiation and dikshant or convocation ceremonies as per Vedas
  • Experience daily evening satsang or soulful mantra chanting
  • Hands-on practice teaching or practicum in a local school
  • Offers a mutually evolved after-training career path based on astrological charts
  • Opportunity to participate in socially relevant projects in holy Pushkar, one of them being “Litter Free Pushkar”
  • Opportunity to be absorbed as co-teacher
  • Opportunity for internship
  • Sharing the roof with the master and other batch mates in Pushkar Meditation Temple’s Yoga Home, a place especially energized with veda mantras and rituals

The daily training schedule (subject to change):

Day 1

  • 05:45 - 06:45 Meditation walk
  • 06:45 - 09:00 Diksha, introduction, registration, consultation
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Theory (course introduction)
  • 12:00 - 16:00 Lunch/rest
  • 16:00 - 18:00 Teacher training course, integrated practice session
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Satsang (soulful mantra chanting)
  • 19:00 - 20:30 Dinner/break
  • 20:30 - 21:30 Self-study
  • 21:30 - 22:00 Meditation/prayer

Day 2 to 19

  • 05:45 - 06:45 Meditation walk
  • 07:00 - 09:00 Integrated morning session
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Theory and practice
  • 12:00 - 15:00 Lunch/rest
  • 15:00 - 16:00 Self study
  • 16:00 - 18:00 Teacher training course, integrated practice session
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Satsang (soulful mantra chanting)
  • 19:00 - 20:30 Dinner/break
  • 20:30 - 21:30 Self-study
  • 21:30 - 22:00 Meditation/prayer

Day 20

  • 05:45 - 06:45 Meditation walk
  • 07:00 - 09:00 Integrated morning session
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Final written test
  • 12:00 - 15:00 Break
  • 15:00 - 18:00 Practicum test
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Satsang (soulful mantra chanting)
  • 19:00 - 20:30 Dinner/break
  • 20:30 - 21:30 Self-study
  • 21:30 - 22:00 Meditation/prayer

Day 21

  • 05:45 - 06:45 Meditation walk
  • 07:00 - 09:00 Integrated morning session
  • 09:00 - 10:00 Breakfast
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Review/feedback
  • 12:00 - 16:00 Lunch/Break
  • 16:00 - 18:00 Convocation/yajna/naming ceremony
  • 18:00 - 19:00 Satsang (soulful mantra chanting)
  • 19:00 - 20:00 Time for shower and change
  • 20:00 - 22:30 Pritibhoj (satvic supper)

Important notes:

  • The course begins on first day of the month and concludes on the 21st day
  • Saturdays are days off; but on the first Saturday morning, four hours will be devoted to Kriya and on the last Saturday, seven hours will be dedicated to yoga related excursion
  • On day 11, there will be a mid-session test from 16:00 to 18:00
  • On day 12 to day 20: a 3-hour slot (15:00 - 18:00) will be used for independent practicum
  • If the first day of the month happens to be a Saturday, then the first day off would be on Sunday

Yoga related excursions

  • Visit to places of spiritual or yogic importance
  • Meditation or yoga practice in caves

The places of spiritual or yogic importance are within 14 kilometers radius of Pushkar, sapt-koshi parikrama. The caves where meditation will be practices were inhabited by renowned sages in ancient times, which are still in existence.

  • Jagdish "Swamiji" Chandra

    Swamiji is in his 70s, regarded as a mystic, a yogi, and an initiated Sadhu. He taught yoga in the US and South Korea, traveling overseas almost yearly. His mission is to help people discover the real yoga. He lives as prescribed in the scriptural direction of adhering to the four stages (ashrams). He is in the third stage of Vanaprastha or repaying the debt of society; and preparing for the fourth and final stage of sanyas or renunciation.

  • Yogini Kirtika

    Yogini Kirtika is a certified yoga teacher for 700 hours. She is also a registered yoga teacher for 200 hours at Pushkar Meditation Temple in 2015. In the last two years, she regularly practiced yoga. She has the ability to communicate in different languages including Portuguese, English, and Spanish. She takes care of the day to day operations at Pushkar Meditation Temple.

This yoga training will take place in Pushkar, India. Situated at the edge of desert, Pushkar is a popular tourist destination. Many Hindus believe it to be the oldest and one of the most important pilgrimage centers with the only temple of Lord Brahma, the creator of earth. The manifestation of Lord is a beautiful natural lake called sarovar snan (a dip) in the sacred sarovar; and parikrama (walking around the lake) is the main ritual.

Pushkar has nearly 500 temples. It is visited by nearly four million Indian pilgrims and nearly 100,000 foreign tourists and pilgrims every year. Dotted with hundreds of guesthouses, hotels, and bed and breakfast accommodations, Pushkar has many restaurants serving food of different countries and cultures.

Nearby places

  • Jaipur International Airport (JAI), 140 kilometers
  • Ajmer Junction train station, 14 kilometers

You will be served with satvik yogic food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are eaten collectively after having been offered to God with the chanting of mantras from Vedas.

  • 1 day excursion
  • 3 satvik yogic meals
  • 22 nights accommodation
  • 200-hour yoga teacher certificate
  • Course materials
  • Diksha and dikshant, initiation and convocation ceremonies
  • Program activities
  • Airfares
  • Bottled water
  • Local transportation
  • Personal items such as toiletries and others
  • Yoga Alliance registration fee

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Jaipur International Airport (JAI). Continue your journey by taxi or bus.

Arrival by train

Please book your train to arrive at Ajmer Junction. The station is 14 kilometers away from the venue. You can continue the journey by taxi or bus. Please note that when traveling from Delhi to Ajmer, there are many trains and it will take about six hours and 30 minutes up to eight hours and 30 minutes.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.


  • Review by Franc C.

    "The experience was situated on Himalayas mountains during the time I was in April, all the areas we covered on the course were very well conducted, organize, and with notable knowledge. Moreover, I got an experience in yoga so much deep more than what I could expect. Swamiji is always helpful, polite, with a smile, takes care of us and makes sure we get what he was talking about. He is always open to questions, expanding interesting conversations. Special mention to Kirtika, she is always with a helpful and happy predisposition, so charismatic and nice friend! Each experience could be different for sure; for myself, this month that I stayed with them was a powerful and unique experience; for the seed, I'm feeling the experience spread on me. It was a notable decision of my life."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Switzerland

    "I just stepped into this place, it seems like something guided me there. I was really in trouble at that time and Swamiji and his wife just gave me their hands. Such a great experience; I've never seen a person like Swamiji who is just unconditionally there for people, helping them to find their spiritual path. Actually, I just wanted to stay two days in Pushkar but at the end, it turned out that I stayed for six weeks. And if my Visum would have let me stay more time, I would have stayed longer. In this time, I did a 200 hours teacher training. It's such a deep experience when I did every day my spiritual practice such as yoga, silent walk, mantra-singing, yoga philosophy. I got deep into the topic and every day, it gets easier and easier; and at the end, I felt like really in it, closer to my soul, closer to the universal power. I was so happy I stayed with Yogini Kirtika (Swamijis assistant) and other students in a wonderful house just 10 minutes walking away from the center. A really quiet and peaceful place, I loved to live in this community with other people who are sharing the same interest in yoga. Thank you Swamiji and Kirtika, and also a big thank you to big Didi, the wife of Swamiji. She was also sometime in Pushkar helping me a lot. I felt so safe and happy with all of you. I will definitely come back one day. This time changed a lot in my life and I will never, never forget what you all did for me."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by a traveler from Ireland

    "When I decided to do my yoga teacher training course in India, most people told me Rishikesh was the place to be. After countless hours of research, I honestly felt I was looking for a more authentic experience and didn't want to be in a place bombarded with yoga schools and hundreds of yogi students like me. A friend of mine told me how wonderful of an experience he had while traveling in Pushkar, so I researched only to find Pushkar Meditation Temple. It was everything I had been searching for, and it completely exceeded my expectations. Swamiji was a sincere soul who truly wanted to see his pupils excel, not only in the physical movements of Asana's but also in developing spiritually and recognizing ourselves not as a body but as our fundamental soul. He was always there to help guide us and never was there a moment that I felt I couldn't approach him with any questions I had. We had many heated discussions on life and what it meant to be a yogi, and I always walked away feeling I had tapped into a new truth of the universe. The home he provides for the trainees is quiet and comfortable, far away enough out of town that you can find some peace and quiet. The rooms were very spacious and private with their own attached bathrooms. The kitchen was equipped with everything we needed to make our own meals if we wanted to. And of course, a big mention goes out to Kirtika, who keeps the temple running and organized and truly is the gem of Pushkar Meditation Temple. She was more than just Swamiji's right-hand lady, she was a confidante and someone who cared for each and every one of the students that walked through the door. I am so glad to have trusted my gut instincts when choosing Pushkar Meditation Temple. You won't be disappointed. It will challenge and enliven you!"

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Erin M. Jones from Texas

    "My month in India was made sweetest by my time in Pushkar with Swamiji. Not only did he remind me of essential yoga nature, but also planted seeds that continue to grow within my being. I am so thankful he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences with the world. He is certainly a soul I will continue to follow and reconnect with today and beyond. The location in Pushkar is a beautiful setting. I hope to be back again soon to study more with Swamiji. Many thanks to him and his center."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Annika from India

    "I did the yoga teacher training at Pushkar Meditation Temple and can't recommend this place enough. During this four week program, I experienced yoga in a whole new way. Swamiji's way of teaching is unique. He makes sure that you come out as a confident teacher with fundamental knowledge. I really feel like I could teach a yoga class now. "

    "Also the place he offers to stay for his trainees is very nice. A little bit outside of town so it's mostly quiet and you have access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals if you feel like it."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

Pushkar, India

Pushkar Mediation Temple is the only Yoga Alliance registered school in Pushkar. Yoga and meditation are practiced as spiritual sciences prescribed in Maharshi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.

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23 days / 22 nights

Sunday October 22, 2017
(23 days / 22 nights)

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