In an ashram like ambiance Pushkar Mediation Temple, a Yoga Alliance (USA) registered school in holy Pushkar offers RYT200 Course and One Week Immersion!

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Swamiji Kapri

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Daena Madhi

from Denmark, May 2019

I did the course in Himalayas, April 2019. It was a good experience and I did learn a lot of things that will be useful not only for the part I practice yoga but everyday. Thank you for that!

Jan Zdara

from New Zealand, January 2019

"Highly recommended!!!"

Holistic approach to yoga philosophy and Swamiji’s personal attitude, knowledge and experience makes the YTT course unique!

Morning meditation walk around the lake, integrated sessions, theory, evening mantra chanting and sharing are all put together in right ratio to help to find your true nature. Walk in as a body, leave as a Soul.

Ashram is very nice and clean, food is amazing. All in beautiful Pushkar...I had to stay one more month 🙏


Candace Zaccaro-Salinas

from United States, October 2018

"My Experience at Pushkar Meditation Temple"

I cannot begin to express the warmth and gratitude that I feel for Swamiji and his teachings. Unknown to me, I arrived at Pushkar Meditation Temple a broken person and every sense of the word, and walked away a soul! I am now an amazingly transformed person with strength and confidence in myself.

First off, Swamiji is amazingly well versed in every aspect of Yogic lifestyle and spirituality that brings you above and beyond anything you could imagine in just 3 short weeks. The coursework is challenging, both theoretically and physically. I found myself struggling at times with the physical aspects, as I was not in the best physical shape when I arrived. I cannot say the same for the day that I left however. Thanks to Swamiji's patience and kindness, coupled with his extremely keen ability to read each individual, I walked out of there a changed person, mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Swamiji is warm and loving, but strict and particular. He has his beliefs and values that are well engrained in the Yogic lifestyle, and he does expect that his students respect these values, which adds to the overall takeaway from the course. I was so grateful with his structured teachings, as it strengthened my knowledge base and allowed me to come away with such a well rounded understanding of Yogic principles and applications.

I am so grateful that I found Swamiji here on this venue, and I hope that the future brings me to his teachings again someday. Namaste!

Nela Pucelikova

from Czechia, September 2018

"Life-changing experience"

The whole three week course was very well organised. Morning meditation walk around the lake was magical. Chanting in the evening became nice end of the day. In between theory and practice of Raja yoga. Swamiji is awesome teacher. He is patient and he put lot of effort to give as much knowledge as possible. The Indian food was delitious. Rooms were clean. Staff who helped around the house was very nice.

Now the most important. This course is not just for future teachers but for anyone who has similar questions as who I am, what do I want in my life, what is the purpose I am here. You will find here lot of answers on your questions and inner peace.

Kelly Jett

from Jamaica, May 2018

Through Swamiji's YTT 200 course I discovered everything I have been seeking my whole life. This course is not just about becoming a Yoga teacher. It is about finding the answers to every question you have ever asked yourself, connecting with your soul, realizing your True Self, where you come from, and how to stay on your own spiritual path and continue to grow for the rest of your life. From this growth comes the confidence and the knowledge to share Yoga in whatever way is best for you.

Before this course, I was so nervous to teach or share yoga, but now I feel authentic, sharing from my soul and not just memorizing poses and dialogue. This course is for anyone who is serious about Yoga and ready to change their lives for the better.

Swamiji is the real deal, and anyone who is able to spend time with him, whether as a student of YTT or in one of his classes/workshops, is so lucky that the universe brought them together for that experience. He has an insight into each person, as well as life in general, that can only come from someone who is truly enlightened/connected to source. Tara, Swamiji's assistant during our course in the Himalayas, was also incredible, embodying a true yogi and demonstrating grace and skill as a teacher that I can only hope to achieve in my own practice.

Initially I thought this would be my only trip to India, but after such a life-altering experience, I hope to return to India soon and visit Swamiji at Pushkar Meditation Temple.

Nathan Badger

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"December '17 Teacher Training"

The depth of knowledge that Swamiji has fills you with confidence that you are getting a thorough education in yoga. The open approach to learning allows time to reflect and ask questions to clarify anything.

The morning meditation walk is a great way to start the day, it helps to clear the mind and sets you up for the day. The yoga is very different from anything I have done previously and opened my eyes to what real yoga is all about. I was aware it was a spiritual practice but didn't fully grasp all the clear stages on the pathway. Being armed with the road map if you like, it is clear what needs to be done and that then comes down to your commitment to your own personal goals.

I would recommend the course to those who are serious about teaching, go with an open mind and do some research on Raja Yoga first so you know what to expect.

Tamara Novak

from Slovenia, November 2017

"And my soul is happy🙏🏻"

I liked and enjoyed every minute there. It gave me the knowledge that I will appreciate all my life. Most importantly I've learned who am I. Also I've got so much deeper view at Yoga as a spiritual discipline. I truly can say I walked out of there as a soul - as a happy soul!


from United States, December 2018

For me personally the style of Yoga, Raja Yoga, was the right choice. Yoga is a spiritual discipline and in our western world we soemtimes forget about that. For me, Swamiji is a good teacher who teaches yoga in a spiritual way, without loosing the connection to our 'real world', in other words, spirituality with both feet on the ground. This spirituality was nutrition for my soul. I could'nt indentify with everything (cultural differences), but still I had a very instructive and valuable time at the meditation temple. Greetings to Pushkar! :-)

Petra Hageman

from Netherlands, May 2019

"A wonderful spiritual training in the Himalayas!"

I loved the overall experience for the training that took place in the beautiful village of Srirar in the Himalayas. I came to learn about yoga in general and find my true purpose in life and definitely accomplished those goals.

The circumstances are very basic, but that made it refreshing and made me appreciate the things we take for granted in the Western world, like a washing machine, even more. The family we stayed with (the rooms are under their house on the ground floor, here we also had a simple bathroom with warm water and Indian toilet next to the rooms) were so nice which added to the already great experience! I loved to learn about all of the steps of the yoga path. Learned so much, not only about yoga, but also about life! Thank you Swamiji and also Santu and Vicky who made and served wonderful vegetarian Satvic food for us.

Bryce Robinson

from South Africa, May 2018

"Amazing experience with wonderful people"

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. Doing Raja/Ashtanga yoga was an incredible and I am so glad that I got to learn it through Swamiji.

Natalia Evdokimchikova

from Russia, April 2018

"Experience of your own soul. "

If you want deep and serious study Yoga as a spiritual discipline, then this place is definitely for you! Any practice must be built on a strong foundation and Pushkar Meditation Temple is a perfect place to get this spiritual foundation. Here you will learn discipline, you will learn self-control,you will learn Asana, Pranayamas, Meditation, Mantras, Patanjali, Vedanta and many many other things. All of these will help you to build inner dialogue with your own soul. The main advantages of this course that you won't find anywhere else is the daily morning walk meditation (Japa yoga) and every evening SatSang. Also Pushkar Meditation Temple provides final practice as a teacher in the local school! An amazing and transforming experience .

I am very happy and grateful that I was fortunate to take a course in the Himalayas with Swamiji. I definitely recommend this to all those for whom yoga is not just physical exercise.