Pure Nature Yoga offers therapeutic yoga, sacred sound, and mindfulness as highly effective therapeutic tools to educate, embody, and empower individuals.

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Roni Miteff

Kimberly Ashton

Rachel Ellery

Jyothipriya Meghna Doshi

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Jen Bell

from United States, August 2018


Roni and Dimitri's teacher training was wonderful. When first looking for a teacher training, there were so many to choose from. Being a teacher myself in another field, and having studied educational pedagogy, for better or worse I can sometimes be sensitive to the organization and delivery of instruction. Both were true professionals and I really feel like I lucked out in selecting their program. I was so impressed with the well-rounded variety of areas they supplemented the teacher training with - yin, restorative, anatomy and physiology, subtle anatomy, special populations, voice control, and even marketing and jobs. They covered every base and more. There were a few comments from students that it was so much info to assimilate. That's actually the part I love. While they are incredibly thorough on the information that matters most, they introduce you to so many other integral parts that make up the various limbs of yoga and understand the importance of mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, and the subtle energy body. Collectively they both have so much experience and have done a phenomenal job of organizing both materials and experience into a solid program. Roni's kind composure and intelligent organization will keep you grounded, while Dimitri's playful heart will crack you open. They are a great balance for one another. As far as the island, I loved that it was on the quieter side. It was a great chance to focus and bond with the other students there.

Laura Montgomery

from United States, August 2018

"Life Changing Training! "

Roni and Dimitri established a beyond excellent environment of education and empowerment at this teacher training. Their level of professionalism, genuine kindness, and effort showed during this training from start to finish. I received more than I expected, both personally and as a yoga instructor. There were many aspects taught in this program and while it could have easily become overwhelming, Roni and Dimitri taught in the most logical and organized way. Their support was deeply appreciated. It is clear that they are passionate and purposeful in living out their dream and sharing it with the world. I am forever grateful.

Zlata Golovkina

from Germany, August 2018

"Life-changing experience"

Thanks a lot Roni qnd Dimitri for this wonderful programme! I feel empowered, more centered within and more grounded. It made me feel steonfer in my body and soul.

As fas as the teaching part is concerned, I am surprised how fast the progress went and how much easier and clearer teaching looks like now. I thought I would never even think of teaching, but during the last week things changed, I got more confidence and understanding. I felt more familiar with asanas and wording, and this is all thanks to the structure and content of the program.

I really liked that week 1 was dedicated to strengthening body, week 2 - strengthening the mind, and week 3 and 4 dealt more with ayurveda, chinese medicine and teaching itself. This was a gradual and seamless process.

Plus, I met great people during the training and made new friends, which made the program even more interesting and fun.

Jessa Smeller-hamilton

from United States, August 2017

"More than I could have imagined"

This experience with Pure Nature Yoga has compelled me to expand my dreams even further, while intelligently creating clarity in every part of my vision, regarding my career, that I had not yet found answers for. I am simply in awe of this whole chapter of my life. My gratitude is profound.

Christina Hoffer

from Austria, September 2018


It was an intense month full of education, empowerment and transformation. I am still looking for words to describe the gratitude in my heart. Roni and Dimitri are so special and created a perfect structured,well prepared training and papers. Precicse lectures and life changing classes prepared me for going out there and teach. But also improved my personal practices and changed the way I deal with life and how I treat my body. The ceremonies and classes we took with Dimitri and Roni have been so much more than I ever expected.

When you look for "pure yoga" and a month full of learning, improving and growing your personality and your own way of teaching yoga - you should go! The quality of the YTT is hard to find anywhere else.

Roni, Dimitri: your words will guide me through my yoga life but also my whole way of living.