Pranayama opens yoga lessons, including body shape, slow flow yoga, and Power yoga. They also offer yoga retreats and workshops inside and outside the Netherlands.

Instructors 1

Marilou van Hoek

Marilou van Hoek already taught teaching during her study. Those were mostly classes in the gym until yoga crossed her path. For a year or nine, she has been teaching yoga classes and her passion is in Ashtanga yoga, a dynamic form of yoga she has developed and competed in recent years. It was a gradual process, first the physical part and then the awareness and spiritual aspect. In 2011, she completed the teacher training of Ashtanga Yoga Intensive of the Yoga Alliance with an RYT 200. Then, she followed an intensive training at Richard Freeman in Boulder Colorado.

Yoga Alliance RYT 200 (Ashtanga Yoga)

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