"Pranaya" means full of life. Behind Pranaya is a whole team of skilled yoga teachers coming together to create an empowering learning experience.

Instructors 4

Laurence Gilliot

Laurence is a natural teacher and facilitator. With a dedicated practice to yoga with a wide variety of styles and gifted teachers, Laurence sees yoga as a journey home, reconnecting you to the deepest parts of yourself, with your breath, humour, and self-love as travel companions. Her classes embrace a variety of traditions: Anusara, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, Ayurveda, and yoga Philosophy. Her alignment cues and intelligent sequencing help her students to safely deepen their practice.

Rosemary Bolivar

Rose has dedicated nearly 10 years to promoting yoga and yoga teachers globally. She was inspired by how yoga can bring us back into balance and connection. She believes that through dedicated intelligent study, continual practice and finding what truly resonates with our own individual authentic expressions, we become more fully connected to sharing with others on the mat and into our daily lives. Rose believes that yoga is not only based on principles and theories but is inclusive of intrinsic intelligence of the body, breath and essence in authentic action.

Gernot Huber

In his teaching and in his personal practice, Gernot focuses on fully embodying every pose through a breath-centered approach that balances body and mind, precision and creativity, introspection and bliss. He skillfully integrates down-to-earth discussions of alignment, anatomy, and awareness to convey the key concepts of yogic philosophy with clarity and humor to practitioners of all levels, helping you create a more balanced practice by emphasizing the transformative power of yoga on the mind as well as the body.

Lek Kittikunadul

Lek was born and raised in Bangkok. His teaching is focused on body awareness and deep stretches of joints, ligaments, fascias and the flow of Qi in the body. In his classes, he shares with his students some physiology and anatomy of connective tissues knowledge. He also incorporates philosophy, spiritualism, energy work, subconscious and Traditional Chinese Medicine into his teaching.

Testimonials 5

Claudia Sosa Venezuela

Pranaya website

Thank you for an incredible five weeks! I have felt nurtured, inspired and incredibly supported by each of the instructors. They have facilitated a community among the students that will live beyond this training.

This time has been an amazing opportunity to dig deep, surprise myself both by my fragility and my strength, and fall in love with teaching. I hope to bring a little bit of joy in my students lives, to pass along some of the love I've been given during this wonderful experience.

Stephanie Pasztor Germany

Pranaya website

I choose this yoga Teacher Training as I was going through a transformation in my life. I needed guidance and the space to dive deep in myself to reconnect and make the first step towards my new self.

It was deep, it was fun and it completely turned me inside out. The five weeks were great to bring many things to light.

​As I as looking for a serious training, the mixtures of teachers gave a great, solid base for this.

Ginger Dean United States

Pranaya website

When I came to this training, my ultimate goal was to improve my practice. What I did not realize was how much I could grow and learn about myself and the world around.

​Laurence, Gernot, Rose and Lek are such beautiful, radiant people. From then, I have realized this training is only the beginning. When I needed to talk, they gave me space. When I had questions they were answered. I am eternally grateful for this perspective and I look forward to share this gift given to me - I will now go forth and become the teacher I once needed. Thank you.

Ramona van Veghel Netherlands

Pranaya website

I very much enjoyed this Pranaya Yoga Teacher Training. These past 5 weeks I have learned so much. Not only about how to be a skilful teacher, but also on a personal level there have been shifts and transformations which will contribute to the quality of my teaching.

In this training I have discovered what is important to me, what it is that I have to offer and what I'd like to convey to my future students.

I've received many tools, ideas, inspiration and the right knowledge to start this new adventure with enthusiasm, joy and good spirit!

Thanks so much for keeping the space for all of us and for sharing your knowledge!

Katie Thomas United States

Pranaya website

The teachers created the most wonderful, open, safe and nurturing environment for all of us to grow and learn in. They all have such a genuine passion for yoga and it was so clear that this training was created so that they could share this love with others. They truly cared about each one of us. I am so grateful to be a part of this community and for all of the friendships I've gained, lessons I have learned and love that I've felt.

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