We provide deepening journeys trough dazzling landscapes and among rich cultures, while finding peace with oneself trough yoga, mediation and creative writing.

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Instructors (2)

Marijke van der Linde

Inge van Schipstal

Reviews (5)

Joseph Malloy

from Turkey, November 2018

"Desert Song"

The participants were as beautiful as the setting, atmosphere, local people and culture.

Vicky Chong

from Singapore, November 2018

"Moroccan Delights"

The charming Raids which I stayed in was hospitable and friendly. The food was delicious. I like the thematic writing exercises and workshops, as well as the yoga, both of which is what I do full time in Singapore. Most of all, the friendship forged is priceless.

Ximena Carey

from Chile, November 2017

"Una Semana Divina en el Sahara"

El Campamento nomada es una belleza de silencio y noches estrelladas en la fogata con musicos locales. La gente nos atendio de maravilla.

Hacer yoga al amanecer mirando las dunas para despues ser guiada e inspirada a escribir las experiencias fue algo que nunca habia vivido.

Lo recomiendo a todos, yo con 70 años lo pase de maravilla!!!

Aryane Driessens

from France, August 2018

Tout!!! Plus d'aliments bio serait bienvenue ;)

Testimonials (4)

Ximena Carry

Prana Morgana Reizen

The Nomad Camps beauty is that of silence and starry nights at the campfire with local musicians. Everybody treated us wonderfully. Doing yoga at dawn looking at the dunes and then being guided and inspired to write experiences was something I had never experienced before. I recommend it to everyone; I am 70 years old and had a great time.

Stella van den Stigtenhorst

Prana Morgana Reizen

The vastness in the desert caused me to experience a lot of space in my head. You lose your sense of time in this place. Also, the atmosphere was very safe, which allowed me to relax and feel carefree. I enjoyed the yoga with which I could go inwards and the writing because I could express myself. The combination was perfect. After four years of feedback from the art academy, it felt wonderful that the focus was not on what could be improved, but on free writing. I have learned to let myself be guided less by stimuli at home, to be closer to myself and my creativity and that it I enjoy doing things more when I take the time for them. The Sahara puts things in perspective.

Linda Blij

Prana Morgana Reizen web page

It felt like everything was possible. As if the world was at my feet, literally. I wrote, enjoyed and marvelled. I settled down and met myself. The beautiful, unspoilt landscape enchanted me. The warm people too. It was a trip to remember. The best gift I could give myself.

Jasmijn Hubers

Prana Morgana Reizen web page

This is one of the most extraordinary journeys I have ever experienced. I discovered how fun and disarmed writing can be. I looked at my surroundings with another glance. I put words into sharing. The combination of yoga and writing is delightful. Annelies and Marijke create a safe and warm atmosphere naturally.