Power Living

Neutral Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Power Living is a modern day physical and philosophical practice that focuses on developing a person’s spiritual wellbeing, physical, and mental health.

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  • Sheona

    Power Living website

    The retreat has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Running a successful award winning business and bringing up 3 kids always has its challenges however due to personal circumstances the three months since returning from retreat have been overwhelming. Despite all the outward appearances of success and having it all together I crashed and burned.I learnt in a practical sense what I had glimpsed on retreat.I learnt to forgive.I learnt to forgive myself, my parents, kids, friends, family, colleagues and I let go.It is the best thing I have ever done for myself and as I slowly and gently rebuild I am filled with a real sense of joy, ease, purpose and clarity.

  • Lee

    Power Living website

    I decided to go on the retreat because I'd been practicing yoga consistently for the last year, and really wanted to deepen my practice and take it to the next level. You receive detailed step-by-step instructions on the major asanas, thereby helping you deepen your practice. Who knew how many slight adjustments were involved in setting up for Tadasana! I'm a perfectionist by nature so really loved the detailed instruction given. I loved that you form a strong bond with everyone on the retreat, we still have a Facebook group going that everyone contributes to. I left the retreat feeling rejuvenated, inspired and ready to launch back in to my daily life. I highly recommend it.

  • James

    Power Living website

    Power Living teacher training is the best in Australia. I first heard about PLAY teacher training from another yoga teacher and I felt it was time to refresh my skills. I attended the retreat part of teacher training which was an incredible experience. On the last day I was swept with the feeling I have needed to do this my whole life. I recommend anyone wishing for an immersion into the life of a present-day yogi to take this course. If you wish to become a powerful yoga teacher, go and do this course!

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