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PopUp Yoga Retreats

PopUp Yoga Retreats has locations all over the world offering yoga, meditation and holistic therapies.

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Michel Van Cauter

Michel Van Cauter, the founder of Popup Yoga Concepts, has been practicing yoga since the age of 25. He was first introduced to Bikram yoga in San Francisco which influenced his practice for the first nine years before experimenting with other styles of yoga. His journey into yoga has been varied and Michel has traveled extensively to various yoga hubs around the globe in order to expand his education into this beautiful life practice.

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Jane Hunter United Kingdom

PopUp Yoga Concepts website

The focus of Health Coaching was not just on my eating habits but on what was going on in my life - a holistic approach. Over the four months I have made changes to my lifestyle that I never thought were possible. I'm doing things differently that will have a lasting effect. This will have life long positive implications for me and my entire family.