Pleasure Point Yoga

Pleasure Point Yoga provides a beautiful and dedicated space for daily yoga practices with gifted, intelligent, and compassionate teachers.

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Piper Peterson Sundquist

Pleasure Point Yoga Facebook page

Love this place! The classes are very well-balanced, challenging, but not overdone. Excellent teachers that seem in tune with the students!

Jaclyn Mierta

Pleasure Point Yoga Facebook page

Pleasure Point Yoga is my home away from home. I step into this sacred place almost daily. Each time I leave, I know I have given my body just what it needs. My teachers are incredibly talented and intuitive. There is always time to do in yoga, thanks to the daily classes. In spite of aging, I feel an increased youthfulness as a result of my consistent practice. It's always a joy and a pleasure to attend classes at this amazing studio. All are welcome is the true feeling here.

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